Still here

Several things have happened since I last wrote here. First, the physical therapist has given me several more exercises, and when I remember to do them they seem to work pretty well. I’m walking with little (but not no) pain, and I’m capable of running my own errands.

Meanwhile, the refrigerator had a drip problem which I lived with for about three weeks while waiting for a part that the refrigerator tech needed to install to put a stop to a frosting-up problem. The part came, the tech arrived, and he found a hole in one of the water lines which was causing the drip pan under the fridge to fill up and overflow. He fixed that, installed the other part, and Hey Presto! no more towels on the floor to soak up the drip!

But wait! On Friday we ran the washer and dryer with no trouble. Saturday morning I washed a week’s worth of towels only to find that the dryer drum didn’t turn. Fortunately I hadn’t put a second load in the washer, so I just had one load of stuff to hang on our outdoor clothesline. Even better, though, I called Sears and got an appointment for a washer/dryer tech to come look at it today, Monday. How’s that for a speedy turnaround?

‘Course, it’s now 3:00 PM, halfway through the window Sears gave me, and he hasn’t arrived yet.

Nonetheless, this kind of stuff makes me feel better about spending several hundred bucks a year on maintenance contracts for these appliances. The newest among them is eleven years old; the oldest is fifteen.