136 thoughts on “Game 46, 2024

  1. I’d be fine if de la Cruz stole 2 more bases – but I don’t want him to score. Have to keep the streak alive.

    But they threw him out!!

  2. Watching at my son’s house while babysitting. I was trying to explain to my grandson what it meant to say a certain player “couldn’t hit a barn door” right now, and we both got the giggles. At which point CT3 got a hit. Such are the vagaries of life.

  3. Taylor striking out is a fitting end to a dismal performance by our Dodgers.

  4. This is the most disappointing game of the year for me. Our ace against their bullpen and we lay an egg.

  5. Fans (and me a bit as well) booing another pitching change. But I guess really the more pitchers that go tonight the better considering it’s a four game series.

  6. 110+ comments during a game like this. Ladies (well, lady) and gentlemen, we are the Dodger players of the game tonight.

    • And I hope with all my heart he gets a partial World Series winners share.

    • “Who is Rameriz and when can I stop worrying about him being on the Dodgers?”

  7. Dodgers were 17-5 since they last gave up 5 runs. Reds were 6-17 over that same time.

  8. The good news is that the player of the game for the Dodgers is still very much up for grabs! (Leader in the clubhouse is definitely Vesia.)

  9. Recent reading: a book on the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), a biography of Alexander von Humboldt and a recent biography of Jackie Robinson ; “True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson.” I thought everything had been written about him. Wrong.

  10. Does de la Cruz wear some sort of sliding pad on his torso? It would make sense given how he and others now slide into second.

    • I guess if some batters can wear (or used to wear) what looked like body armour, then a sliding pad is acceptable.

    • What are you reading these days? My reading has really fallen off (well, books as I do spend a lot of time reading on Twitter (now known as X). Need to crack the new Klayton book.

      • Just read a book about the Spanish Civil War (1936/1939).Now reading a biography of about of Alexander von Humboldt. I was a history major in college and I am in a history book club. I highly recommend a recent biography of Jackie Robinson: “True: The Four Seasins of Jackie Robinson.” I thought everything had been written about him. I was wrong.

        • Spain and their history interest me. I might do some reading on that this summer.

        • “The Man Who Loved Dogs” is a great piece of historical fiction that combines the Spanish Civil War with the assassination of Trotsky in Mexico. It’s by Leonardo Padura, my favorite Cuban detective-story writer.

  11. How did you become a Dodger fan Dave? Must have been Fernando and the Orel Dodgers.

    • My dad (also Winnipeg born and bred) was a fan – from the Brooklyn Dodgers era. Grew up with stories of Jackie, Pee Wee, Duke and the Boys of Summer.

      • It was the best of lineups (top half). It was the worst of lineups (bottom half). Too much dead weight among our 13 position players

        • Season of light, season of despair, spring of hope, winter of darkness…

        • On average we have the highest scoring team in the NL and lead in OPS+ at 123.

          • Muncy at OPS+ 125 and Teoscar at 121. These are major contributers that are not included in your top 4. The rest are certainly dismal, as you say, but Pages gives hope to the bottom of the lineup, so basically 4 players need to step up, Quique, Luz, Outman and CT3.

          • It’s fine. Your complaints have lead some players over the years to snap out of their slumps. Would love to see the bottom four do better. (Barnes not included as he is a backup catcher)

  12. If the Reds continue to go to the pen, eventually there will be one whom we will light up.

  13. Watching the game on the MLB channel. Are these guys going to continue to talk, ignore the game and take up a large portion of the screen?. Shut up!

  14. 44 pitches through 2 is not a recipe I want to have in the Dodger cookbook.

  15. Not going to lie. Glasnow and the Dodgers vs the Reds seemed like an easy w – in theory. Now let’s see for real, because… baseball.

  16. Betts, Ohtani, Freeman and Smith have combined for 220 hits in 662 ABs — .332.
    All others have combined for 188 hits in 878 ABs — .214.

    • Yep Scoop, it is a problem. Some of our 5 thru 9 hitters need to step up or changes will need to be made. I think we can make the playoffs as currently constructed, but, I don’t think we would stand a chance in the playoffs. Everyone is swinging for the fence on every pitch, every count, and every situation. Striking out way too much. It is frustrating.
      Muncy striking out with bases loaded and 1 out yesterday really galled me.

    • You omit Teóscar, whose offensive production has been very valuable. Muncy has also been productive.

  17. Reds (18-25)
    Dodgers (29-16)

    SP Tyler Glasnow R
    6-1 2.53 ERA

    SS Mookie Betts R
    DH S. Ohtani L
    1B F. Freeman L
    RF T. Hernandez R
    3B E. Hernandez R
    2B Gavin Lux L
    LF Chris Taylor R
    CF James Outman L
    C A. Barnes R