Game 51, 2022

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: SNY, SPNLA

RHP Taijuan Walker (3-0, 2.83 ERA) pitches for the Mets; RHP Tony Gonsolin (5-0, 1.80 ERA) does the same for the Dodgers.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1995 Hideo Nomo, limiting the Mets to one run on two hits in 8+ innings of work, picks up his first major league win, a 2-1 decision at Dodger Stadium. L.A. signed the 26 year-old former Japanese All-Star in the off-season.
  • 2021 On the date that marked the beginning of his streak in 1925 and his death of ALS 16 years later in 1941, MLB celebrates the inaugural Lou Gehrig Day, continuing a tradition that began a few seasons ago with the reading of his “I am the luckiest person on Earth” speech. In addition to raising money to find a cure for the dreaded disease, every team will display “4-ALS” logos highlighting the Hall of Famer’s jersey number with players, managers, and coaches wearing a special commemorative patch on their uniforms.

In another game of note, in 2010 after retiring 26 consecutive Cleveland batters, Tigers starter Armando Galarraga appears to have hurled the season’s third perfect game when the throw from the first baseman to the pitcher, covering the bag, clearly beats the batter-runner for the final out. Umpire Jim Joyce emphatically calls Jason Donald safe. After seeing the replay, the first base arbiter tearfully admits his error, apologizing to the 28 year-old Venezuelan pitcher for his blown call.

Lineups when available.

96 thoughts on “Game 51, 2022

    • Glad I can watch tonight’s game. It’s been a busy week, and tomorrow I head for Denver and then London for a week away.

  1. One down, three to go. Lose three to the woebegone Pirates, win one against the Amazin’ Mets. Baseball is a funny game, as Joe Garagiola wrote.

  2. Taijuan is a young, grizzled journeyman pitcher. Been in the Bigs for 10 years for four different team, but he is only 29.

    • Edwin Jackson, when he retired at age 35, had been in the Bigs 17 years (and 14 teams by my count).

  3. Updates: Miami blanked the Giants, 3-0. San Diego leads the Brewers, 3-1, after 5 1/2.

    • Playing a jet-lagged team of Fish that split a doubleheader in Denver yesterday, the Gnats managed three hits and K’d 11 times.

  4. There has been talk on this site and elsewhere that at the plate the Dodgers are being carried by the top three in their lineup: Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman and Trea Turner. So, last night, after my wife had gone to bed, and as I was still bummed by the latest (and last of the season) loss to Pittsburgh, I did some research. Here goes:
    The Dodgers have 427 hits in 1689 ABs for a team batting average of .253.
    Mookie, Freddie and Trea are, as a unit, 174-for-581, for a batting average of .299.
    The rest of the team combined is 253-for-1108, for a batting average of .228.
    The Dodgers have 60 HRs and 256 RBIs.
    The Big 3 is responsible for 25 homers and 106 RBIs. That’s a homer every 23.2 ABs and an RBI every 5.48 ABs.
    The rest of the team has 35 HRs and 150 RBIs: a HR every 31.7 ABs and an RBI every 7.39 ABs.
    The Dodgers have 211 BBs and 404 Ks.
    Mookie, Freddie and Treat have combined for 72 BBs and 104 Ks. They have 1.44 Ks per BB.
    The rest of the team had 139 BBs and 300 Ks. They have 2.16 Ks per BB.
    I might I be off slightly in my division. Perhaps. There are other numbers that show the discrepancies, but these, I feel, back up what we have been thinking.

    • Saw an article the other day which compared this trio so far this season to some of the historic ones.

      • You’re welcome. I enjoyed compiling that. I once thought that I’d be a statistician for the Dodgers. I was strong in math, and then I tried a calculus course — for social science majors— in college. Dropped it and never took another math course. TMI.

  5. Kimbrel does what “we” paid him to do. Dodgers lead by 4. Biggest margin of the season.

    • I lost interest in the NBA when the Sonics left Seattle. I saw them in their first season there, with Walt Hazzard and Tom Meschery, and remember their beating the powerhouse Lakers one night (Chick Hearn gave them full credit).

    • Bases loaded triple with no outs works for me After single to leadoff hitter, Pads closer hit consecutive batters.

  6. Gnats getting blanked 3-0 by the Fish after 7-1/2. Pads scoreless with the Beerboys after 3-1/2.

    • Sad. He always wanted to be a Dodger and maybe his only chance will have been a couple of days.

          • Not really. McKinstry has a lifetime BA of .217 and OPS of .667. Pillar lifetime BA is .259 and OPS of .704.
            I will concede that McKinstry has more upside going forward/

          • Pillar is rapidly declining, and those lifetime figures are mediocre for a starting outfielder. McKinstry gives Roberts many more options, though I doubt he’ll be a star.

            That said, I do feel some sympathy for Pillar’s being unable to play any more for the team he grew up with.