128 thoughts on “Game 27, 2021

  1. The pitch that struck out Lux was a ball to Urias, but then White gets a makeup call.

  2. In the minors, when a team was going like this, they’d sometimes hold a bat-burning ceremony.

  3. In a nearly two-week string of frequent listless efforts, this was the most listless of them all. This team seems to play with the snap of wet Saltine crackers.

    • I don’t like the results and try not to equate them with effort. My predominant emotion in these times is sympathy for the players. In some ways they might be trying too hard.

    • And even that is generous to say since one was a broken bat duck snort just past the infield.

  4. Bob talked a few days ago about living through 1-16 in 2017. A few more loses here and this team will have achieved a dangerously similar stretch to that one.

    • But we had a huge lead at the time so we held on to first, if my memory is correct.

      • The lead shrunk from 21 games ahead to 9 games ahead. It went back up a bit before the end of the season.

  5. Can’t let the run score. 2 run deficit is too much to ask these Dodgers to overcome me thinks.

  6. Why was Roberts tossed? And whatever the reason, good for him. Maybe that will instill some passion in his players.

  7. Back from a fine dinner with my wife. I see you have halved the deficit. Thank you. But surely we have someone in Arizona better than Rios, who is now batting .091.

    • Difficult to remain patient when you are not hitting and the umpiring is erratic.

  8. This is the hard thing as a baseball fan. No individual game matters in light of 162. And it’s easy to say as long as the team makes the playoffs and wins those games – that’s what really matters. But then why watch and follow day in and day out? And right now, day in and day out is not very enjoyable.

    • I watch the team through thick and thin. When it’s thin I want to be there when it turns thick. When it’s thick I hope it stays that way.

      • I always think – I don’t want to miss the crazy comeback, the amazing play or the memorable player performance. You never know when the brilliant will emerge out of the mundane.

  9. Ok Matt. Apparently you have been hot since your return. Let’s see it in action.

  10. Dodgers legitimately not good. Third time through the top of the lineup for Peralta and it was no contest.

  11. Again with the bad strike three call. Too bad. Lux was having a terrific at bat there.

  12. Scoop referenced the movie Groundhog Day last night. I think we have official entered into that scenario tonight.

  13. The Dodgers have a total of 72 hits in their last 12 games before tonight. I will try to limit my negativity. Taking a dinner break. May not return.

  14. Very unconventional DP.

    Meanwhile, Link tells me he’ll be in hospital for a while. I’ll let him report details if he cares to.

  15. Edwin Uceta starts on the mound today for the Dodgers. He’s making his MLB debut. It is considered a “bullpen” game.