71 thoughts on “Game 26, 2021

  1. Dodgers in last place tonight…

    because behind the Giants is the last place I want them to be.

  2. Can almost hear Roberts already as he talks about how “the at bats were very good tonight.”He goes to that well far too often…

  3. We had our weekly movie night tonight. Looks like I didn’t miss anything good in this one… yet.

  4. Dodgers lineup today:
    Betts RF
    Seager SS
    Turner 3B
    Smith C
    Muncy 1B
    Taylor CF
    Pollock LF
    Neuse 2B
    Bauer P
    Brewers are without Yelich, who is on the 10-day IL.

  5. We need to win today to stay in first as the Giants are idle. So are the Padres, who are 2 1/2 games back.

  6. Bauer vs Lauer starting in about an hour. Hoping the Dodgers hit with power and send Lauer to the shower.

  7. Anticipating the confrontation between Brewers starter Burnes, who has yet to walk a batter, with Muncy and the walkiest team in baseball. Normally would have been on Sunday, but he was just put on IL.