Big off-day news!

Vin Scully joins social media!

Vin Scully, the Hall of Fame broadcaster with the soothing voice, may be retired now and confined to his Hidden Hills, California, home with his wife, but he is our national treasure.

And now, to our benefit, Scully has decided to share his commentary with the world, and for the first time will venture into the social media domain with his own Twitter (@TheVinScully), Instagram (@TheVinScully) and Facebook account (Vin Scully) on Wednesday and a YouTube channel next week. His website ( will launch in October.

In trade deadline news, our closest competitors made four deals to improve their odds in this season’s odd postseason. The Padres acquired pitchers Mike Clevinger, Trevor Rosenthal, Austin Adams and Dan Altavilla, outfielder Greg Allen, 1B/DH Mitch Moreland and catchers Jason Castro and Austin Nola for a bunch of mostly minor-leaguers.

No Dodger deals have yet been announced.

21 thoughts on “Big off-day news!

    • the Dodgers’ two players to be named later could be fairly significant (if not elite) prospects, despite Stripling’s struggles this year. The PBTBL designation allows the Jays and Dodgers to agree on two players who aren’t necessarily on Toronto’s current 60-man player pool, as only players within the pool can be dealt during the year.

    • Urias is suspect at the moment. Buehler isn’t getting deep enough into games either, and Wood is still on the IL. There must be some reason for dealing a starter, even one who’s struggling like Stripling, but they haven’t informed us yet what that might be.

      • Well, at the very least it opens up the spot for Goose in the rotation. A three-headed 3rd starter for the playoffs of Goose/May/Julio is not a bad option. Plus the pen will be at least 10 deep.

      • Chicken Strip’s next move would have been to the pen in any event. Really like the guy and should have an opportunity to continue to try to start with the Jays. Will never forget the late night in a cabin in the Shenandoah listening to his 7.1 no-no against the giants in his first start.

    • I think the Dodgers have quite a few future years covered with Kershaw, Buehler, May, Gonsolin, Gray, White, and Urias.

  1. Wow, the Dodger coaches must have really seen too many things they didn’t like and didn’t feel they could fix in Stripling to dump him. Stripling in two starts in July: 2-0, ERA of 2.92. Stripling in five starts in August: 1-1, ERA of 7.17 An All-Star in 2018, better than average in 2019, and now goodbye. So we don’t have Stripling, Ryu, Maeda, Hill or Price for the starting rotation, and Buehler and Wood are on IL. Urias gets plenty of Ks, but he has only gotten past the 4th inning once in his last four starts. So the rotation now: “Kershaw, Gonsolin and May, and then start to pray.” Hey, Link, how’s your arm?

    • Sometimes players are better off playing on a new team. Stripling was about to get bumped to either the taxi squad or the bullpen. He probably will get to start with the Blue Jays. The Dodgers have a lot of Dodger prospects that if they stay in the Dodger organization may not get a chance to play MLB ball unless they get traded.

  2. San Diego acquires eight players? That has to be the most that one team has ever picked up on the trading deadline. I wonder how many of them will be on the active roster.