Game 133, 2019

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10 PM PDT, TV: FSSD, SPNLA

RHP Dustin May (1-2, 4.26 ERA) makes his third start for the Dodgers in his ongoing audition for the post-season roster. He’ll face LHP Eric Lauer (6-8, 4.47 ERA), who’s made six starts against the Dodgers in his two-year career and has four wins, no losses and a 1.72 ERA to show for them.

The Dodgers’ only offensive highlight of yesterday’s game was Joc Pederson’s leadoff HR in the bottom of the first inning:

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1939 At Brooklyn’s Ebbets Field, NBC televises the first major league game in history on experimental station W2XBS, covering a doubleheader split in which the Reds win the first game, 5-2, and the Dodgers take the nightcap, 6-1. The network employs two cameras, one behind home plate, showing a wide view of the field, and the other on the third base line to capture the plays at first base.
  • 1947 Dan Bankhead becomes the major league’s first black pitcher. The 27 year-old right-hander doesn’t do well in a relief stint, giving up ten hits and six runs in 3.1 innings in a 16-3 loss to the Pirates, but the Dodger rookie hits his only big league home run in his first major league at-bat.
  • 1965 At Shea Stadium, the Mets beat the Dodgers, 5-2, making Tug McGraw (2-2) the first Mets pitcher to defeat Sandy Koufax (21-7). Previously, New York had lost 13 consecutive times to the future Hall of Fame southpaw.
  • 1993 The Mets announce that Vince Coleman will remain on paid administrative leave until the end of the season, effectively ending his playing career with the team. Co-owner Fred Wilpon’s unequivocal decision that the controversial outfielder, who signed a four-year $11.95 million contract before the 1991 season, will not ever put on a Mets uniform again is the result of Coleman admitting to tossing a M-100 firecracker from a Jeep departing from a Dodger Stadium parking lot last month, injuring three people.


85 thoughts on “Game 133, 2019

  1. Tuesday Topics – Well, Dodgers still have MLB’s best record, but it’s a tie with Yanquis. Minute Maids are 1/2 game behind. For best in NL, Dodgers remain six ahead of Barves.

    In the division, Snakes (19.5 behind) have overtaken Gnats (down 20). Pads are at 23.5 and Rox at 26.5. Yesterday’s best news is that the magic number is down to 11, over both Snakes and Gnats.

  2. On the bright side, the Gnats are about to lose, so the magic number will drop to 11.

  3. Joc should get us a decent prospect this winter. I am tired of him and his 0-2.counts.

  4. Yesterday we lost to German, but we just took care of France. (Trying to lighten things up in advance of our big 9th inning rally.)

  5. Let’s hope this doesn’t become our sixth straight game with fewer than four runs and fewer than seven hits.

      • Terrible play by Turner, failing to catch Pollock’s lob throw and letting it go into the dugout, letting one runner score and putting the lead run on third.

        • I watched the replay this morning and the throw should have been able to be cut off and it went over the shortstop’s head and landed too close to Turner’s feet for him to get a read on the hop. It looked like a hard thrown ball to me and not a lob. Pollock deserved the error all the way. May should have backed up third but if the ball was thrown where it could have been cutoff then the third baseman would have been the guy backing up the throw.

  6. I hope they bring Lauer back for the seventh as well. I mean he is only at 110 pitches. Not that long a go 120 was the norm.

  7. The A’s scored in 8 straight innings from the 2nd to the 9th and ended up squeaking out a 19-4 victory over the Royals.

  8. If this is not the last inning for Lauer I will eat my proverbial hat.Well, my hat is not proverbial but my eating it would be.

    • That’s what Vinny used to say about Bob Gibson when he pitched against the Dodgers.

      • Well if it was always Gibson vs Seager, whole games would be about 15 minutes long.

  9. Seager doing 2 very Seager-y things: hitting a double on the first pitch of his at bat.

  10. Dodgers not pulling away yet but it feels like the offense could explode at some point tonight.

    • About all you can say is they’ve gotten Lauer – a recent nemesis – to throw lotsa pitches.

  11. I didn’t like TJ Simers’ columns very often, but his forced departure from the LA Times was so egregious that a jury has just awarded him $15.45M in non-economic damages in an age and disability discrimination lawsuit for his termination in 2013 (good grief, six years ago !).

    • I wonder what non-economic damages are? And if you get $15.45M for non-economic imagine how much he would have been gotten if he had been awarded economic damages…

  12. On the field, today’s starting off better than yesterday. The last-place Rox walked off v. the Barves so, by winning tonight, Dodgers can go up by seven for best in NL.