Game 132, 2019

Yankees at Dodgers, 4:05 PM PDT, TV: ESPN

RHP Domingo Germán (16-3, 4.15 ERA) takes to the mound for the Yankees, facing LHP Clayton Kershaw (13-2, 2.71 ERA) of the Dodgers. The Yankees are trying to conserve their 27-year-old pitcher’s arm, which is why Germán has averaged less than six innings per start this year. He’s appearing in just his 51st big league game. The Dodgers’ Kershaw has not gone fewer than six innings in any one of his 22 starts this year; in his last one he went six, gave up three solo home runs and walked three batters but still got the win as the Dodgers clobbered the Blue Jays 16-3.

Here’s that eventful ninth inning from yesterday:

Yesterday was Kiké Hernández’s 28th birthday; today is Max Muncy’s 29th.

On this day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1979 In a Hollywood Stars vs. the Media game played at Dodger Stadium, Robin Williams, the star of the hit television series, Mork and Mindy, a show in which he plays an alien, runs the bases backwards. The comedian explains circling the bags clockwise is very common on the Planet Ork, his character’s home in the universe.
  • 1995 At Veterans Stadium, Gregg Jefferies hits for the cycle when Philadelphia crushes the Dodgers, 17-4. The Phillies’ first baseman, who has four RBIs and scores four runs, collects all of his extra-base hits off of LA starting pitcher Hideo Nomo.
  • 2008 After being swept in a four-game series earlier in the month in L.A., the Phillies return the favor, beating the Dodgers, 5-0, to complete its own four-game sweep. It is the first time in franchise history that Philadelphia has swept the Dodgers in a four-game series at home.
  • 2009 With a 5-4 win in ten innings over the Dodgers, the Rockies move 18 games over .500 for the first time in franchise history. The wild-card leader, winning 52 of their last 74 games, the latest on a Troy Tulowitzki bases-loaded single, has cut LA’s Western Division lead from 15.5 games on June 3 to just two games.
  • 2012 In a nine-player blockbuster trade, the Dodgers obtain Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford, Nick Punto, and cash considerations for James Loney, Allen Webster, Ivan De Jesus, Jr., and two players to be named later (Rubby De La Rosa and Jerry Sands). The deal gives the new Dodgers ownership an opportunity to show their fans they are serious about making a run for the postseason, while giving an under-performing Boston team more financial flexibility in the offseason.

Players’ Weekend Dodger nickname code, for help in deciphering today’s lineup.

Note: Austin Barnes was called up to replace Russell Martin after this was published, so his nickname doesn’t appear on that list. Here’s the explanation for his nickname “Sam”:

The origin story of “Sam” is actually quite funny. During Spring Training in 2016, some of the veterans sent Barnes, a rookie, on a taco run. When he got back, A.J. Ellis joked that he didn’t even know his name, so Utley said, “It’s Sam.” In reality, most of his teammates call him “Barnsey.”


144 thoughts on “Game 132, 2019

  1. Monday Mopery – Yesterday could hardly have been worse, so let’s start with the bright side: Dodgers still have baseball’s best record, one game better than both Yanquis and Minute Maids. FanGraphs projects LA at 104.6 wins, Houston at 104.4, NYY at 102.8.

    That said, Dodgers lost ground to both those teams, and to Barves, who trail by only six for best in NL. In the division, they lost ground to everybody except Rox; Gnats gnow trail by 20, Snakes by 20.5, Pads by 24.5, Rox by 27.5. Magic number remains Tommy Davis.

  2. So Kershaw allows three solo homers and a single, strikes out 12 and walks none and is in line to take the loss.

  3. I think of this series as akin to a bad dress rehearsal… means the actual performance will rock!

  4. Steiner: “Judge is playing relatively shallow in right. Beaty pops one up to short left field, and Judge is perfectly placed for it.”

    I think Charley ought to retire and watch games on the tube.

  5. Joc gets even!

    One of the worst things about ESPN (spoiler, it’s all bad…) is that even the highlights are blacked out on Gameday.

  6. Well we don’t have to stress over whether Kersh will continue to keep his perfect game shut out going.

  7. For the record, Seager took a called strike on the first pitch. Perhaps he has been reading this blog.

  8. Without the success of Jansen’s high wire act yesterday, this would be akin to the Ray Milland film “Lost Weekend” (without the alcohol and the pink elephants).

    • Seager is the worst, but no one has been patient this series except Turner now and then.

  9. Well. It’s going to have to be a quite remarkable comeback in the ninth. Because they showed nothing in the 8th.

  10. We emboldened the Braves last weekend; we’re emboldening the Yankees this weekend.

  11. If we reach the World Series I hope we play Minnesota, Cleveland, Tampa Bay or Oakland.

  12. Corey is such a free swinger on the first pitch. I wonder what would happen if he watched a pitch or two go by?

  13. All I have to say is “Believe in the 9th”.

    (Trying to come up with a phrase to celebrate all the ninth inning comebacks and walk off wins this year.)

  14. More pitches that inning for Kershaw but still easily in line to go 6+ tonight.

  15. Kershaw, man. He is still really good. Wonder if his curve is done for the night though?

  16. Pederson has pretty much become all or nothing. I think this will be his last season with the Dodgers.

    • I think so as well (re last year) but for me I have been thinking that he has been taking too weak of a swing since the All Star game until maybe tonight.

    • He’s a valuable player with a decent OBP and good defensive skills. If he’s dealt – as Puig was last year – it’ll be because he’s approaching free agency and there are many other young players knocking on the door.

  17. Just saw the stat on TV: Kershaw the only player in MLB history with 150 wins and winning percentage over .700.

  18. We moved from Brooklyn to L.A. three years ahead of the Dodgers. Bilko was a huge and affable man who played first for the L.A. Angels of the old PCL. Hit more than 50 homers at least twice but never could make it big in the majors. Did have a nice year with the major league Angels in their first year, 1961, in little Wrigley Field on the south side of LA. He died way too young. I don’t think he reached 50.

  19. As populated and wealthy as California now is, it is hard to believe that it took as long as it did for the Dodgers and Giants and MLb to come to California. But, I loved the Pacific Coast League while we waited for the MLB.

    • I was a Seattle Rainiers fan in the PCL, though I only saw them on TV (we lived in Tacoma). Maury once played for the Rainiers, and I had a HyGrade Hot Dogs baseball card of his (it covered the entire bottom of a six-wiener package). I later became a Tacoma Giants fan (never SF), but saw many noteworthy players there including Manny Mota. I also saw many upcoming Dodgers from AAA Spokane, including Willie Davis.

      I finally saw a game at Sicks’ Seattle Stadium (home to the Rainiers) when the AL Pilots included Tommy Davis and of course Jim Bouton (author of the immortal Ball Four).

      • We always had a weekend doubleheader that was televised and we had Steve Bilko in LA.

        The LA vs NY series this weekend made me think of waking up to the Gillette Blue Blade music that always seemed to sponsor the World Series and that made me think of the PCL.

        From the fifth grade through 8th grade, we always listened to the World Series on radio during school.

  20. Discouraging results elsewhere, as the Snakes won and, here in Oakland, the Atléticos blew another one badly to the Gnats. On the amusing side, the Busted Poseur racked up four K’s and GIDP in five plate appearances.