Game 62, 2019

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40 PM PDT, TV: FS-A, SPNLA

The Dodgers’ LHP Hyun-Jin Ryu (8-1, 1.48 ERA) is having a season for the ages so far. He’ll face the D-Backs’ RHP Taylor Clarke (1-1, 4.67 ERA), who will be making his fifth big league appearance and fourth start. Ryu made six starts in May and had a 0.59 ERA for the month. Clarke gave up five runs on four hits in two innings in his last start against the Rockies.

In case you missed this:

This day in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1957 At a seventy-five minute show-down meeting at City Hall with Walter O’Malley and Horace Stoneham, the club presidents of the Dodgers and Giants, respectively, Mayor Robert Wagner is told by the owners neither club has a commitment to move out of New York – and none to stay in the Big Apple. The teams, who have been given permission by the National League to explore the possibility of moving their franchises to the West Coast, are assured by His Honor that the city will be of assistance in replacing the Polo Grounds and Ebbets Field, the aging ballparks the clubs call home.
  • 1964 At Connie Mack Stadium, Sandy Koufax throws his third no-hitter in three years, blanking the Phillies 3-0. The Dodgers’ southpaw, who will add a perfect game to his resume next season, joins Bob Feller as the only other modern major leaguer to pitch three career hitless games.
  • 1968 Don Drysdale, pitching his sixth consecutive shutout, defeats the Pirates, 5-0. The Dodger right-hander will extend his major league record scoreless streak to 58.2 innings before yielding a run in his next start. Later that evening at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, Robert Kennedy, giving his victory speech for his win in the California primary before being fatally shot, tells his followers in the packed ballroom, “I’d like to express my high regard to Don Drysdale, who pitched his sixth straight shutout tonight.”
  • 1972 The Dodgers retire Roy Campanella’s uniform number 39. Campy, who won the MVP three times catching for Brooklyn in the fifties, joins Jackie Robinson (42) and Sandy Koufax (32) to be honored in this manner.
  • 1976 In an 11-0 victory at Dodger Stadium, Mets right fielder Dave Kingman hits three home runs. Sky King’s two-run dinger and two three-run round trippers drive in eight runs, a new club record.
  • 1990 En route to a 6-0 complete-game victory, 22 year-old Dodger right-hander Ramon Martinez limits Atlanta to three hits. Pedro’s older brother, who will finish the season with a 20-6 record, strikes out 18 batters during the contest.
  • 1998 The Dodgers trade the 1995 National League Rookie of the Year Hideo Nomo (2-7 with a 5.05 ERA) and reliever Brad Clontz to the Mets for pitchers Dave Mlicki and Greg McMichael.

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98 thoughts on “Game 62, 2019

  1. Bob stays up late and comments here after midnight all the time but I guess the 5 additional hours on those London clocks is too much for him.

  2. The throw was certainly there but the slide might have gotten Martin in safely.

  3. Thanks largely to a 11-run fifth, the Fish are fermenting the Cerveceros 16-0 in the eighth. In slow pitch, this would be a forfeit.

  4. Sirhan Sirhan’s assassination of Bobby Kennedy changed the course of American history and, in my opinion, definitely not for the better. His death was the only time in my life that in grief I became hysterical. It was at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, the site of my high school senior prom three years earlier. The hotel opened in 1921, closed to guests in 1989, and was razed in 2005.

    • I was driving from Seattle to the Bay Area, and there was nothing else on the radio. It was devastating. I’d seen him a few months earlier at the UW.

      • It was the week of my high school graduation. We left Virginia for LA and points west (Guam) on June 6 or June 9.

        I’d been in a sub-sub-sub-group of a regional Up with People singing outfit earlier that spring and performed four times the weekend after MLK Jr. was killed. They trotted us out to try to “entertain” the National Guard, I guess, and keep them from doing what other Guardsmen did a couple of years later at Kent State. Trying to do that choreography on the back of a flatbed truck with good shocks was…difficult.

      • I was at UCLA then, living at home, and commuting to school. Not a great college experience. I came home and my father and I watched the returns of the California primary on TV. Mom was already asleep. And then came the shocking news. I had been a supporter of Eugene McCarthy, but after Kennedy’s assassination I realized that he would have been a much stronger candidate and would likely have beaten Nixon in November. Unrelated to all that, I later transferred to Cal.

        • I started at UC Riverside and was headed to UCLA for my sophmore year but I met two Berkley students while working in Yosemite in the summer after my freshman year. They were industrial engineering majors and I liked what they said about it. UCLA only had a engineering generalist degree at the time so I wound up going to Cal Poly, Pomona where I graduated.

        • My undergrad degree from the UW was Poli Sci, and I got accepted at UC Davis and UCLA law schools, turned down at Berkeley. I didn’t go to any of them, but later got my M.A. and PhD at Berkeley Geography.

    • I was in college living in a dorm and was studying for an exam when someone told me about Kennedy. There were quite a few fellow dormies that were upset. I decided to not get caught up in it at the time and kept stydying instead.

  5. Things seem to be going well for the Dodgers in Arizona so far this trip.

  6. The Fillies are cloistering the Pads, so the Dodgers can also gain another game on San Diego.

  7. If the Dodgers win tonight, they will overtake the Twinkies for baseball’s best record.

  8. That was Bellinger’s eighth outfield assist this season, tops in the NL. At the start of play today Parra of Washington was second with five.

  9. Cachorros have rolled the Rox, so Dodgers can extend their division lead to 10.5 by winning this one.

  10. You know, I thought he was gonna just be stashed in RF to keep his bat in the lineup. Was I wrong. He may be better there than at 1B, and he’s a slick first-baseman.

  11. The two teams have now combined for three runs, four hits and four errors. We have all the runs and hits and half the errors.

    • I was wrong. There were only two hits, both by the Dodgers, when I wrote that (above). But the Diamondbacks have now made what I wrote correct.

  12. Gameday says that Walker grounded out softly to Freese in foul territory. Interesting play, you think?

  13. Dodgers are trying to see how good Ryu is by handicapping him with 2 errors in a row.

  14. “Can anyone possibly stop the Dodgers?”

    Teams with left-handed starters have a shot, like the Cubs. Currently, the Dodgers are 12-8 in games started by lefties, which is good, but not as good as 42-19. Both Jason Vargas and Robbie Ray had their longest outings in a very long time against the Dodger offense. Is it a big thing? Probably not for the regular season, because as soon as the starter falters, the righties start coming in from the bullpen. And a lot of the good lefties (Corbin, Matz, Bumgarner if he doesn’t go to the AL) are unlikely to make the playoffs. The Cubs, however, have some good LH starters. That could be a problem.

    • When I was typing up a post the other day I was reminded of that period a season or two ago when it seemed like every team was saving its lefties to start against the Dodgers, so it became a running joke. “Yet another LHP,” I’d write.

      • I don’t think it’s as bad as it was then, but having both CT3 and Kike in the starting lineup weakens it a bit, as does taking Joc out. The lineup as a whole doesn’t seem to work counts as well against lefties. I didn’t really notice it this year until the Vargas game, which was a big outlier for him, and last night with Ray.

    • Muncy, Seager, Pederson, and Bellinger are weakers against lefties so it makes sense that the weakest of the 4 would platoon with a righty bat. Verdugo seems to do better against lefties. The problem is that Kike’ and CT3 are not coming close to replacing Joc’s production. Maybe one of them should be replaced with an older righty bat that hits lefties really well and would be happy to start the 30% of games that lefties tend to start.

      • I’ll give you a guy (and it surprised me). Charlie Culberson has become a better hitter for Atlanta. Not as much power, though.

  15. Cubbies have just taken a 3-2 lead over the Rox, who seem the likeliest of the Dodgers’ unlikely challengers for the division title. As they used to say of the Fillies’ John Boozer, he was fine until he reached the bottom of the fifth.

  16. This a shame – Andrew McCutcheon blew out his ACL last night, and is out for the season.