Game 37, 2016

Cardinals at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-M (HLKLA, take notice!), MLBN (out-of-market only)

The Dodgers hope Scott Kazmir (2-3, 5.54 ERA) can right his ship. He showed signs last outing, coming within one out of a quality start (5 2/3 innings, three earned runs against the Mets). He’ll face Carlos Martinez (4-2, 2.61 ERA). The Cardinals hope Martinez has recovered from a respiratory illness which caused him to lose 15 pounds in ten days and pushed this start back two days.

Lineup when available.

56 thoughts on “Game 37, 2016

  1. Kazmir was excellent last night, looked very much in command. If the offense continues to pick up – the last several days are encouraging for RISP and extra-base hits – he’ll be a real asset.

  2. Dumb. Left Kazmir in too long. He had his era a full run lower than where he started the game (4.50) and with that last hit it is now back up much closer to 5 (4.89).

    • Yeah, but he was hoping for the CG. It would only have been Kazmir’s fourth in his twelve-year career.

      Man, has baseball changed. In his nine years with the Dodgers Claude Osteen had 100 complete games. Overall (18 yrs) he had 140.

  3. Joc. Why are you bunting with 2 strikes, 2 outs and no one on base?

  4. Seager with the long ball. I could definitely get used to this more hitting, better pitching Dodger team.

  5. I’ll say good night for now as it’s approaching midnight and I’ll watch the rest from bed.

  6. Great inning by the Dodgers. Especially the AB by Gonzo. 12 pitches and drives in a run.

      • Very lucky, right between the pitcher and the second baseman who was running to cover first.

        • I saw. He barely got it past the pitcher, like a good drag bunt, but I don’t think he planned it that way.

  7. Like tracking the stock market – at the moment Kazmir’s era is lower than 5 (4.97).

  8. Right after Steiner talked about how long it was since Gonzo had hit a homerun…
    Gonzo hits a homerun!

  9. No eyes. Hard to imagine getting a single on a soft grounder to the pitcher.

  10. Scotty getting some strikes with fastball (hitting 94!) and helping to set up off-speed.

  11. Cardinals picking up where they left off last night. Utley on with an error.

  12. Friends coming for dinner so I won’t be weighing in much. I so hope Kazmir does better tonight. He’s due a decent outing. We shall see.

  13. Since this game’s starting at 10:10 local time, I’ll try to stay up a little longer.

      • By the way, my lunch was at Bouza. I’ve know them for quite a while, and I love their AlbariƱo. Also, great cachila collection on the grounds.

        • A great place. Love the food as well. I figured you might have gone there, as it is close enough by for lunch.

          • I’ve had lunch at other bodegas, but special case. Uruguayan wines very underrated, almost unknown.

          • I used to bring Pisano Tannant back to BA and serve it decanted to my friends from Mendoza. They loved it

  14. Today, at the Mexican festival in downtown Buenos Aires, I had a tequila mousse for dessert.