Game 60, 2015

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

The Dodgers send Brett Anderson out to find his third win. He deserves better than he’s gotten from his teammates: he’s 2-4 with a 3.29 ERA, but he’s only given up more than three runs once in eleven starts. Run support has been missing.

His opponent will be Jeremy Hellickson, who’s 4-3 with a 4.88 ERA. That’s a little misleading: his last four outings have been quality starts and he’s won three of them.

The Dodgers have beaten the D-Backs eight straight.


Turner’s knee must still be hurting.

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  2. Interesting take on the team from Mark Timmons. Comments generally good quality too.

    Timmons: “Last year, the Dodgers had Hanley Ramirez who had a skillet for a glove and the range of Betty Crocker.”

    From a commenter: “Lowering the bar might not be the answer but after some games, going to one seems like a good idea.”

  3. Gnats and Lincescum blow lead, lose to Metropolitans, fly across country to face well-rested Snakes at The Phone Booth tomorrow. Chase Anderson v. BadGums.

  4. According to Mark Saxon of ESPN the Dodgers are looking at Jordan Zimmerman, Joey Cueto and David Price as mid-season acquisitions to rebuild their rotation. They have a few more chips to play after a few prospects beyond Urias and Seager have shown themselves to be legitimate while down on the farm, says Saxon.

    • Easy to understand the thinking on getting at least one starter for the stretch. If Anderson’s health holds, he’s an entirely acceptable #3 for postseason.

      If not and he’s out and Ballslinger and Frias are only options….yikes. They’ve both done well so far. But doing nothing runs the risk factor off the scale.

  5. Jon W entire post on CK after his last start. Short & sweet–

    By Jon Weisman

    “Clayton Kershaw through D-Day 2014: 3.32 ERA, .241 opponents’ batting average, .272 opponents’ on-base percentage, .392 opponents’ slugging percentage, .664 opponents’ OPS, 11.4 strikeouts per nine innings.

    Clayton Kershaw through D-Day 2015: 3.36 ERA, .221 opponents’ batting average, .272 opponents’ on-base percentage, .339 opponents’ slugging percentage, .611 opponents’ OPS, 11.3 strikeouts per nine innings.

    Tonight, Kershaw went eight innings, allowed one hit (a clean second-inning single by Randal Grichuk), walked two, hit Matt Carpenter with a pitch and struck out 11, giving him 101 for the year.

    In his past three games, Kershaw has pitched 22 innings, allowing two runs (0.82 ERA) on 14 baserunners while striking out 28.

    Fun fact: Kershaw has had a lower ERA in the second half of every season of his career.

    Any questions?”

  6. I knew the Dodgers were going to play the Padres next, but it didn’t hit me that they would play in San Diego until I heard they were going to bus there today. . . . Wait a minute — I’M going to San Diego tomorrow. And hey — isn’t it time for Kershaw to pitch again?

    Long story short, I’m going to tomorrow’s game and will (if all goes according to plan) see The Kid in person for my first time.

    Go Kersh . . . go Dodgers!

      • And hopefully staying in touch.
        From what I remember listening the last time LA played in Petco, Dodger fans are close to half the crowd (at least half of the noisy crowd).

        • That is so cool. Enjoy the game and be kind to the Padre fans. Hopefully they will be good hosts and the Dodgers will win.

  7. After 60 games last season we were at 31-29. We wouldn’t get to 10 games over .500, where we are now, until the end of the end of June when we took 3 out of 4 from the Cards.

  8. Just like they planned all along. Fall behind in the first, race ahead, see the lead slip away, blown save by Jansen and then finally a walk off to complete the series sweep.

    • And you said you’re not a writer? 🙂
      Let’s put that script into production for the rest of the season . . . tho I wouldn’t mind some legitimate laughers in favor of LA!

  9. Well, had to happen sooner or later. Too bad when we only had a one run lead.

  10. Was bound to happen.
    This game is a disaster for the Dodgers: what started out so well could end up . . .

    But it ain’t over yet!

  11. Callaspo not known for his glove. (Well, really not known for anything).

    • He’s had some respectable years. Decent bench player is his ceiling right now.

  12. Classic Vinnie. Puig hiding behind his mitt after Goldie takes third, Vinnie, “Come on. We know you’re in there.”

    • He’s one of the league’s best players. Tomás is looking like a real hitter tonight too.

  13. Joc needs to refind his inner chi at the plate. His swing is either tentative or wild.

      • Batter-per-batter, yes . . . but with the tying and go-ahead runs a hit away, that was huge enough.

      • At least there won’t be runners on 2nd and 3rd when Goldschmidt bats. Or Thomas either for that matter.

  14. How deep is our bullpen right now that Mattingly can change pitchers after every batter – even though we are still in the 6th inning?

  15. Nice to hear some Nancy B. in the background as Nicasio comes out for an unknown injury.

  16. Nicasio doesn’t seem to have much except for the fastball. It’s not enough to blow people away, and he can’t fool anybody with his other pitches.

  17. Seen/heard this before: bullpen comes in, defensive lapses, (lead disappears) . . .

  18. Missed the start of the game because we had to take my nephew to SFO (awful airport). The last I saw, Puig had homered to put the Dodgers up 4-1.

    • I guess this is his second worst start this year. Going to have to rely on the bullpen tonight for sure.

      • REALLY scary thought.
        AND the pace has regressed to the norm . . . dragging. I may have to hit the sack without knowing the outcome.

        • I was just thinking that exact thing. Tonight’s game won’t be done in 2.5 hours. I might make it to midnight CST, but not much longer.

  19. If the rotation keeps rolling 1-5 over the next week and a half, then neither Kershaw or Greinke would be in line for a start against the Giants when they come to LA June 19-21.

    • If the rotation keeps pitching the way they have, the question will — as usual — fall on the shoulders of the offense (and bullpen).

      • I agree but still – it would be nice to have your two strongest pitching in that series.

        • Anyway, before I get to far ahead of myself – lots of games to play between now and then.

  20. Dodgers have the offense going tonight. And the starting pitching has been good for the last 5 games, since the second game of the Cardinals series.

    • Nice to see it happening.
      Hopefully they can eventually do it against the “quality” teams as well.

        • Scary thought, especially when tonight’s “laugher” has turned into a nail-biter.

          • Yep. Next up are the Pads. Hard to think of them as a quality team, but not including games against us (we are 6-3) they are playing at .519 clip, which would have them wedged between the Nats and the Mets in the East Division.

    • Noticed that Joc’s defense has yet to translate into high values in the advanced fielding measures. He has a dWAR of 0.1, as compared to Trout with a 0.8. He has certainly seemed solid and on a few occasions spectacular to my untrained eye.

    • According to Vin, it was a SNAFU by AZ C — he didn’t even look Andre back.

      • Thanks. I was hoping that Donnie had actually tried a suicide squeeze. I guess I will have to wait a while longer for that.

  21. In my mind, the occasional homer does not overcome the fact that Rollins can’t raise his average above .210 as the season reaches the 3/8th point.

  22. Two Dodger fans and a Giant-hater who believes the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  23. A question for WinnipegDave when he gets here: Is driving the Trans-Canada highway east from Vancouver to his town and beyond a scenic trip? I’m tempted to try that before I get too old.

    • I would put money on that. I’ve also heard that the railway line crossing Canada east to west is spectacular as well.

      • I’ve taken it from Vancouver to Calgary a couple of times. Spectacular is correct.

    • Just got in from a staff party. Full disclosure: I’ve never gone the whole way across the Trans Canada from Winnipeg to Vancouver. Done it numerous times as far as Calgary – but that is the less scenic part of the drive, since it is straight and flat. I love the prairies, big open skies – but it does make it a bit monotonous. The drive through the foothills and then the mountains I’m sure is amazing. I’ve only flown when going to Vancouver. Anyway, it’s a fun idea, traveling across Canada. Just don’t take the train – unless you have a very large pile of cash just begging to be used up.