Game 61,2015

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Clayton Kershaw v. Odrisamer Despaigne. Kershaw is 5-3 with a 3.36 ERA and on a roll: in his last three starts he’s given up two runs over 22 innings. Despaigne is 3-4 with a 4.72 ERA and has been susceptible to the home run ball (8 in 12 starts); he’s also averaged over 13 hits allowed per nine innings in his last seven outings.

The Dodgers are 6-3 against the Padres this season, which is good. They’re 10-15 on the road this season, which is not.

We may get in-game reports (if Petco Park has Wi-Fi) from Bob_in_Vegas, who discovered his scheduled trip to San Diego coincided with the Dodgers’ games there.

Late news: Hector Olivera has been promoted to OKC. The Dodgers acquired Ronald Torreyes from Toronto for cash and DFA’d Darwin Barney to make room on the 40-man roster for him.

Lineup when available.

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  1. History! Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens spoke to the Sports Lawyers Association Annual Conference May 15 and discussed both his representation of Charlie Finley when the As moved from KC to Oakland and his service as Associate Counsel to the House Subcommittee on Monopoly Power way back in 1951. Both took place prior to his becoming a judge. It’s an interesting 15-page .pdf transcript.

  2. WinnipegDave, I made a crack about bringing back Les Expos to the major leagues. I swear I hadn’t read this article from ESPN when I made the joke. It’s not entirely impossible, although this looks like trial balloon rather than real move.

  3. Pleased to see the Snakes beat BadGums, but disappointed that the Gnats didn’t get no-hit.

    • Into each life, some rain must fall. Cheer up, maybe they’ll all get food poisoning or something…

  4. Gutsy Kersh.
    Gutsy team.
    Stupid mistakes
    = win.
    I’ll be in the neighborhood manana for a play and may get into the game when it’s over.

  5. I just watched the highlights, and it looked to me as if three of the Dodgers’ four run-scoring hits were catchable.

  6. I’m in Denver. Just snuck onto Gameday to catch the last few innings. Jeeze. Don’t make it easy, do they?

    • Nope. It was a rough rollercoaster ride that finally came to a smooth finish.

  7. Could they actually pull this off? Can KJ bring some normality back to this game?

  8. KJ time.
    Now behind home, bottom level –part of my exit strategy perfected at DS

  9. Thanks Dodger for being able to frustrate and delight several times over in the same half inning. Two runners thrown out on base. Two runners scored. Talk about a good bad inning. Or is it a bad good inning?

    • Yeah for some reason Ellis tried to make it to third on the bloop hit. He thought they would try and throw home to get Ethier instead I suppose.

  10. Kershaw’s 117 pitches were a season high. He reached that number once last year, but has not had more since 2013.

  11. I’m done for tonight. The Dodgers don’t deserve to be followed or payed attention to tonight.

    But maybe I will check in later

  12. So predictable. Why leave in an exhausted and injured Kershaw after he had already pitched well over 100 pitches. Dumb.

      • He got hit by a batted ball in the lower back area. Perhaps injured is the wrong word, but certainly bruised and battered.

    • He was ticked that the first pitch to him was called a strike. The pitcher had been wild and then the ump called an outside pitch a strike.

    • Me too.
      Must reflect on bullpen.
      High pitch count and injury make me wary.

  13. To Bob_in_Vegas: I will be at the Dodgers-Padres games Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. It would be nice to meet you. Coincidentally, I will be going with an old friend who lives in Las Vegas. This is where we will be sitting: Saturday night — Field Infield, Section FI107, Row 40, Seats 23-24. (Good seats)….. Sunday afternoon — Upper Infield, Section UI309 Row 12, Seats 23-24. (Nosebleed).

  14. Last I looked it was 36 strikes and 30 balls. At 100 pitches it is 61 strikes and 39 balls.

  15. Very solid through 5 innings. At 85 pitches, one more inning might be enough for Kershaw this evening.

  16. Kersh must be hurting.
    That concerns me for him and the fact it means the bullpen.

  17. Well to borrow from tennis – Kershaw holds serve. He looked good that inning except for the walk. How long he will be able to go tonight might be the question.

  18. Friends over here for dinner, so can’t follow closely, but nice to see A.J. deliver.

  19. Another 2 out RBI. Love seeing AJ helping out his buddy Kersh with the hit.

    • Amen!
      Lucky to be during with other Dodger fans. We’re all shocked/pleased with the hit.

  20. Where are you sitting at Petco Bob? Outfield or along one of the base lines?

      • Wow – that is great. And some other Dodger fans there with you as well. Very fun!

  21. Jays are hot right now. Down 8-1, they score 9 in the seventh and win 13-10. If only I liked the Jays, this would make me pleased. However, I am not all that interested in them. If I had to rank teams from 1-30 in terms of liking them, they would be in the top half but probably somewhere in the 10-14 range.

      • Yes. I did like the Expos more – which may not have been the case if they had ended up winning the NLCS in 1981. Anyway, they may get another shot at a MLB team again someday.

    • One more things about the Jays. I read that they went 18 straight wins (not games but wins!) without getting a save. That seems incredible to me, but most of it is because of their offense. They finally got a save tonight.

  22. Goodness. Hope Kershaw is okay. Holding your breathe there in SD, Bob? Did your heart stop for a moment?

    • Yes. He’s been more erratic since. I was in AZ for the hit off the head — really scary.

      • Maybe you shouldn’t see him pitch live any more. Safer for Kershaw perhaps. 😉

  23. This Norris guy seems like a young gun behind the plate. Throws out Joc trying to steal second.

  24. Joc with the walk, but then Puig unfortunately strikes out. Petco problems continue for Puig. According to Jon at Dodger Insider, Puig struggles in San Diego.

  25. The pointless games continue… Dodgers DFA Barney and sign someone named Ronald Torreyes. He’s younger than Barney, Can’t hit but plays a lot of positions…

    • I suspect Barney isn’t going anywhere, because he could forfeit his salary. Torreyes hit well until very recently.