Game 15, 2014

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PST on SPNLA and NBC Bay Area.

Maholm (0 -1 , 8.10 ERA) v. Vogelsong (0 – 0, 8.00 ERA). Vogelsong has allowed eight earned runs on 14 hits and three walks in nine innings pitched so far this season. Maholm allowed five runs on seven hits in 4 1/3 innings in his only start so far.

If you remember yesterday’s starters, each had an ERA above 9.00. Tonight we have starters who each have an ERA below that, all the way down to 8.00. Progress!

Update: Clayton Kershaw’s frustrated by not being able to pitch and contribute $100 for each opposing batter he strikes out, he says, so he’s transferring his donation to his fellow pitchers’ strikeouts. If my addition is correct, that’s 139 strikeouts by the entire staff for $13,900.

Lineup when available.

29 thoughts on “Game 15, 2014

  1. Is Pederson tempting the Dodgers to trade Ethier and or Crawford?

    Is Arizona ready to make major makeover?

    Would Lee and Reed and Ethier get Bradley from AZ and if so, would Bradley, Crawford + $$, plus Guerrero get Fernandez from Miami?

    • There’s no Bradley on the D-Backs roster that I can find, and why on earth would the Dodgers give up their best pitching prospects in Lee and Reed to get anyone, even a former RoY like Fernandez?

  2. If you would’ve told me LA would give up only 2 runs in each of two games, I would definitely think they would’ve won both games in regulation . . . can’t fault the starters.

  3. Puig has the opportunity to make a difference off the bench (pinch hit HR anyone?) 🙂

  4. Tonight I can actually watch the game, as the Gnats are broadcasting locally rather than on Comcast. I’ll have to mute it, though, to avoid Krukow and Kuiper.