Bye-bye, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

What do you suppose Jeff Sessions’ tipple of choice is, and is he consuming it by the bucketful this evening? After all, he gave up a secure Senate seat two years ago for what quickly turned out to be a mess of pottage. Compelled by law to recuse himself from the Russia – Trump campaign collusion investigation, he found himself at odds with his boss, who didn’t then and doesn’t now understand that the nation’s law enforcement agencies don’t work for him but rather for the country.

I hope Sessions’ bourbon or whatever offers him some comfort (but not much). A long-ago and now-deceased blogger named Mac Thomason, who was an Alabama graduate and Stillman College librarian and loathed Sessions mightily, once called the Senator “an evil little troll.” I like that better than the “Keebler elf” sobriquet I’ve seen in recent years.

Anyway, he gave up a 20-year career in the Senate to be Attorney General of the US for the most volatile and mercurial President in my memory. I suspect he wanted the job to further his own agendas, which his Wikipedia entry lists:

As U.S. Attorney General, Sessions overturned a memo delivered by one of his predecessors, Eric Holder, that had sought to curb mass incarceration by avoiding mandatory sentencing,[2] and ordered federal prosecutors to begin seeking the maximum criminal charges possible. Sessions signed an order adopting civil asset forfeiture, which allows law enforcement to seize the property of those suspected but not charged with crimes.[3][4] A staunch opponent of illegal immigration, Sessions adopted a hard-line on so-called sanctuary cities and told reporters that cities failing to comply with federal immigration policy would lose federal funding; Trump issued an executive order revoking the funding from the cities, but it was successfully challenged by San Francisco and forbidden from enforcement by a federal judge.[5] As Attorney General, Sessions supported allowing the Department of Justice to prosecute providers of medical marijuana.[6]

He pursued them vigorously but was forced to defend many of them in courts.

In Mac’s honor I’ll say goodbye, troll.