Only the best people, huh?

That’s how Trump described the people he’d hire to work for him in the White House and at the Cabinet agencies. We’ve all seen how that’s worked out, what with Scott Pruitt fired in disgrace from EPA, Tom Price ditto from HHS, Michael Flynn fired from NSA, Jeff Sessions from Justice, David Shulkin from the …

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Bye-bye, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III

What do you suppose Jeff Sessions’ tipple of choice is, and is he consuming it by the bucketful this evening? After all, he gave up a secure Senate seat two years ago for what quickly turned out to be a mess of pottage. Compelled by law to recuse himself from the Russia – Trump campaign …

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Trump’s policy repercussions

From the mouths of (literal) babes: Little children crying and wailing for their parents, who’ve been detained by the Trump Administration in a bold-faced attempt to keep other citizens of Central American countries from coming to this country. I have never been more ashamed of my country than I am today. This policy is wicked.