Incoming missile? Eek!

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, we found an inadvertent warning of an incoming ballistic missile on our cellphones this morning at 8:07 AM. It took 38 minutes for an acknowledgment that it was pushed in error to our phones. For many people it was a very scary 40 minutes.

People huddled in their bathtubs. They ran into businesses or rushed into basements. They got into storm drains.

I first heard about it when my sister called us around 8:15. I concluded that there was very little we could do if it was true, so we did nothing in particular. We stayed on the phone while switching the TV from NPR’s “Weekend Edition Saturday” to a local TV station (which was showing basketball) and to CNN (which hadn’t yet gotten the news). Eventually CNN did began to cover it, and then it was wall-to-wall for the next three hours or so.

That made for an exciting Saturday. I still got three loads of laundry done, though.


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