Christmas music is about to take over this blog

Be forewarned! On December 1 I will begin my annual 3+ weeks of finding Christmas songs by old artists and new and posting them here. Never fear, though; I expect to be provoked by our President-elect nearly daily, and I’ll have a go at him pretty often too. Billboard has a fine summation of new …

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National media, we need you to be smarter now more than ever

The NYT and other media really have to get over the idea that Trump values their input, their megaphone, and their good will. He clearly does not. The press has to stop worrying about “access” to him. He needs to be examined and investigated every minute of the next four years. He’s a con artist …

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How ’bout them conflicts of interest!

The New York Times published an extensive article yesterday detailing all the places around the world where Trump has business interests, along with this damning paragraph: What is clear is that there has been very little division, in the weeks since the election, between Mr. Trump’s business interests and his transition effort, with the president-elect …

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People, people, people

Here’s a set of post-election poll results which show that most Americans want Trump to behave in the opposite way to what he said he’d do during the campaign. I've got some bad news for the American people about Donald Trump's policy agenda… — Matthew Yglesias (@mattyglesias) November 27, 2016 So am I to …

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Who’s Betsy DeVos?

Here’s an archive of articles published at the website Talk to Action over the years in which she and her husband and their network were the subject. Who is Talk to Action, you ask? From the website: Talk to Action is a platform for reporting on, learning about, and analyzing and discussing the religious right …

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‘Hail Trump!’: Video of White Nationalists Cheering the President-Elect

At an alt-right conference in Washington, D.C., Donald Trump’s victory was met with cheers and Nazi salutes. Source: ‘Hail Trump!’: Video of White Nationalists Cheering the President-Elect Listen to this three-minute clip. It’s got language you’d swear was spoken at a Nuremberg rally in 1935.

In which the fright-wing amuses me

I assume you’ve all heard the short speech Brandon Dixon and the cast of Hamilton made to VP-elect Pence last night in New York. I also assume you’ve heard that President-elect Trump was not pleased with such effrontery. The Theater must always be a safe and special place.The cast of Hamilton was very rude last …

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