Sep 22

Dodgers Game Thread 9/22/12

The Dodgers’ win last night kept the Reds from clinching the NL Central, but the successor to the Big Red Machine gets another chance today. Any combination of a Reds win or a Cardinals loss gives the Queen City its second division title in three years after fifteen years without one.

Young Mr. Fife takes his 2.49 ERA up against the likes of Votto and Phillips as well as two Old Friends today: Messrs. Paul and Navarro are in the lineup for the Reds. The game is on Big Fox TV.


Ellis, M, 2B
Ethier, A, RF
Kemp, M, CF
Gonzalez, A, 1B
Ramirez, H, SS
Cruz, L, 3B
Rivera, J, LF
Ellis, A, C
Fife, S, P


If you need something to divert you before the Dodgers game, it’s OSU at UCLA at the Rose Bowl this afternoon.