Game 50, 2017

Cubs at Dodgers, 4:15 PM PT, TV: Fox

RHP John Lackey (4-4, 4.82 ERA) goes for the Cubs in this late-afternoon game on Big Fox. His opponent will be the Dodgers’ RHP Brandon McCarthy (4-1, 3.76 ERA). Lackey had a three-game winning streak snapped his last time out when he gave up five runs on seven hits in five innings against the Giants. McCarthy had his best outing of the year in his last start when he went six innings and gave up three hits to the Marlins. He beat the Cubs in April, too. In fact, in four career starts against the Baby Bears he’s 1-1 with a 1.47 ERA, 18 strikeouts and a 1.20 WHIP. But wait! Lackey holds a 1.73 ERA against the Dodgers in 12 career starts!

This day in Dodgers’ history: The source site is unreachable so far today, so here’s an old game.

  • 1955 Oisk lost to The Barber 3-1, giving up all three runs in the 7th and 8th innings. The first was on a home run by Bobby Hofman, a lifetime .248 hitter with 32 career HRs to his credit. Oddly, Hofman was pinch-hitting for Davey Williams, a lifetime .252 hitter who also had 32 career HRs. The second and third runs were provided by the much more notable Willie Mays, who homered with a man on in the 8th.


70 thoughts on “Game 50, 2017

  1. Snakes lost, and Rox are losing 3-0 to Cards (though it’s early at Coors).

  2. If the progression continues the Dodgers will win 6-0 tomorrow but give up an unsightly 4 hits!

    • According to Donnie it’s bad manners to try and score more runs at this point.

    • 5 run lead no sense in using anyone else from the pen if you can help it.

  3. Ross cost himself an extra 12 pitches that inning because of his throwing error – but he did get out of it.

  4. Not sure I would keep pitching the ball up against Schwarber. It worked out anyway.

    • Smoltz was saying that he wasn’t able to handle the ball up and in or keep it fair.

  5. Any reason why McCarthy pulled after 6 innings? He was still under 80 pitches.

    • Habit? Doc pulled him last time at 6 innings and 75 pitches. Except for Klayton, he always seems to pull starters no later than the 7th no matter the pitch count. He wants the pen to earn their salaries.

      • Good point. So he might have been allowed to go one more but not today.

      • Understand that he is getting an MRI on his right knee, where a problem was said to have developed during the 4th. Doc is calling it tendinitis.

  6. So Taylor is still hot. Fun to see! (Catching up on how the scoring happened.)

  7. Why did I think this game started at 8:10pm CT? I missed a lot of action!

  8. The announcer is a little bit silly. Popping up off the bag has always been called, when it has been seen. Like with any play, the review allows it to be seen better than before.

    • I don’t remember anybody coming off the bag when I played nor do I remember Wills having that problem. Players seem to slide later nowadays.

      • I went searching for the earliest known use of the term “pop-up slide” and discovered that Ty Cobb talks about using a “down-and-up” slide in his autobiography published in 1961 and describes it as what we now call a pop-up slide.

        • Maybe some players always use the popup slide but shouldn’t it be reserved for when there is not a close play to avoid coming off the bag? Also, Seager almost got a knee in the mouth as he had to bend over to make the tag in front of the bag only to have the slider popup and bang into a vulnerable defender.

  9. Let’s hope both starters are trending in the right direction.

    Meanwhile, the Cerveceros have knocked Greinke and lead the Snakes 5-0 in an interesting game in Milwaukee. Chase Anderson has thrown 111 pitches through seven.

    Update: game is no longer so interesting after leadoff single in eighth, and Anderson is out of game. Still, go Brewers!