Game 117, 2022

Dodgers at Brewers, 11:10 AM PDT, TV: BSW, MLBN (out-of-market only), SPNLA

LHP Andrew Heaney (1-0, 1.16 ERA) takes the mound for the Dodgers and RHP Corbin Burnes (8-5, 2.39 ERA) does the same for the Brew Crew. While still working back into shape from shoulder soreness, Heaney’s made three starts in August. He hasn’t gone more than four innings in any of them. Burnes has pitched seven more innings in August than Heaney but he hasn’t had much more success, losing the only decision he’s had during the month.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1959 Long time baseball executive Branch Rickey is named president of the newly formed Continental League. The 77 year-old former Dodger general manager is currently serving as an advisor with the Pittsburgh Pirates. (Editor’s Note: Here’s a pretty good book about the Continental League)
  • 1982 In the second longest game in franchise history, the Cubs lose to the Dodgers, 2-1. The Wrigley Field contest, which is played over two days, takes a Dusty Baker sacrifice fly and 21 innings to complete.

On this day in 1967 Jack Hamilton of the Angels threw a fastball which shattered Tony Conigliaro’s left cheekbone. The 22 year-old Red Sox slugger missed the rest of 1967 and all of the following year and never came close to the Hall of Fame potential displayed during his first three seasons.

Lineups when available.

75 thoughts on “Game 117, 2022

  1. Now Devin Williams is what a closer is supposed to look like. No wonder they unloaded Hader.

  2. Dodgers may need another team meeting about not trying to swing for the fences every single pitch.

  3. I have comments that appear, but then disappear, and some that don’t appear at all (no big loss, I guess).

    • What’s new. He needs to stop swinging for the fence on every pitch. Especially with 2 strikes.

    • He definately pitched better than his line is going to look. And he Jumbo Jacked them..

  4. When the Brewers’ executed that sacrifice bunt, they equaled the total number of sacrifice bunts the Dodgers have had this season: one.

  5. We’ve scored 10 runs in this series. Eight of them have come via the homer. So we’re not doing doing much offensively besides that.

    • Things not looking good now. Both of McCutchen’s homers have come with two outs. Dodgers not doing much hitting again today. Worst case: a 4-3 road trip.

      • Still a long way to go. I came into the game just hoping Heaney would keep us in the game. If he goes 5 innings and only gives up 3 runs, that would be acceptable. Offense definately gonna have to get it in gear.

  6. In this series, through three games and three innings of today’s game, the Dodgers are 22-for-115 for a batting average of .191. They have hit seven homers.

    • Foolish endeavor. Six broken ribs. You’re fine unless you cough, sneeze, laugh or do anything drastic. It was hard to get out of bed. Take it from someone who once broke three ribs in five places by falling through a jungle gym type of device at a children’s playground while with my daughter. There was very little that the doctors could do for me.

        • That’s what I had thought. But they didn’t even do that. It was about 28 years ago. I think I was on painkillers.

      • I got broken ribs in a co-ed slow pitch game. I was playing 1B and the throw was into the runner; she lifted both elbows for protection and plowed into my rib cage. It only hurt when I breathed.

  7. Jack Harris in the LA Times:

    The Dodgers have done this song and dance before.
    They’ll have a veteran closer who begins to struggle. They’ll stick with him, for better or worse, down the stretch of the regular season. Then, come the playoffs, they’ll pivot, turning to someone else for ninth-inning situations in the heart of October.

    • I mean they did it with Kenley, but this guy makes it sound like a thing. When else did they do it?

    • They did it with Kenley, but this guy makes it sound like a thing. When else did they do it?

    • I mean they did it with Kenley, but this guy makes it sound like a thing. When else did they do it?

    • They did it with Kenley, but this guy makes it sound like a thing. When else did they do it?

    • Fernando played both LF and RF in that game, as did Bob Welch. The August 17 game was suspended after 17 innings, with the score tied, 1-1. When it resumed the next day, Jerry Reuss took the mound. He pitched the final four innings and got the win. He then started the regularly scheduled August 18 game, went five innings, and again got the win. Those were two of his 18 wins that season, which tied his career high. In the box score below, look how Tommy Lasorda juggled outfielders in the 20th and 21st innings.