Game 114, 2022

Dodgers at Brewers, 2:10 PM PDT, TV: Bally Sports Wisconsin, SPNLA

LHP Julio Urías (12-6, 2.49 ERA) takes the mound for the Dodgers at American Family Field in Milwaukee tonight. He’ll face the Brewers’ RHP Freddy Peralta (4-2, 4.37 ERA). Urías is 10-3 in his last fifteen games with a 2.28 ERA. Peralta will make his third start after missing two months with a shoulder injury. He went 8 2/3 innings in the previous two.

The Dodgers lead their division by a gazillion; the Brewers are 1 1/2 games behind the Cardinals in the NL Central.

Horrible news surfaced today. Buehler will have to undergo elbow surgery after all, which means he’s done for the year.

Better news:

A week ago in Sports Illustrated, a recognition of hope:Cody Bellinger is once again a critical component of the Dodgers

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1914 Brooklyn’s Jake Daubert sets a National League record with four sacrifices in one game. The first baseman’s efforts aren’t enough when the Dodgers drop an 8-7 decision to Philadelphia at Ebbets Field.
  • 1926 When Babe Herman doubles with the bases loaded, three Dodgers wind up on third base. The runner on second rounds third but decides to go back as the runner from first reaches the same base, and a few seconds later Herman slides in to join his two teammates.
  • 1951 With one out in the top of the eighth inning and a runner on third base in a 1-1 tied game, Willie Mays, running at full speed, makes an incredible catch of Carl Furillo’s drive to deep centerfield. After grabbing the ball, the rookie outfielder turns counterclockwise and throws a perfect strike to home to nail a surprised Billy Cox at home to complete the double play. Some believe the catch, in the Giants’ eventual 3-1 Polo Grounds victory over the Dodgers, is the impetus for the beginning of the team’s incredible comeback from an 11.5 game deficit to win the National League pennant.
  • 2006 The Dodgers, with their 4-0 blanking of the Marlins, win their sixth consecutive game and 17th in the last 18 contests. The stretch is the team’s best run since the Brooklyn Superbas went 20-1 in 1899.
  • 2020 Max Muncy hits the first leadoff sac fly in baseball history when he flies out to deep right field, scoring Chris Taylor, the Dodgers’ ghost runner who stole third base on the second pitch of the tenth inning. Angels’ reliever Keynan Middleton, who throws a perfect 1-2-3 inning, is tagged with the loss when the run proves to be the difference in the team’s 6-5 loss in Anaheim.


87 thoughts on “Game 114, 2022

  1. Now in my ninth day of Covid and recovery. It is like a very bad flu. Highlights each day are reading, naps and following the Dodgers. Spending most of my time in the guest room. My wife has been a godsend in taking care of me.

      • Thanks. Try to avoid getting Covid. It is not fun. By the way, my wife and I have now reached Jackie Robinson’s number in our years of marriage.

        • We’ll hit that next year. So far We’ve avoided COVID, but the boosters knocked us back for a day or so.

          • Congrats on your years together. . . I got both vaccinations. My mistake was getting only the first booster, and I paid the price….

          • I had two boosters and got it anyway. Just not too bad, although it took a while for me to feel completely myself.

  2. Everytime I think that Bellinger may have turned the corner, he disappoints. He hasn’t ended a game with a batting average above .220 since May 28.

    • Wants to get him going I suppose. Don’t think that they had the idea of regular platooning in mind with Gallo at this point.

  3. The standings widget got deleted because it had a fatal output error in its code (the sucker was 10 years old and hadn’t been upgraded in about that long). In fact, MLB came down on him for trademark issues, although every newspaper in the country puts the standings in its sports pages. I suspect (as does my host) that the developer never responded to a DMCA request from WordPress, so they just shut it down.

    If you click that “who leads those other divisions” link you’ll be taken to ESPN’s standings page.

    • I wonder if there has ever been a five-strikeout inning. Given passed balls and wild pitches, there is no limit. But that is too existential for me to consider.

  4. If Bellinger hadn’t had that MVP year would we all be as disappointed in him as we are? If he’d just hit about .260 with 25 HRs back then?

    • I’d be delighted with a .260 batting average and 25 homers for him. I doubt if he will ever reach that batting average again. Twenty-five homers are very much in play.

      • Oh, now, sure. But if that’s what he’d hit in 2019 rather than that monster year would our level of frustration and disappointment be as high as it is now?

        • No. But he might have already been replaced. A lot of the reason he is still around is because of what he did in 2019.

      • Coming back from a serious shoulder injury, he deserves some slack – especially since he’s an elite outfielder and the rest of the team is playing so well.

  5. Sorry, but I felt certain that he would fan, not walk or get a hit when the count reached two strikes.

  6. McCutch still plays? And he plays for the Brewers? That caught me off guard for some reason.

  7. Miami’s Sandy Alcantara, who leads the NL in ERA (1.94) is blanking the Padres, 3-0, in the 6th.

  8. The loss of Buehler hurts, particularly when compounded with the loss of Kershaw. However, after Buehler last pitched on June 10, the Dodgers had a one-game lead over the Padres and a 5 1/2 lead over the Giants. Buehler had allowed 21 earned runs in his prior 28.1 innings and had lost two starts in a row. Clearly, there were problems there. The return of May will be important, although he will be on a strict pitch count, Pepiot is in the background with Kershaw a possibility sometime in September. Just no more injuries to starting pitchers. please.

  9. Really unfortunate news about Walker. But I’m glad we’ll get Dustin May back! A strange year – I’m amazed we are doing as well as we are, given all the pitcher issues.

    • There’ll also be other relievers coming back – in particular, Treinen and Brewster.