NLCS Game Four, 2021

It’s gotta be the haircut. He started hitting the moment he cut his hair. Sort of a reverse Samson.

Houston Mitchell in the LA Times on Bellinger’s home run

Braves at Dodgers, 5:08 PM PDT, TV: TBS

The Braves give the ball to RHP Huascar Ynoa (postseason 0-0, 18.00 ERA). He’ll face the Dodgers’ LHP Julio Urías (postseason 1-0, 3.60 ERA). The Dodgers hope that Urías can bounce back from his relief showing in Game Two in which he gave up 2 runs on 3 hits and Atlanta tied and later won the game.

Today in baseball history Gene Tenace hit his fourth home run of the Series in 1972, Orel Hershiser threw a four-hitter to win Game Five and the Series for the Dodgers in 1988 and the Red Sox completed their 2004 ALCS comeback from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees and move on to the World Series.

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252 thoughts on “NLCS Game Four, 2021

      • Hasn’t actual thrown a lot of pitches in the playoffs, so by that score he has been “underworked” until yesterday’s 92 pitches: 72, 59 and 14.

    • At this point finding one “mistake” seems like splitting hairs. The entire team is pretty much playing on fumes.
      Tired arms and cold bats. Whatcha gonna do?

      • Good point. I do think a better or normal rested Urias gives us a better chance in last nights game. But, you are right. if the offense doesn’t show up, it is a moot point.

  1. Not even a murmur of protest in the 9th. Losing Turner took a lot of the fight out of them i think.

  2. I’m going to take the dog around the block and expect see something different when I return.

  3. Six more outs with which to play. Can lightning strike twice? (It did for the Braves for the first two games…)

  4. That inning makes me want to quote Jim Bouton quoting Joe Schulz, but I will refrain out of respect for Rule No. 1.

  5. You know, given how exhausted I am from the tension of the last six weeks of chasing and playing seemingly unending meaningful games, I am not surprised the team is playing tired, as we try to limp over the finish line.

  6. What’s that Dodgers? Still too early to comeback? You want to wait another few innings to make it more dramatic?
    Ok. But don’t wait too long.

  7. I’m at the game, on the reserve level down the right field line. We’ve hit some shots, but right at people. Discouraging. But no hits?

  8. Players that were very bad in one series have come back in the next series and have had a very good one. Trea better hope he gets another series to see if that pertains to him.

    • Currently.

      But man, I still love this Dodger team. There are so few changes I would want them to make between whenever their off season begins and next season begins.

  9. Joc just trying to make contact instead of making a big swing. Lux being too cautious? We saw the Atlanta center fielder charge in on a similar hit and let the ball get past him.

  10. Barring an improbable Sawx comeback, it’s looking like a Dodgers-Asterisks rematch in the Series.