Off-day news

From The Athletic: the Dodgers are actively attempting to create two-way players.

[Right-handed infielder Brandon] Montgomery, 23, is one of several minor-league position players the Dodgers are trying as two-way players this summer, in preparation for a new rule that will next season prohibit position players from pitching unless specific conditions are met or they qualify for two-way status.


President of baseball operations Andrew Friedman indicated the goal was more practical.

“Any time you can have a guy potentially help the team in the batter’s box and on the mound, it’s incredible from a roster-construction standpoint,” Friedman said. “We happen to have a number of guys in our system who have done both well as an amateur. Now it’s about putting them in positions to evaluate and seeing if they can do it at the professional level. If so, obviously the benefits are huge.”

The way the Dodgers see it, only one of a player’s skills needs to be big-league caliber to justify his two-way status. Any usefulness the other provides is a bonus.

4 thoughts on “Off-day news

  1. After last night’s results, Dodgers lead Snakes by 18, Gnats by 19.5, Pads by 22.5 and Rox by 24. For best in NL, they now lead the Barves – who lost last night – by nine full games. For best in baseball, they now trail Yanquis by .003 in a virtual tie, but remain one full game ahead of the Minute Maids (who have a really soft schedule).

  2. Another stupid new rule. I’d like to see Verdugo as a two-way player, though, since he can throw 99. I remember in high school that pitchers were often also the team’s best hitters.

    Meanwhile, Dodgers now lead Snakes by 18, Gnats by 20, Pads by 23 and Rox by 23.5. They are 8-1/2 up on Barves for best in NL. In all of baseball, they lead the Minute Maids – idle tonight – by one game and the Yanquis by 1/2 ( a mere .0002, which will change tonight depending on their good or bad fortune against the Scrub Jays in Canadia).