Game 87, 2017

Diamondbacks at Dodgers, 7:10 PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

The D-Backs try to salvage one game of the series by sending out a left-handed pitcher! It’s true, it’s true! He’s Robby Ray (8-4, 3.06 ERA), who’s going to the ASG by virtue of his fellow players voting him in. Ray is 6-1 with a 1.81 ERA in his last eight starts. The Dodgers, not to be outmaneuvered, send out their own LHP, Rich Hill (5-4, 4.00 ERA), who’s made his last two starts of the year his best ones. In the last one he shut out the Padres for seven innings, giving up just four hits, striking out 11 and walking just one.

Kiké Hernandez is 7-for-18 lifetime against Ray with 3 HRs and five RBI, so expect him in the Dodgers’ lineup.

This date in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1938 At Crosley Field, Yankees’ hurler Lefty Gomez is defeated for the first time in four All-Star starts as the NL wins the All-Star game 4-1. National League shortstop Leo Durocher becomes the first Dodger to start in an All-Star Game and gets a ‘bunt’ home run
  • 1953 In his first major league start, 24 year-old right-hander Al Worthington throws a two-hitter, blanking the Pirates, 6-0. The Giants’ rookie, known as ‘Red’, will become the first National League freshman to throw consecutive shutouts at the start of a career, when he repeats the feat in his next outing, also blanking the Dodgers, 6-0.
  • 2000 Vin Scully, 72, is voted the No. 1 sportscaster of the 20th century by members of the American Sportscasters Association. The Dodger veteran broadcaster’s 51-year career has included play-by-play of 25 Fall Classics and 12 All-Star games.

Lineup when available.

169 thoughts on “Game 87, 2017

  1. Did not follow the game last night at all, so it looks like it was a pretty frustrating game to watch until the end.

  2. just saw some video, 1) that was a half hearted effort to catch Taylor’s winning single, 2) Gee Arizona’s away uniform looks terrible

    • With no outs, fellow probably resigned himself to runner scoring from third even if he managed to catch it.

    • 1) Even if he’d caught it, the winning run would still have scored easily. 2) However ugly the Snakes uniforms may be, nothing can match the hideous orange home jerseys the Gnats wear for Friday games at The Phone Booth To Be Named Later.

  3. Missing Jon’s recaps from Dodger Thought days. Would be fun to read tonight. And most of this season!

    • Good point!
      Remember back when, when they would REALLY struggle after the break? Couple years in a row, I believe.

      • I thought we had (without checking anything). They are several players like Turner who will appreciate the rest. (now wait a minute) 🙂

        • Always worth a check. The mind and the memory tend to over value the bad and under value the good.

      • In the first 10 games after the ASG starting in 2014, the team has gone 6 out of 10, 5 out of 10 and 6 out of 10.

  4. O. My. Gosh!
    I heard the futile 6th and the depressing RISP #s, then had to concentrate on work.
    Now this! Makes you think this really could be a special year! Can’t wait to catch up on the details of the game.

    • Outrageous ninth, including a ball bringing them another, then three walks and three singles for us.

    • Hit lefties, check
      Score runs, check
      Win on the road, check
      Score with runners on base, check
      Beat good teams, check
      Come back when down, check

    • when you said nevermind, I thought he must have grounded into a double play or something like that

    • He might have a bright light but he is a not the brightest bulb himself.

    • I hope I got that right. I will have to track that down to be sure.

  5. Well, he got squeezed on two of those pitches, but whatever. I’ll take it.

  6. Waiting around for the bottom of the 9th. Hoping for a crazy comeback that’s realistically not going to happen.

  7. Maybe putting Lamb so far down on the lineup kind of lulled everyone into to thinking he couldn’t rake the way he does.

  8. After a second look, I realized the pitcher did have a bushier beard. Surprising but true.

  9. So do you think the Dodgers will sign their top draft picks in this year’s draft by the deadline tomorrow?

  10. Frustrating not to score there obviously. But, forced lots of pitches, and keep the lineup moving. Back to the top next inning after Hill’s AB.

  11. Joe Davis said that the Dodgers are 48-0 when leading after 5 innings (best in baseball or perhaps even baseball history).
    But I guess that means they are only 9-29 when not leading after 5.

  12. After CK, Wood and Hill most likely are the Dodgers’ best starters. The last start for all 3–


    Wood 7 3 0 0 2 10

    Kershaw 7 2 0 0 2 11

    Hill 7 4 0 0 1 11

    This kind of excellence is easy to overlook but should be savored.

      • “Lately Hill’s been god” Maybe not quite THAT good. 😉

        Yes, McCarthy has been very solid. Not sure he can get quite where the other 3 have been lately. If he can, so much the better.

        If the starters maintain anything anywhere near this pace, there’ll be a lot less talk of getting starting pitching help by the trade deadline,

        • Since there is empirical evidence for Hill’s existence, I agree that he cannot be a fictional being.

  13. Edited slightly in deference to Rule 1–

    twitter exchange between Dylan Hernandez and Chad Moriyama

    I know it’s early July and the gap is only 4.5 games, but this division
    race feels as if it’s over. The Dodgers are the better team.

    CM: Dylan, with all due respect my man, shut the f**k up please.

    DH:Can’t win. I’m critical of the Dodgers, people get mad. I’m positive, people get madder. #PositiveDylan #ConfusedDylan

    CM: The Curse Of The Los Angeles Times is real.

  14. Don’t know which is accurate nor have much way or time to research it, but a couple places lately have said this team has the widest run differential (or second widest) of any team in baseball since 1944. We could be witnessing some seriously good Dodger history here.

  15. Rox lose agains, to Rojos, and are now eight games behind Dodgers. Gnats lose again, to Tigres, and are now 23.5 GB.

  16. JT is in. Most votes ever for a meaningless election! I am really glad for him, I must say.

    • Chicago apparently all set to rest another 108 years for another WS championship and see no need to get excited again this year. I thought they would have tried harder to vote Bryant into the All Star game.

  17. YALHP. Bring him on. At 17-9 against southpaws, Dodgers are best in the majors.