Game 155, 2016

Rockies at Dodgers, 6:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM, MLBN (out-of-market only)

This will be Clayton Kershaw’s (11-3, 1.79 ERA) fourth start since his return from the DL. In his previous three he’s gone from two earned runs allowed in three innings to zero in five, and then zero in six. In his last start he threw 88 pitches, so he’s close to fully recovered from his back problem (we all hope). Opposing him will be Chad Bettis (13-7, 4.79 ERA), who is on a roll himself: he’s given up three earned runs or fewer in every start he’s made in the last month.

In case you missed it, here’s Kirk Gibson doing commentary on Vinnie’s call of his 1988 World Series Game One home run.

Lineup when available.

98 thoughts on “Game 155, 2016

    • I think the perfect script is for the Dodgers to win the title with their own victory tomorrow . . . and Vin calling it!

      • Good question. I don’t actually know, but it feels about even. Lost the first four, then won several, lost another, and one and one so far this past week. So, let’s say six and six?

  1. If the Giants end up losing their game, Grant Brisbee’s column would be one for the ages.

  2. Well, now the Dodgers don’t have to donate a run to the Padres. The Rockies can air mail their run.

  3. Dodgers trying to recreate the 18-4 score that Vin saw almost 80 years ago. Maybe he will be a Rockies fan when he retires.

  4. It’s been like water flowing downhill the last several games for the Dodgers. So easy. Wish it would be this good throughout October.

  5. Kershaw should be good for one more inning. Outside shot at 2, but I don’t see Roberts pushing it at this point.

  6. Hi all. Checking in, as I watch and exercise. Kershaw really looking great, considering it’s still only his third outing after the long long break. Mixed feelings about San Diego game, since I’d love to be at the stadium for the clinch, and I’m there tomorrow for Vin’s last game. (I don’t even like typing that…)

        • Good point — and I really believe Kersh has the big picture in mind.
          Depends on the pitch count.

          I think Roberts has done an incredible job with all the injuries this team has endured . . . and his first year, in such a spotlight!

          • I am impressed with Roberts as well. I also give credit to the FO for obtaining the incredible depth that has allowed the Dodgers to endure all the losses they have suffered.

          • As maligned as they have been, that’s a good point. Dave can only work with what he has.

            And credit to the team for stepping up when Kersh went down, the exact turning point. Do we know if there was a team meeting around that time? I believe it also coincided with JT hitting.