Game 156, 2016

If the Dodgers win today they will clinch a playoff spot. They would also clinch if the Giants lose down south in San Diego, but I suspect they’d rather win out themselves.

Rockies at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ROOTRM, MLBN (out-of-market only), KTLA

They’ll put RHP Brandon McCarthy (2-2, 3.63 ERA) on the hill to face LHP Tyler Anderson (5-6, 3.58 ERA). This has been a year of mixed results for McCarthy; on the one hand he came back from the Tommy John surgery he had in 2015 and had five pretty good starts for the team beginning in July. Then he suffered stiffness in his right hip which caused him to lose control of his fastball and issue walks by the bucketload in his next four starts. He gave up 17 walks in just 11 2/3 innings in that period. The Dodgers hope he’s recovered. He’s taking the place of Rich Hill, who was to start this game but is being given more time off in hopes his blister troubles will go away before the playoffs begin.

Anderson is finishing up an excellent rookie season in which he’s struck out 98 in 108 innings and achieved an ERA+ (park adjusted) of 137, meaning 37 percent better than league average.

Lineup when available.

243 thoughts on “Game 156, 2016

  1. Jon has put up a rumination on the playoff roster. Along with his guess at locks (20 in all), at this point I would go with McCarthy as the 4th, Avilan and Urias as additional pen lefties to match up against Murphy and Harper, Barnes for his versatility (frees up Ruiz for offense), and Dre as a game changer PH against the predominately right handed Nat’s pen.

    • I too would go with McCarthy, but I’d like to see him get another start before season’s end. I’m not sure Dre’s shown enough to make the roster, but he’s a sentimental choice.

  2. On to the next, the series in SF in particular. Depending on how things go, it could be pivotal for both knocking the giants out of the playoffs and catching the Nats for HFA. Was offered tix to tonight’s Nats, but off to Uruguay for a week in the campo. Would have been weird in any event as I am now rooting for them to lose everything moving forward. Go Snakes!

    Grant doesn’t begrudge Vin.

      • To the north and the farms of friends near Tacuarembo and Mello. Looking forward to the lovely drive back along Cerro Largo to 33. Will spend some time in Montevideo and Punta as well.

        • I haven’t to that area for some time, but it’s really pleasant. There are some good new wineries near Punta and, of course, world-class food at José Ignacio.

          • Drove once from 33 to the coast and ended up using a lot of farm roads. The Atlantic coast is quite lovely with the sand dunes at Cabo Polonio and La Paloma.

  3. Andrew Baggarly of the SJ Mercury-News on the Gnats’ season: “They have not plunged in the standings so much as sunk into them like a tar pit, and as any wooly mammoth would tell you (if it could), trying harder to escape only compounds the problem.”

    • As far ahead as they were, they are now behind.
      The change was as drastic as a basketball game . . . one reason why I don’t like b-ball games!

  4. Who would have thought we would be in this place when we fell so far behind back in May, then losing Kershaw. What a ride!

  5. My local station has gone to some of their own programming — I should always have it on MLB Audio as a backup!

    • It’s just guys spraying themselves with champagne right now. Not super exciting to be honest.

  6. YAHOO!!!!!
    I heard Charlie call it, and Vin is on my phone but it’s in the past . . . I get to see it soon!

  7. Can’t wait to hear Vin’s call on the video clip. Bet there’s an “Oh my” in there.

  8. Assuming they lose, do they hang in the clubhouse to see what happens at Litter Box? Champagne warming and all.

  9. A disappointing moment even though, in the long run, it’s far less memorable than the entirety of Vin’s career.

      • I thought that might have been the case. SportsnetLA didn’t show it and Vin didn’t say a work about it. All I saw on TV was Vin coming back to the booth from a side door smiling and waving to the crowd.

  10. New fun scenario.
    SF wins in SD.
    Dodgers tie up this game and send it to extra innings, where they finally win in the bottom of the 15th.
    Dodgers win and more Vin!

  11. Arenando scares me the way Goldschmidt usually does when AZ plays LA. Less this year of course with Goldie.

  12. I was just thinking that the Dodgers could bring in Urias sometimes as a designated pick-off the runner pitcher.

  13. Not to be too picky, but . . .
    Steiner said McCarthy exited “stage left.”
    But the Dodgers have the 3rd base dugout, right? So that’s stage right.
    (Always one of the first lessons with a class when we’re doing their skit — ‘It doesn’t matter where you perform, you just need to know where the audience is.’)

  14. Hi all. Very very hot here in the stadium. McCarthy looking sharp. Too bad two of the big hits were back-to-back.

  15. Suddenly McCarthy is two outs from a QS — good news no matter what the outcome.
    Roberts et. al will have the kind of trouble you want in deciding on the playoff roster.

  16. I was thinking earlier today how the homestand started with an exciting walk off against the Giants. Perhaps another thrilling win would be appropriate for today as well.

    • Indeed — but a boring win would be thrilling to clinch the division!
      I just realized that with Vin not going to SD, this is the best chance for him to proclaim the Dodgers West winners. (I’m hoping it doesn’t come down to being in SF!)

  17. I’m hoping that won’t be the last I hear of Vin today.
    And I hope I get to hear him proclaim the Dodgers winners of the West.

  18. Good job, Puig.
    Always nice to hear about a long fly ball with runner at 3rd, less than 2 outs . . . even better if it carries!

  19. Cooch is finally hitting, but it seems unlikely he would start any games in the playoffs nor be used as a PH.

  20. From the “I Want To Be As Optimistic As Dave” Dept. —
    Any word on if Vin’s last inning today will be simulcast on the radio?