Game 140, 2016

Dodgers at Marlins, 4:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-F, MLBN free game (out-of-market only)

Today marks the return of Clayton Kershaw after 75 days or so of inaction while he recovered from a herniated disk in his back. He was having a career year (11-2, 1.79 ERA) before the injury, which is saying something considering how good his first 8 years were. His opponent will be the Marlins’ own ace, Jose Fernandez (13-8, 3.03 ERA). Fernandez is even better at home: 10-2 with a 1.91 ERA at Marlins Park this year.

Chase Utley, who’s played 177 games against the Marlins in his career, has hit 30 HRs and gotten 125 RBIs against them.

Lineup when available.

123 thoughts on “Game 140, 2016

    • Both SF and LA are very close, and rank in the top 5 in the NL, as regards to being elderly, both for batting and pitching. Atlanta is surprising high in batting, given that they are supposedly rebuilding.

      • The difference is that the Dodgers have a lot of young talent knocking on the door, while the Gnats have almost none. Their farm system is fallow.

    • I’m gonna do something else – left early from the A’s game – but I’d like to read about a walkoff in the morning. Who’s got the worse pen – the Gnats or the Dbags?

  1. Seems like I missed several hours of sadness and disappointment.
    How did Kershaw do? How did he look?

      • Thanks.

        Pitching against NYY in NY won’t be a picnic either.

        Too bad Vin didn’t make one last trip to NY to announce that series.

      • Not bad. University just started this week and the student group community that I oversee doesn’t have their kick-off event until next weekend but I wanted to host a casual “soft opening” evening. 8 students came – including 4 who are only 3 days into their university career.

        Everyone made their own pizza with their own toppings on a naan bread crust – so hopefully everyone was happy.

  2. I know that Fernandez is very good, but I wonder if there was a subtle letdown by our hitters tonight because of the return of Kershaw and the expectation that he would be brilliant as usual.

    • He WAS Rookie of the Year in 2013. Then he had TJ surgery in 2014 and spent a lot of 2015 on the DL too. This year he’s been healthy all season.

  3. Clayton didn’t want to shake hands with Roberts in the dugout, I think he disagreed with the ‘that’s enough’call

  4. Clayton makes history, only player to ever have 150 strikeouts and less than 10 Walks in a season, ever (I think that’s what they said)

  5. I am going to see the Marineros and the Atléticos this evening, so I’ll only be checking the score on Gameday. So it’s up to you to nurse Kershaw through a quality start.

  6. Sorry in advance if I over commentate, I’m just very excited. I don’t think I’ve been this excited over a Dodgers game since I saw them live in Sydney

  7. I see that Stanton is not in the Miami lineup. Is he injured? He is 3-for-12 career vs. Kershaw with two home runs.

  8. I have a bunch of people coming over tonight for a dinner party. I’m torn between sneaking peaks at the game when I can or trying to wait and watch it right from the start after everyone leaves and the game is done.

    • I would say longer – he continued throwing after last week’s start in Rancho – but it may depend on circumstances.