Game 127, 2016

Giants at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CS-BA

The Dodgers send rookie RHP Ross Stripling (3-4, 4.04 ERA) out to face the Giants for the first time since his MLB debut when he pitched 7 1/3 innings of no-hit ball on April 8 of this year.

Moore (7-10, 4.18 ERA) was acquired by the Giants at the trade deadline last month. He’s made four starts, walked 22, struck out 17 and posted a 4.70 ERA in 23 innings for them since then.

A-Gon is on a 17-game hitting streak. Utley has a sore foot and may be replaced by Kendrick at 2B. Howie is 6-14 with a double against Moore over his career.

Lineup when available.

113 thoughts on “Game 127, 2016

  1. Any opinions on whether or not the FO will consider bringing Puig back up? I hear he’s hitting the cover off the ball.

  2. I woke up this morning still sad about AJ, but also mad. The FO could have handled this so much better. No opportunity for fans to say thank you to AJ, no opportunity for the players to process before facing their toughest rivals. There must be a better way. Why not at least wait until after the Giants/Dodgers series to make the trade? I realize we are facing two more lefties this weekend, but does that truly supersede any consideration of AJ’s, Kersh’s, the team’s and the fans’ feelings? I guess we shall see.

      • Interesting. I wonder if they will play him more than we did? But I think he would have rather stayed where he was, and seen where this year took us. Certainly, I would have preferred that. Let’s hope the FO doesn’t rue the day. Like Joni says, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t what what you’ve got ’til it’s gone?…”

    • I blame Grandal for his surge that has made him a key offensive player at this point,magnifying the drop off when Ellis started. Indeed, Doc has gone more and more to Yas, even against lefthanders, and he has responded. Problem is that he is getting too much work at this point, AJ has only started nine games since the ASG because of Doc’s reluctance in using him. Along with being overworked, the risk of injury to Grandal and not having a real fallback must have been in the FO’s mind when they accepted to let AJ go to pick up Ruiz.

    • Hard to fathom that he missed April – Aug and may be able to return for September. Seemed for so long like he wasn’t going to play at all this year.

  3. What a gut wrenching day. Wow! The fans and team dealing on our side with the loss of the beloved AJ. Bochy winning with a mid-season acquired pitcher finally showing his stuff after 4 less than stellar starts, but agonizing over leaving him out there to eventually throw 30% more pitches than he is used to with his reconstructed arm. Did I mention that Stripling, he of the 7.1 innings no-no against these very giants, on the mound for the Dodgers? The Dodgers not doing Bochy or Moore any favors by running up the pitch count and waiting until the last possible at bat to dash the hopes for the no-no with Seager, on his bobblehead night, flaring a single. The giants win (giants win, giants win…), but we won the battle?

  4. I crawled out from under the earth’s crust this morning to see how we did and I guess not so well.

  5. Almost would have laughed if Moore had to run the bases this inning. Of course that might have been easier for him than sitting by himself in the dugout.

  6. Dodger bats and batters clearly staging a one day protest over the AJ trade.

    Oh goodness, I certainly hope it’s only one day…

  7. This is a stupid game tonight. Just stupid. Stupid.

    Yes I am 4 years old and know but don’t care that it’s not nice to say the word stupid.

      • Nope pretty sure it’s stupid. For example, JT and his normally fine fielding – decides not to catch a soft liner, let’s it bounce instead, tries to make a bare handed play and messes up. Which eventually allows SF to score another run.

        • And ps WBBsAs – it’s a losing game trying to correct an obstinate 4 year old. You have logical reasoning on your side, but 4 year old are immune to that line of thinking.

  8. Suddenly, winning 1-0 yesterday is more troubling. Feels like the beginning of a power outage for the Dodger offence. Right before they transition from playing the worst team in baseball* to the best**.

    *Arbitrary end points
    **Also arbitrary end points.

  9. Seems like your luck from earlier in the season is coming back to haunt you. Dodgers need to metaphorically roll an 11 to get back in this one. Or at least get a hit.

      • It’s weird. I’m sitting at home watching the game, listening to Vin and am not enjoying it. And it is only partly because of the game. Mostly stunned and saddened about AJ. Hmmph I’m angry with the FO to be honest.

    • I had forgotten that line from earlier. Which is kinda good cause I guess it means you haven’t said it recently.
      But ya not happy tonight. I get it.

  10. From Dustin Nosler on Dodgers Digest: “My brain likes this trade (borderline loves it). My heart hates it.”

  11. I was hoping AJ could just finish out the year as a Dodger and retire. I really liked the guy. I hope he comes back to the organization this winter as a coach.

  12. Might as well bring Puig back. Just going with best players without regard to intangibles.

  13. Thursday 8/25 10:10pm
    Ross Stripling (R)
    vs. Giants – Matt Moore (L)
    1. Enrique Hernandez (R) CF
    2. Howie Kendrick (R) LF
    3. Corey Seager (L) SS
    4. Justin Turner (R) 3B
    5. Adrian Gonzalez (L) 1B
    6. Yasmani Grandal (S) C
    7. Rob Segedin (R) RF
    8. Ross Stripling (R) P
    9. Charlie Culberson (R) 2B

    • The real pity is that A.J. had to back up mediocre veterans during his prime. That’s not to suggest that he would have been an All-Star, but certainly an upgrade on washouts like Barajas. That’s the fault of the McCourt regime.

      I expect that A.J. would have been gone in the off-season anyway – Barnes is the logical backup to Grandal, though Ruiz could be more valuable in the short term. After his playing career is over, I expect A.J. returns to the Dodgers in some capacity.

      • It’s almost a wonder if AJ just thought about retiring instead of doing the trade.

        • If he had, might not be welcoming arms for him to return to the Dodgers in the future.

      • This trade makes me want to cry. I love AJ so much. I want him back! Wahhhh. (If we go all the way, does he share in the spoils?)

        • RBI, I believe the players vote who all get what % of a share . . . and I’m sure they will include him!

          AJ is quoted as saying “but that’s gone in a blink of the eye, without a chance to feel finality to it, and it rips your heart out,” — never played MLB, but I’ve had relationships like that!

          Agree with what’s said above — he was a class act and it’s a shame, but I think the move bolsters the team.

          • Was it not AJ that was quoted about the Dodger post season share only amounting to $11.00 per player because of the number of players they have had to use?

    • Certainly not an elegant way to ease out the beloved AJ, and for Ruiz the nemesis of all people! But, great trade.

  14. I expect that, v. a LHP, Utley would probably get the day off anyway. He did against BadGums on Tuesday.

    • Probably, if only to have an excuse to get him out and make him rest his foot. Moore, however, isn’t the sort of lefty that has big splits, like Bum.