Game 128, 2016

Cubs at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, ABC7

Bud Norris (6-10, 4.69 ERA) goes for the Dodgers against Mike Montgomery (4-5, 2.69 ERA) of the Cubs. Norris’s last start was only 3 2/3 innings when he gave up six runs on seven hits and four walks. Montgomery made his first start for the Cubs his last time out; he went 4 1/3 innings and gave up one run on 60 pitches. He came over from the Mariners at the trade deadline.


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    • Unfortunately the accompanying video is all about the dingers and doesn’t show the actual wild pitch. The target was low and inside, but the ball was outside at the level of the batter’s head. Doesn’t fit the narrative, but that was a wild pitch. Would AJ have caught it? Who knows? Does the runner score on the subsequent fly ball in any event?

      • Ha ha. Thanks Bob – way to remember my crazy musings about that! As for last night – and even in general – I realize to a lot of what I post in the moment is emotionally driven. (Or to get a laugh, but that’s another story.)

        And even last night I knew it would be pointless to figure out how AJ would have handled it, but rather was trying to guess if Grandal would have gotten up there to get it. I don’t disagree in the wildness of the pitch – just wondering in the moment if it could have been stopped from getting behind the catcher.

        • It was an interesting point on the height issue and I spent some time trying to see if there was anything on the internet on the topic. All I found was something on framing, which concluded that the catcher’s height was not determinate. Guess that the data would be hopelessly muddled, because WP and PB come in all shapes and sizes

          • Love the research you do. It adds so much to the conversations we have on here. Always good to have a voice of reason during the season as well!

  1. Offense at least bounced back. Unfortunately, that’s only one aspect of the game.
    Cubs are very good. (In Kris Bryant, Vegas may have another MLB player who was ROY, then MVP — after Bryce Harper.)

      • I’m not sure who said it, but it’s true — we root for laundry.

        Brian Wilson is the most recent example of cheering (or at least tolerating) someone we formerly detested . . . both reactions because of the uniform worn.

        In the case of an AJ, or a Chase Utley (look at the reaction he received in Philly), the player will remain beloved no matter what laundry they wear.

  2. I wonder which is worse: adding a player that has lots of issues (Chapman, for example) or losing someone everyone loves (AJ)?

  3. The hit was off Kenley as were the two WP. (Heyward would have scored on the fly ball in any event).

  4. Can’t help but feel like this goes back to messing with our team chemistry. Magical thinking, I know, but there it is.

  5. I wasn’t expecting to win this before it started, but now I’m crushed that we will probably lose.

  6. The combination of Baez, the human rain delay, and a bunch of foul balls by Heyward has certainly slowed things down.

  7. I don’t think Norris is pitching this well – the box score at has him at 64 pitches – and 62 strikes!

  8. Utley’s double would have been so sweet instead of Reddick’s strikeout last inning.

  9. Barves have blown big opportunities in each of first two innings, and trail Gnats 3-0.

  10. The Cubbies have a less than formidable line up, when you just look at BA and you wonder how they score so many runs. And then you look at OBP and SLG.

  11. Nice to get a break from the intensity of the series with the giants. So, what do we get, the Cubbies! Jeez.

  12. Tonight would be a fine night for both Hernandez and especially Reddick to start hitting. Otherwise, this lineup has several big holes in it.

  13. I’m hopeful that in 3 weeks or so our rotation will look more like: Kershaw, Hill, Maeda, McCarthy, Kashmir. Getting a bit tired of Bud.