Game 90, 2016

Padres at Dodgers, 4:15PM PT, TV: Fox

Brandon McCarthy makes his second start for the Dodgers after a year off recovering from surgery; he won his first start while going five scoreless innings. He’ll face the Padres’ Luis Perdomo (3-3, 7.93 ERA), whose last two starts have been quality ones.

Lineup when available.

36 thoughts on “Game 90, 2016

  1. Between wineries and an early dinner in Healdsburg, I didn’t get to see a single pitch, though I followed most of the last few innings on Gameday (except the ninth, when it appears Jansen was very efficient).

  2. Nice to get to 50 wins. Dodgers remain the best non-division leading team in MLB.

    • Except for Boston who are percentage points better than the Dodgers.

  3. Our 20-year-old 27″ family room TV has died. It’s about 6 feet from my bed-confined mother, so a 60″ flat screen would be way too big. In addition, there are floor-to-ceiling windows behind the corner where the TV lives, so I can’ t hang anything on a wall. I have to put it on the existing stand, probably on a pedestal, which should be raised about 6″ to be visible past the footboard. Who’s got ideas and brand names I should look at?

    • Oh man. I really thought McCarthy was still in there. I swear sometimes I think Roberts wants the bullpen to be worn down. Why not have one more inning from McCarthy? He was still under 80 pitches.

  4. Well that inning started with a great deal of promise. Glad we were able to score one run anyway.

  5. The daily drama of whether or not Seager can hit .300 or higher on the season.

  6. McCarathy clearly not as sharp tonight. Don’t slump on the hitting Dodgers.

  7. The Dodgers will consider dealing Yasiel Puig before the August 1 deadline, Rosenthal suggests. Whether they actually do deal him could depend, however, on the timing of Andre Ethier’s return and whether they acquire another outfielder.

    I guess Ethier and or Toles could be that outfielder. Ethier, Toles, Pederson could platoon with SVS, Kendrick, Thompson with Puig gone. Would it be for rotation help?

    • I for one don’t have enough faith at this point in SVS regaining and Thompson sustaining their contributions to deal away a righthanded hitting outfielder, who has put up almost OPS .900 since returning from the DL.

    • He sounds definitive but I don’t know why. They just had to bring Toles up, so why would they consider dumping Puig, who’s cheap at $6M per year and is an electrifying player when he’s healthy and is trying hard to be a good teammate this year?

      • Interesting what he said about Cody Stanley. Could these guys really not understand how/why they are testing positive?

    • This is the not the time to trade him. He’s finally found patience at the plate. (Although his fielding is inconsistent lately… But today’s catch? Spectacular.)

  8. Could a team ( Cubs) that was this good for 67 games (peaking 27 games over .500 at 47-20) really be this bad for three weeks (5-14, the worst N.L. record since then)?

    • I believe they were playing slightly above their heads, but they still have the talent to recover from this swoon.

  9. First comment in a while last thread, but I LATd myself by 15 minutes. ;-[) Try, try again:

    Haven’t been able to comment much here for a good while. Doesn’t look like that’s likely to change much soon. Have kept on top of things, tho.

    Question for those with eyes about the Kazmir mystery. Disregarding the almost-meaningless 7-3 W-L record, you’d think someone with this partial stat line

    97.2 IP 90 H 15 HR 39 BB 106 K .241 BAA 1.32 WHIP might pitch to better than a 4.52 ERA and go much deeper into games.

    From some quotes I’ve seen his mental game and focus may not be the best. Averaging over a K per inning says his stuff is good. There was hope he’d fixed his first-inning troubles with a simulated inning before taking the mound start before last when he did do better. Then last
    night, pffftttt.

    Does he just lose command all of a sudden and groove pitches, as the dinger total might indicate? Other ideas? He really needs to step up and go deeper in games. But, pfffftttt