Game 91, 2016

Padres at Dodgers, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Kenta Maeda (7-6, 3.07 ERA) goes for the Dodgers and Christian Friedrich (4-4, 4.42 ERA) for the Friars. Friedrich’s had a rough last month, giving up at least four earned runs in each of his past four starts. This after giving up only eight earned runs in all of his first six. Maeda had his worst start of the season his last time out against the Orioles, lasting just four innings and allowing four runs on seven hits.

Lineup when available.

Vinnie is taking the day off.

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    • Logjam of starters with Anderson lurking out there as well. Wood to the pen as they watch how McCarthy and Ryu do? Norris? As for the pen, itself, Yimi on his way back. Baez and Fien have options and Hatch is everyone’s favorite DFA candidate at this point.

      • Hopefully, some of these guys will be able to go a bit deeper into games now.

  1. Jon’s take on the pen’s vital role in the team’s bounceback:

    “Dodger relievers lead the Major Leagues with a 2.83 ERA. They lead the Major Leagues with a 1.02 WHIP.

    “In fact, as Dodger broadcaster Joe Davis pointed out, the Dodger bullpen’s opponents batting average of .192 is currently the lowest in modern baseball history. The team’s WHIP is the lowest in NL history.

    “That’s extraordinary.”

    • Ha! I noticed when the organist played “Let It Be” when Bucky was contemplating whether the challenge the call or not.

  2. I know we are too hip and cool to care but Seager is over and out in the HR derby. Lost 16-15 in the first round. I’m guessing some hitters won’t even get to 15 in their rounds.

    • The derby, at least, doesn’t pretend to be anything more than an exhibition.

      • Good point. And to be honest, my 10 year old – and the 10 year old in me – enjoyed watching Stanton absolutely mashing the ball.

        • The game itself is utterly unwatchable, and I won’t even bother to check Gameday.

          • I enjoy watching the game for the interactions among the players and to see AL guys. What I can’t stand is that it determines home field for the ASG. (BTW, I would have had Seager face Miller, who was struggling a bit).

          • Frankly, the most routine spring training game is more absorbing than the ASG – at least, at spring games, individual players have something at stake.

          • Now, though, the point is to get everybody into the game. Nowadays, you’d pull Willie Mays after the third inning.

          • Bud’s idea was actually meant to reduce playing players just because they are on the roster. Doesn’t seem to have worked out that way.

          • The roster is already far too big. The requirement to choose one player from every team is absurd. So is choosing every player from one team, as Cubbie fans did this year.

      • Guessing that other than Kershaw and Seager the Dodgers are probably willing to discuss trading players if it is to their advantage (Kemp was always supposedly on the trading block and it did happen eventually) Trading offense for pitching however, wouldn’t make much sense in the short term, as the team ranks fourth in runs allowed, but only 11th in runs scored and appear to have a full stable of starters even before Wood and Anderson return, and with Kershaw back soon (Maeda, Kazmir, McCarthy, Norris, Ryu). Might imagine that they could look for reinforcements in the pen, but the answer for now seems to be to have Urias out there.

        • BTW, running ledger for Kemp (WAR 0.3) and Grandal (2.4) on contributions to their teams since that trade.

      • So is it frowned upon to make trades during the All Star break, like it is with a World Series?

  3. I missed today’s game again, but had some good wine and barbecue in Sonoma. It sounds as if Kenley struggled a bit.

  4. Ready to pull out my hair over Bumgarner’s performance so far. Muy interesante over 7.

    • Thank you, Jake Lamb, but you and your teammates should be doing so much more!

  5. Whew! See Everyone after our All Star break. It is not really an All Star game anyway, It is really The Cubs vs the AL.

  6. I’m sure Kenley feels differently, but I would be just as happy to have him not pitch in the ASG. But I would expect he will get in the game.

    • Agreed. Wonder how long Joc will be out for? Will he be back before Ethier?

      • Conflicting reports on how serious the injury is, so I am not sure if he will beat Either back.

  7. Seager cooling off a bit this past week. Perhaps a rest will do him some good (much reduced because of his ASG involvement – but still).

  8. Another wasted opportunity. I hope Maeda has enough left in his tank to get us through a couple more innings.

  9. Hard to believe that is only Gonzo’s 7th HR. But great to see him coming back alive along with some of the other vets.

  10. Great inning and wonderful start to the game for Maeda.
    And now back to leaving a couple of runners on base.

  11. I dislike leaving a runner on third, but at least we were able to manage a run out of all of this.

    • Just going to say: 4 LOB through 2 innings is just 2 under the maximum – that’s a lot.

      • And now 6 LOB through 3 innings. They are on pace for 18 through 9 – or (“hopefully”) 16 through 8.

  12. Kendrick has really been hitting hot recently. Love how this team has been getting stronger even through all the injuries.
    Also, it helps to play the Padres.