Game 36, 2016

Cardinals at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN (out-of-market only)

Tonight’s pitchers: The Cardinals’ Michael Wacha (2-3, 3.12 ERA) will pitch against the Dodgers’ Ross Stripling (0-2, 3.82 ERA). They were teammates at Texas A&M for three years and were each drafted in 2012. That winter they even roomed together and they work out together in the off-season. Knowing how these things work, they’ll probably try to beat each other’s brains out on the diamond tonight.

Wacha has lost his last three starts and Stripling’s most recent was the best since his first of the year. In those starts the Cards’ pitcher has given up four home runs which cost him dearly. The Dodgers’ home run production seems to be picking up a little, so maybe…

Lineup when available.

90 thoughts on “Game 36, 2016

  1. Nice to wake up this morning to a Dodgers’ win, but then I realized I could have watched the game on Fox Midwest last night. I already have a post it note up to remind me tonight.

  2. It was a sloppy game, but nevertheless interesting. I can’t recall ever seeing such a good-hit, no-field shortstop as Aledmys Díaz – unless perhaps José Offerman.

  3. Just saw the game using the MLB summary, which is quite something. Provides the outcome of each plate appearance and video of significant plays.

  4. The Dodgers havent won three in a row since mid-April. Hopefully they can win at least 1 more in this series. No way Cards give up so many unearned runs so it won’t be so easy!

    • I would have given Blanton more rope. Frustrating to have to go to Jansen with a 4 run lead. I know it is a save situation.

  5. Dodgers going for the rare (to this point in the season) win in the first game of the series.

  6. A few more batters for Baez and then bring in Jansen in the middle of the 8th and finish the 9th?

  7. Have Dodgers scored in 5 straight innings before this evening this year? Certainly not often.

  8. Nice little homerun from Puig! He has been hitting the ball hard or long or both in the last couple of games with no success so it is great he is finally rewarded tonight.

  9. On Gameday that last strike did look high. But I don’t completely trust Gameday to show the exact pitch location.

  10. The bullpen will need to be on its game this evening. Need 4 innings of work for them.

    • It took me a few moments but I finally understood the beauty of butter feet (as opposed to butter fingers).

  11. The Dodger hitting and the Cardinal defense are like totally bff’s tonight.

      • Isn’t this just for accounting purposes (i.e to calculate ERA?). I mean, we all make mistakes. A pitcher makes mistakes as well on grooving the ball over the plate.

  12. Yes. It wasn’t pretty or clean but only one run scored. I’m sure Roberts will be able to manage it so Stripling comes out still in front.

  13. Tracye could blow this open with a hit here. Bases loaded and two outs.

  14. Stripling on base for the second time tonight. And now Dodgers have 2 on and nobody out.

  15. The Cards number 8 hitter is hitting way better than the Dodgers number 8 hitter. Actually he is hitting better than any Dodger hitter.

  16. I imagine Stripling would be extra thrilled to get his first MLB win going up against his former roommate.

  17. Not that it has to happen this inning but hope the Dodgers score a few more times because I don’t think the Cards will be limited to one run.

  18. It’s approaching midnight here, and my day included an international border crossing which always tires me out. I’m about to say good night, though I’ll watch a while on the iPad.

  19. The Onion’s “American Voices,” on Obama’s upcoming visit to Hiroshima.

    • When I was on a journalism fellowship in Asia 25 years ago, I took in a game between the Hiroshima Carp and Yomiuri Giants. It started to drizzle. Two elderly gentlemen a couple of rows in front of us had their umbrellas open. My friend and I gently asked them to put them down, and they graciously and apologetically did so. We then offered them our Carp caps to wear to keep their heads dry. They put them on, and we all forgot about it. They left with our hats. Unintentionally.

  20. Nine hours ahead here in Lago Di Como, so best of luck to you all. Like WBBAs I will be checking back in tomorrow.

    • I keep telling my wife to claim her Italian citizenship, so I can be a Tano too.

    • That is an absolutely beautiful spot. We spent some time in Como on a slow trip through Italy nearly 20 years ago when our daughter was 10. She and I played catch with a tennis ball in a piazza, much to the amusement of Italians. Piazza? Hmm, that name strikes a bell. The hovercraft across the lake is great, as is lunch in Bellagio and a walk through that hilly town. See if you can visit the Rockefeller Center in Bellagio. Magnificent grounds.

      • That’s about when my sister-in-law first moved here to a house right on the lake in Carate Urio, a stones throw from Clooney’s place. One of the most beautiful places I have ever been.