Game 33, 2016

Link to Scully interview accompanying above

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN (out-of-market)

The Mets’ Jacob deGrom (3-1, 1.99 ERA) of the Flowing Locks starts against the Dodgers’ Alex Wood (1-3, 5.18 ERA) of the Moussed Pompadour. The right-handed deGrom only has 16 strikeouts in his four starts, which seems low. Lefty Wood would undoubtedly trade his 28 Ks for a couple of wins; he hasn’t had one in his last five starts.

Lineup when available.

103 thoughts on “Game 33, 2016

  1. Gnats bullpen blew three-run lead, but Jays now have serial arsonist Drew Storen on the mound in the bottom of the tenth.

  2. I’ll probably miss tonight’s game again – Uruguay is tiring me out, especially after today’s winery lunch.

  3. Off to see Scherzer vs Zimmermann, but hop to be back when Dodger game starts.

  4. Oh my goodness. Way to go, Trayce!

    Nomar, on the post-game show: “You take off your helmet before you get
    to the plate so they don’t hit you too hard on the head.” I admit I’ve
    wondered why.

  5. If nothing else, we have the top of the order coming up next, whereas the Mets are at the bottom of theirs.

  6. I don’t know what it is going to take to score again. Crazy to think that the 2 run thing looks like it might come into play again.

  7. It is fascinating how frustrating this game is. At least the game is still winnable.

        • More of a line drive rather than a high fly ball (that might have allowed him to go back and tag up), and not that deep in any event.

          • My mistake. I thought I heard it was caught right at the wall. As I said, I was only half listening right then.

  8. Last night, Roberts couldn’t pull the BP pitchers fast enough. Tonight, he rolls the dice with Baez.

  9. No complaints with Woods pitching tonight. My only squabble is he got his hit in the wrong at bat. That was a Ross Stripling effort tonight and I hope we can win to back his start.

  10. My back up plan on a night the Dodger game goes bad quickly is to watch Brooklyn. Got the movie from the local library and have some friends who tell me they loved it.

      • I’m slowly working my way through the best picture nominees from the past year. Feel free to borrow this plan but I’m guessing you may have seen more of them than I already.

  11. It’s sad that Kazmir and Wood both have ERA’s right around 5.50.

      • Yes. I see Gameday just changed that. When I typed it he was listed at 5.45 and Kazmir at 5.54.

  12. Okay – now it is game on. As I mentioned this morning, 2 runs is the dividing line between a win or a loss.

  13. What’s this I see? Two extra base hits, a hit with a runner in scoring position and a run against deGrom!

  14. Vin! Perhaps a bit too much orange and not enough blue on the cover, but I imagine it will be a fun read.

  15. I’m gonna miss this one again, but I’ll expect you guys to do a better job than you did last night.

  16. Utley, 2B

    Seager, SS

    Turner, 3B

    Gonzalez, 1B

    Grandal, C

    Pederson, CF

    Puig, RF

    Crawford, LF

    Wood, P