Game 34, 2016

Mets at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

It’ll be Noah Syndergaard (2-2, 2.58 ERA and 49 Ks) for the Mets and Kenta Maeda (3-1, 1.66 ERA only 35 Ks) for the Dodgers. Syndergaard hasn’t won in his last three starts, while Maeda has lost and gotten no decision in his last two. Something’s Gotta Give.


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    • Sorry WBBsAs. ~ hangs head in shame ~ We should have listened to you when you told us to pitch around Thor. We thought you were joking because he was 0-8 with 6 k’s.

  1. I switched the TV back to SPNLA just in time to hear Orel and Jerry tell me Thor knocked in all four runs with home runs. Last time that happened to the Dodgers it was by Lou Burdette of the Braves. The Milwaukee Braves.

  2. Hurmph. That was a silly loss. 4 rbi’s by the opposing pitcher is a dumb way to lose.

  3. Well, there goes the dreaded 2 barrier. Unfortunately, it looks like it wont help the Dodgers to have broken it.

  4. I would be fine with double, single here. Or single, double would work as well.

  5. I didn’t expect our bats to do much against the Mets, so I am not surprised by these three games . . . thus far.

  6. Three more outs for us to turn this around. Crazy that their pitcher’s offense is what has made all the difference so far.

  7. Hindsight is 20-20, but I wonder why Kendrick, hovering around ,200, was put in the 3 slot tonight against this pitcher.

    • Been on the upswing and hitting .320 since the start of the road trip.

  8. Law of averages says Noah will not get a third home run here. With the bases loaded.

    • Sorry RBI it may still turn around tonight, However, it does look like you will have to wait another night to see them win “at home”.

  9. If there was a fourth out in baseball, I bet it just would have been ‘grounded out to third’

  10. Maeda has outpitched Syndergaard. Except when pitching to Syndergaard.

  11. Just back from seeing Scherzer mow down 20 batters with strikeouts. 80% of his pitches were strikes. (he hit 97 on the radar in the ninth-really pumped up).

  12. So apparently the Pads have no problems with the Cubs. They win both ends of a double-header 7-4 and 1-0. Revenge of 1984.

  13. Corey! Man it would be great if his bat continued to come alive this month,

  14. Maeda only gives up solo home runs. And hits them too so I guess he understands how it happens.

      • Didn’t realize there were so many Met supporters there but on the radio I could hear a fair bit of cheering and was surprised.

  15. Back at the stadium, but I’m afraid it may mean we lose, so pretend I’m at home, ‘kay?

    • So you are comfy on the couch eating some popcorn, remote control in hand. Sounds fine to me. Nothing to worry about at all.

  16. I love the fact that the relatively obscure pitcher named Tom Cheney holds the record for most strikeouts in a game (of any length). He threw 16 innings of 1 run ball and struck out 21. Got to figure that someday that record will be tied or perhaps broken they way strikeouts are on the rise currently. However he did it back in September 12, 1962 and no pitcher has matched or surpassed him yet.

  17. Dodgers doing that leaving runners on base thing again. But it is still good to move through the lineup and cause Thor (as if Noah is not enough of a significant name) to throw extra pitches.

  18. So Bob H – how did you enjoy the Nats/Tigers game? Not much to talk about I guess…

          • You could have been stuck on 19 because the Nats fielder almost caught a foul ball earlier in the inning. The ball landed in the stands and then the batter struck out a pitch or two later.

          • Yeah, Vizquel, Tigers first base coach, was teasing Zimmerman on that one). BTW, saw Vizquel misplay a ball that came his way. He was chagrined when the crowd got on him and pretended to remove a rock in the path which he blamed.

  19. Haven’t been able to comment for a while. But at least wanted to post this gem from Blue Jay manager Gibbons from right after Maeda faced his club . Gives a good idea how Maeda does what he’s doing–

    “”He has a great, late-breaking slider. He lives on the edges,” Gibbons said of Maeda. “His fastball reads 90 mph, but with all the breaking pitches, it plays a lot better than that. He was pretty dominating, he really was. He’s having a [heck] of a year, he really is. It was a heck of a pitched game.”

  20. Storen escapes the tenth, but if the Jays don’t score here I doubt his ability to get through another scoreless inning.