67 thoughts on “Nearly Opening Day

  1. My win – loss prediction for the year 90-72. Where that gets us is anyone’s guess. Thoughts?

  2. Well, Ross as one thing in common with Clayton (never having pitched above AA).

  3. What’s worse than being subjected to GBA, in lieu of “Take Me Out to the Ballgame?” Having Steiner as the vocalist, perhaps?

  4. Opening Day roster announced.

    Starting pitchers: Kershaw, Scott Kazmir, Kenta Maeda, Alex Wood and Stripling

    Relief pitchers: Jansen, Chris Hatcher, J.P. Howell, Joe Blanton, Pedro Baez, Yimi Garcia, Coleman

    Infielders: Adrian Gonzalez, Chase Utley, Seager, Turner, Hernandez, Culberson

    Outfielders: Yasiel Puig, Joc Pederson, Crawford, Van Slyke, Thompson

    Catchers: A.J. Ellis, Austin Barnes

    Disabled list: McCarthy, Montas, Anderson, Bolsinger, Ethier, Grandal, Guerrero, Kendrick, Ravin and Ryu

  5. Via ESPN: Dodgers: 2B Howie Kendrick and C Yasmani Grandal both will begin the season on the DL. Kendrick has a strained muscle in his left calf and Grandal has a right forearm strain.

    • I try not to bemoan or even celebrate too much what happens in spring training. We certainly have a tough row to hoe starting Monday. Even in the best of years we are destined to suffer through at least 70 losses.

    • Well, Lee can console himself with the realization that Trout’s done that to a lot of guys. Trout has been in the league since 2011, every full season since 2012. He’s never finished below 2nd in MVP voting in those four seasons.

      • Yeah, in his four full season since age 20 he has average more the 9 WAR per year. His top four comps in BR are Mickey, Frank, Ken and Hank.

  6. Where is Charlie Steiner? It is Nomar and Orel and some voice that is new to me tonight.

    • Haven’t heard Steiner for some time, and am hoping he’s been abducted, with Dodgers unwilling to pay ransom. The new guy, can’t recall his name, is pretty good.

    • It’s also watchable on MLBTV, and some people say the streaming quality has improved dramatically, though I don’t notice much difference.

  7. Today’s Dodger lineup at Angels:

    Crawford LF

    Utley 2B

    Turner 3B

    Gonzalez 1B

    Puig RF

    Seager SS

    Pederson CF

    Van Slyke DH

    Barnes C

    (Wood P)

  8. We may have lost another member of our group. In my email yesterday I wrote that I didn’t understand why Disqus closed comments when it did. I got this from Audit:

    If you cared enough to make a new post every day, like most bloggers, it would cease to be a problem… Please remove my name from your mailing list.

    • It was pointed out to him before–I know; I did it–that you actually have other things going on that require your attention. And that this blog doesn’t pay you real well. Further, that you deserve credit for stepping up and doing it, not such mindless criticism.

      He either will not or cannot understand. Bon voyage.

    • Wow. That makes no sense to me. You have always been clear about the role of this site, and I have always understood it to be for those of us who grieved the passing of Dodger Thoughts and wanted somewhere to go to keep us from losing our minds during the season. Emphasis on The Season. I am so grateful you are still willing to do this. Otherwise where would I go?

    • Link, even though I know you don’t agree with most if any of my comments, I know that you spend much time and effort keeping this blog alive. I know that most here appreciate it and I hope you continue to do so.
      Bob Hendley– After giving much thought to your last comments to me about a month or so ago I want to make one thing perfectly clear. I was not booted off DT. If you can prove that, then do so or retract that statement. I find it appalling that you would accuse me of such a thing. I get that many do not want me to post here and it is fine with me if that is the case. I think for you to say that I was asked to leave DT is low and not true. Jon never asked me to contact him by email or discussed my behavior here in any way,. If you don;t want me to post here it is your right to say so but to lie is over the top. Please feel free to ask Jon Weisman if you do not believe it. I will not post here for now because most of those here can’t stand criticism of any player or part of the Dodgers organization. Suggesting that something was a mistake or taking the wrong direction is looked upon with disdain to the point of character assassination by lying which is very sad.

      • package, you’re welcome to post here.

        You write this: ” Suggesting that something was a mistake or taking the wrong direction…”

        Not quite right, at least by me. Add the word “Constantly” in front of the sentence and you’ll more accurately describe why I get frustrated with you.

        • Package, I hope you remain a part of this blog in 2016. We need all hands on deck this season.

          And, Link, thanks for your tireless efforts to keep this blog alive. I think it will be more meaningful than ever this year to help us through what I fear will be a trying season for Dodger fans, although I hope that I am wrong. Right now we’re 0-0.

  9. Toronto broadcasters critiquing Phlablo’s contract and his benching for Jeff Shaw’s son.

  10. Heavy blow to the Snakes, A.J. Pollock fractured his elbow. Let’s hear it for depth.

    • Heck of a long time. 28 years is about half the time I have been a fan of the Bums since 1958, when I was a kid on the Islands in 1958.

      • I prefer Bums over the Bums. The Donald and I are different that way. But nice to know I have a long term fan.

      • For me it’s been since 1961, so 28 years is almost half of that. To be fair, the early part of that time really spoiled me.

  11. Law said that Maeda’s arm speed betrayed his pitches, but Albert certainly didn’t see that change coming.

  12. Joc Pederson
    2015 season: .210, .346, .417, .763; K’d 170 times in 585 PA (29.1%) and in 480 AB (35.4%)
    2016 exhibition: .291, .350, .45, .805; K’d 22 times in 60 PA (36.7%) and in 55 AB (40.0%)
    In a small sample, he has a higher batting average and is striking out at a greater rate.

    • Very strange spring numbers as he experiments with different approaches.

      • I like his latest stance with his front foot slightly more closed and his heel on the ground. He no longer takes those deep breaths before getting into the box either. For the first time in awhile, he looks comfortable at the plate.

        Seager on the other hand looks like he hasn’t played too many games of late which of course he hasn’t.

      • Probably now in a better position to assume a managerial role. (Scioscia now in his 17th year!)