Game 1, 2016

Opening Day! Let’s have a little Danny Kaye to start the season off.

Dodgers at Padres, 4:05PM PT, SPNLA, FSSD

It’ll be Clayton Kershaw making his sixth straight Opening Day start for the Dodgers; Don Sutton holds the record of seven. This will be Tyson Ross’s first Opening Day start for any team. Overall it’s the 10th time the Dodgers and Padres have opened against one another.

85 thoughts on “Game 1, 2016

  1. We win! (Thinks back to last year and our victorious post game rituals).

    • Woo-HOO!!! Had to leave at the bottom of the 8th for my writers group, and just got home. I did feel comfortable, though, with a 15 run lead.

    • I can’t believe how bad my bracket was this year. I got almost all my points on the first day of the opening round.

        • With the Nova win, I ended up in the top 3% nationally and DXMachine in the top 10%. Not bad for our small group.

          • Wow, really! I’m stunned considering how trashed my bracket wound up. Shows how wild this tournament was.

            Go Big East!

          • We did real good! Great for the BE, and now Villa can go back to being a hated rival. Two of their main guys, Hart and Jenkins, were snatched out of DC schools from my Hoyas.

  2. Maybe some of the Dodgers heard that it is Vin’s last year and wanted to win on his last Opening Day.

  3. my goodness, we couldn’t have dreamed a better start to the season.
    I don’t care who you are, a multi million dollar player or a parkland amateur, winning brings a great vibe to any team and this will certainly give the team a big boost (until their first loss I guess) 🙂

  4. Jessica Mendoza is very good, but think ESPN needs to replace Boone with someone with expertise in pitching.

  5. Trayce Thompson in for Crawford already. He will get an at bat or two tonight.

  6. Kershaw putting on a show, on the mound, in the box and on the bases! Can recall his Opening Day dinger a couple of years ago (2013 against the giants).

  7. Half way through the first game of the season, and I am already sick of MLB Gameday’s memorable moment sound bites. I thought they might have had some new ones this year, but no such luck.

    • If Joc hadn’t been so quick on the last play, Kershaw would have had an RBI.

  8. Coming into today, Kershaw ‘s opening day numbers included a 7-1 K to walk ratio. After 5 innings, he has 7 k’s and one walk.

  9. In a week I’ll be in Buenos Aires, and Dodger home games will be starting at 11 p.m. (about the time dinner ends).

  10. Sports Illustrated magazine’s preview of the Dodgers. “If they lose him [Kershaw] they’re done.”

    They pick the Dodgers to win the division, beat the Mets in the NLDS and then lose to the Cubs in the NLCS.

  11. And I’m having dinner with my family. I’ll be listening to Vin but not able to comment for a few innings.

  12. will be checking in from time to time around my classes today. At least we have started well

  13. Chase was an All Star not that long ago in 2014. Looking for a bounce back.

  14. I’m in Winnipeg Vin. Thanks for asking. And yes it is a pleasant afternoon!

  15. Feeling excited/nervous. Glad it is Opening Day.

    Actually right now I have a bit of vertigo where I feel like maybe the Dodger will just fall off a cliff this year -despite my 92-70 prediction yesterday, Suddenly, I see how everything could go terribly, terribly wrong.

    Anyway, here is to another season of Dodger baseball.

    • I take some comfort in the fact that almost nothing went right last year and we still won 92 games.

  16. looks like lots of our regular posters are back and ready to go.
    For those who didn’t do it on the last post, (if you wish) what is your regular season prediction, mine was 90-72.