19 thoughts on “NCAA Tournament 2016

    • The broadcasters and analysts keep saying that, but It would have to be a really exceptional performance by the 16 and a horrifically bad one from the 1, I think.

  1. Like I said, “tough” group. Top group in ESPN tourney (minimum of 20 participants, I think) is averaging only 133 points, while we are at 215!

  2. Man, I knew it was a bad matchup, but I expected a little better out of Seton Hall (my alma mater). And I felt really bad for Stony Brook – first time in the tournament and ya gotta face Kentucky after they’ve been undervalued by the seedings.

    • Yeah, I had the Hall going further based on how they closed the season. (Hoya fan that I am)

  3. Leader in the clubhouse after Day 1 but Link you still have more potential points out there than I do. Arizona and Purdue didn’t help me out.

    • Arizona hurt me in the bracket and in my heart. I attended the place for nearly three years.

      My other emotional team is playing right now: Hawai’i v. Cal on TBS.

  4. Just spent all of 4 minutes choosing my picks. I have not followed US college basketball at all this year. But it is fun to be really random with the picks!

  5. Link – that is so generous of you to put up $5000 for one of us to win! (jk)