Take THAT, Marlins and Mattingly!

I missed this back when news first hit that the Marlins banned facial hair and Mattingly (he of the exceptional mustache when he played for the Yankees) agreed to enforce it, but the American Mustache Institute reacted with sorrow at that horrific turn of events.

“The entire episode marks yet another dark chapter in the way the Mustached American community can often be treated,” said Dr. Adam Paul Causgrove, chief executive officer of the American Mustache Institute. “But we will continue to fight for those who have no representation and firmly push our agenda, making the case of the power of facial hair and all that it brings to all walks of life.”

I share Dr. Causgrove’s dismay.

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      • A little black humor about Dre’s news, from comments elsewhere:

        “Carl Crawford must be dancing for joy.”


        “If he dances too enthusiastically I’m sure he’ll pull or tear something.”

  1. From a Gnatblog:

    Hey, it’s just Spring Training; no need to worry about these starting pitcher ERA’s yet right?):

    Smudge: 8.53
    Peevy: 8.53
    BadGums: 10.57
    Gnatt Cain: 10.12
    Cueto: 16.62

    (Edited for spelling and punctuation)

  2. In all the player moves, where’s the DFA for Jamey Wright? He’s showing nothing except BP for opposing teams.

  3. Also Gurnick, on the position player side of the hospital ward:

    PHOENIX — “Add Scott Van Slyke to the list of the Dodgers’ walking wounded, as he was scratched from Sunday’s game with a mild hip flexor. Manager Dave Roberts said Van Slyke will miss two more days and return on Wednesday.”

  4. For the South American travelers and the economists/bankers (if any) among us, a fascinating story about an economist who did important work in the 1970s theorizing why Brazil had not developed into a modern society sooner and why its society was so unequal. He then disappeared from academic life and no one knew where or why. Someone started looking.

    • Fascinating. I have been all of the above at some point in my life, but never heard of the fellow. I can understand, as what he was writing would not been very popular in academic circles during the 70’s-80’s when I was in school.

  5. Newsflash from Gurnick, on site at the Dodger pitcher hospital ward:

    PHOENIX — “The Dodgers optioned right-hander Zach Lee to Minor League camp on Sunday, essentially making Mike Bolsinger the fifth starter, although Bolsinger was a late scratch on Sunday with abdominal tightness and is listed as day to day.

    “Brandon Beachy was in the final trio of contenders, but he has been sidelined for several days with tendinitis in his right arm, which has previously endured two Tommy John surgeries.”

    Wonderful. Just wunnerful…..

    • There are two main categories: Pitchers who have had a serious physical problem, and those who will have…

      • What’s the saying? “All pitchers are one pitch away from career over.”

        Even the Kershaws–bite my tongue (or keyboard.) Couple things I’ve seen about his pregame and general conditioning program make me wonder if he’s being smart or asking for it. Like finishing every pregame warmup with several long tosses from the OF warning track–THEN starting the game.

        • Ugh. Went back to it and had to click right and open in another window to see it myself.

          • I still have no idea what a “right click” is. The opposite of a “wrong click,” I guess.

          • Depress the right side of the mouse/pad as opposed to the left side and a box pops up.

          • If your mouse is ancient and doesn’t have 2 buttons, invest a few bucks in a new one, which will.

            When the option box Bob describes pops up after clicking on the right side, scroll down to “Open link in new window” and left or right click on it. And you’re there.

            If you use a trackball, dunno. Google how, I guess. You do know what Google is, right? ;-])

            All this assumes you’re using Windows. If Mac and issues, see also Mr. Google.

            It’s strange, but under Blogroll on EF I can left-click all buttons I use
            except Dodgers@mlb, which always gets “invalid link.” But a right click/new window works every time. So I just start that one that way.

          • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Windows

            Do you use a computer or phone to access the Net? We’ve been thinking computer when answering you about right click stuff.

            Probably 90% of computers use Windows operating system versions 7, 8, or 10 . Macs probably are superior, but Steve Jobs long ago lost the mass marketing battle to Bill Gates & Co–if he ever really engaged in it.

    • As much as the Dodger’s FO gets pilloried, the giants [sic] are on the hook for $126 million over just the next two years for Cueto, Shark, Cain and Peavy. Wonder how much value they get out of that.

  6. From a Gnatblog: “Gnats starters are looking like Timmy might be an improvement…” (quotation edited for spelling)

  7. It’s only spring training and SSS. But BR rates the level of competition faced using a scale of 10=major leaguers; 8=AAA, 7=AA; 5=High A; 4=Low A and 1.5=rookie leaguers. Maeda’s 0.00 ERA, for example has been against 8.9, Kershaw’s 0.90 against 8.5, Kazmir’s 17.18 against 8.8; Wood’s (not including yesterday) 9.00 against 8.3; Ballslinger’s 2.00 against 8.3; Beachy’s 0.00 against 7.1 and Stripling’s 0.00 against 7.4.

  8. Glass half-empty types often overlook some significant things. Such as…

    “During the 10 years Honeycutt has been the Dodgers’ pitching coach, they have compiled the lowest ERA (3.65) and WHIP (1.27) in the Major Leagues. Their pitchers have led the Majors in strikeouts (12,605) and strikeout-to-walks ratio (2.55) during that span.

    “Honeycutt has played a key part in revitalizing veteran pitchers for a late surge like Brad Penny, Derek Lowe, Dan Haren, Randy Wolf and Ted Lilly, who have helped the Dodgers win more games in the past 10 years (875) than any NL team other than the Cardinals (889).”



  9. Nice to see Wood, after being anointed as the fourth, get through 3 innings (1 run, 4 hits).

  10. Puig won’t be suspended.

    “The Office of the Commissioner’s investigation did not uncover any
    witness who supported the assault allegation; both Puig and his sister
    denied that an assault occurred; and the available video evidence did
    not support the allegation,”

    • Meanwhile, the Gnats have BadGums and Gnatt Cain on the shelf, Cueto knocked on the head by a liner, Peevy washed up, and Samardzija got absolutely bombed yesterday.

  11. Maeda on his most recent outing: ““There were times when I threw pitches on the corner that I wanted strikes on but were called balls. Had I got them, I would have had more strikeouts. I think I’m going to have to establish my reputation among the umpires as a pitcher with good control.”

    He’s not going to overpower anybody but seems to have a great mental game, of which attitude is a big part.

    • Law saw what he saw, but how did Maeda fool all of those Japanese batters for all those years? It’s one thing if you are moving up quickly through farm levels and teams and players don’t see you that much, but he pitched 8 years for the Toyo Carp.

    • I was much more gullible back then and bought into Sidd Finch…for a little while.

      Wonder if someday some physical freak will show up and throw 120 or so. Still wouldn’t be in Sidd’s league, tho.

  12. An upcoming first? One South African player – not black, apparently – reached AAA in 1980.

  13. I was a Seattle Rainiers fan at the time when Maury was sprinting onto the field in this photo.

  14. Mildred again with, I believe, Preacher Roe and Arky Vaughan at ST 1948 in the Dominican Republic.

    • Flexibility is good. As things now stand, scenarios that might make space on the opening roster (13 position players) for Austin would include injuries to an infielder or catcher, or getting rid of Guerrero. If it’s the latter, however, may not get enough playing time. to make it worthwhile. Johnson orThompson might also be in the mix

        • Biggio was actually not a C/2nd in that sense. He was C that played a little outfield before he was shifted to 2nd in his fifth season.

  15. From the “and you think we have trouble” file: MadBum may miss two starts with “minor” injuries, Cueto got shelled last night, including taking a line drive to the head, Peavy has been horrible, Cain will miss the start of the season and Shark as be so-so.

    • Last night, at least, Cueto was an “impact player.” BadGums, meanwhile, is long overdue for his TJ. Peevy (sic) is truly awful and Gnatt Cain’s career appears to be over, but at least they might get some innings out of the other guy.

    • Three fine players – Hatcher, Quique and Barnes – for a Dee who’s utterly replaceable.

  16. I was pleasantly surprised that Roberts called for a squeeze – the only bunt Mattingly never liked – and it was successful.

  17. It’s been said that at this stage of ST, it’s often one team’s up-and-coming AA and AAA players against each other.

    Good to know that our up-and-comers have been kicking posterior, for the most part. Maybe adding those of a few major leaguers, too. Bodes well for the future.

  18. Hello everybody. Glad to find some old friends posting. Hope that the winter was kind. For the record, I shaved off my mustache a couple of months ago. People say that I look 10 years younger, but that wouldn’t make me young.

  19. Noticed the Dodgers’ continued youth movement with Jamey Wright, which seems to be going Wrong. I’m for a feel-good story as much as anyone, but the 2016 version of him doesn’t seem to be one.

    Roberts has said the ball was coming out of his hand good. Suppose he’s noticed it’s coming off opposing bats good, too.

    Unless he’d go to the minors–doubtful–hard to see why he’s even in camp. Even if he sparkled, he’s 41 or so and unlikely to make much impact over a full season. Meantime, everything he does could be done by a younger reliever and help the youngster’s development.

    I’ll be happy to be wrong. But this is a puzzling FO move, even if only a minor one.

    • Ruining his swing! Barring further injuries and with the early schedule set up such that we are likely to need a fifth starter (assuming Clayton, Kazmir, Maeda, Ballslinger and Wood) right out of the box, it’s looking like the choice for the 25th guy would be between Barnes, Thompson, Frias and Guerrero. First three have options.

  20. Hard to imagine a clean shaven Dennis Eckersley looking into his catcher for the sign right before his historic pitch to Kurt Gibson!