192 thoughts on “Dodgers win! Dodgers win!

  1. Headlines first 2 news items @ dodgers.com:

    Seager to miss 1-2 weeks with knee strain

    Wood scratched from start with forearm tightness

    Prediction: Chicken Littles will be out in force.

  2. Sobering thoughts. Hard to have a smaller sample, but here your go: Keith Law not convinced by Maeda and DeLeon based on breakdown of pitches so far in ST. (the details are behind the wall, but for Maeda he says that arm speed tips making his only adequate fastball fair game for big league hitters). Says that price is right for a back of the rotation starter, but that Maeda will not perform well enough to reach incentive levels. As regards DeLeon, based on the 3-4 innings that Law saw he would drop the guy out of his top 100 prospect list (now at #60). http://espn.go.com/blog/keith-law/insider/post?id=5095

      • Yeah, at least one commenter noted that he had panned Ryu, much in the way he is doing to Maeda, when he first came over to the Bigs.

    • If I recall correctly, Maeda should reach incentive levels by merely remaining healthy.

  3. Only 2 short ST starts for Kazmir, so have to give him benefit of doubt given his record. But at what point should ST results be given more weight? He said this after getting shelled yesterday.

    ““I honestly think I’m on the right path,” Kazmir said. “If you look at the game and not the box score, it tells a different story.”

    Kersh sees it differently. “While others might say they put zero stock into spring training results, Kershaw is not in that group. Not by a long shot.

    “I mean, the whole goal of being down here is getting hitters out so you know where you stack up,” he said. “That’s how you get better. You don’t bet better by working on your mechanics, you get better by getting hitters out.” ( Kersh snippet from ESPN.com )

    • I can’t completely agree with Kershaw on this. Spring is a time that pitchers and position players can experiment to see what works (and what doesn’t), since the results don’t count. If you have a new pitch, you don’t want to throw it in the regular season without having worked on it earlier.

    • It should only happen in the World Series and, with luck, the Yanquis will never reach it again.

  4. John from Aus will note that his countryman Jack Murphy (or is he really an Irishman?) had a two-run double and drew a walk. Fast-developing prospect Cody Bellinger has three of the Dodgers’ 20 hits.

      • Well, Harper may be available and moving into his prime at just about the same time the Dodgers will be taking $40 million in outfielders off the books

  5. Crazy busy lately….
    But, in an actual moment of freedom this afternoon, I decided to check out the blog here….
    As always, a mosaic of contributions, editorials, news, and opinions…. That’s what makes it fun.
    However, rather unfortunate to read of any ‘angst’ among some of you guys here on a baseball blog…. Yes…. We’re all grown adults….. who can’t get along on a baseball blog….. Really ?
    From what I’ve read, seems a little bit like a school yard where pettiness and snarkiness abound towards this guy one day… .that guy another…. Grow up, people ! 🙂

    Perhaps I just came swingin’ in here half-cocked because I haven’t see what all led up to the recent posts of unrest… but… could there really be anything that truly divisive one could read on a baseball blog where everybody is rooting for the same team? A little self-reflection, por favor. 🙂

  6. Folks who want to criticize Link and what he does or doesn’t do here need to keep in mind that this blog doesn’t pay him very well for posting and keeping it up. He started it to try to fill a bit of the void when DT went dark and has devoted considerable time to it out of the goodness of his heart.

    I think it’s high time he had a raise. But I can’t reach him to pick him up! ;-])

    • As the article notes there is a bigger issue as regards the allocation of the riches between owners and players. Not clear to me that the QO has a major impact on that, say compared to the luxury tax, but we will hear all about it as the negotiate the next CBA. Ian Desmond is a particularly sad tale for a player’s perspective.

    • Not a lot of defensive support – Seager the culprit – but the two dingers didn’t help.

  7. Everyone just pat yourselves on the back over how fair and consistant you have been. I get beat up day after day and almost everyone of you say is I deserve it, but let me lash out and I am the problem. Even to the point where it is spinned that I was thrown off DT. Appalling! I just answered about 5 comments about me and I never said anything today.

    • We come here to enjoy and suffer our beloved Dodgers as a community and to learn to appreciate baseball more. You come here to spew venom on the FO and whatever player has drawn your ire. Your post two days ago was just that and this on a day that we were enjoying the debuts of Maeda and DeLeon. If we don’t agree with your doomsday/chicken little views we are cast by you as lovers of the FO and you portray yourself as some sort of victim. It’s pretty tiresome. Your only “defenders” here are either actively trying to find a different more conducive blog for you to join or say that we should just ignore you. Get a clue.

  8. Does anyone think that Jon Weisman would have tolerated, much less joined in, in the harassment that Package is forced to endure? Shame, shame…

    • Look, if package ignores Rule 8 consistently, he’s liable to become a victim of Rule 3. If I tossed people out there’d be even less activity than there is between seasons.

      • Package doesn’t bother me. What I don’t like are the barbs thrown back at him and the continuous attempt to change his mind. Just let him be.

        He doesn’t make long rambling comments and he doesn’t use crude language.

        • Probably the best way to get discussion during the off-season is to put up a new post every three days that is controversial.

          • I see someone complained on LaDodgersReport about 4 new posts in one day. Think he’d be happy here, a new post only when Discus cuts off comments on the old one, about one a week? Controversial post? Just post anything, someone will find it controversial… I see your name a lot over there, it’s a good site. I read, very seldom say anything there. No more here now, I was just trying to get Package to a place where he’d be happier but maybe he likes to fight…

          • I asked before and you may have missed it. Why don’t you like Disqus?

            As to the small number of posts here, I have obligations elsewhere and very little happened during the off season that we didn’t touch on here, I hope. We have some commenters who read other sites and post links when I don’t, which is a good thing.

          • It loses posts when you refresh, and a lot of links don’t work right. And it sometimes loses memory of our sign-ins. No matter.

          • I don’t like the fight but besides you and me everyone just loves everything that goes on with the Dodgers.

          • It takes at least 2 to fight. It’s a choice.

            And, no, for the umpteenth and probably last time, folks here are not into blind FAZ worship or allegiance. FAZ has muffed a few and will muff more, as will any FO. Most of us think their good outweighs their bad, at least so far.

            Most of us also think we might as well enjoy the ride to wherever they take us since they’re the ones calling the shots. And that they deserve more time than they’ve had before being regarded as failures just because they may make moves we don’t like.

            If someone is not entirely with you, it does not necessarily mean they are entirely against you. It shouldn’t be only black/white, either/or.

          • He also could find some fellow souls who don’t like FAZ and say so quite often in comments under some stories at dodgers.com.

    • IIRC correct package was booted off of DT for constantly violating the rules. If anything, Link has been very patient.

      • Ya know Bob, that was just about as low as you can get. To label me as being booted from DT is a downright lie. You should be ashamed.

        • Faulty memory perhaps and I wasn’t privy to your off-line conversation with Jon. Just know that you didn’t return. I guess from what you say it was on your on accord.

          • No off-line conversations and no disagreements that caused me to leave. As a matter of fact I stayed until the conversations began to be other things other than the Dodgers.

          • Subjects at DT ranged widely almost from its beginning, by Jon’s design.
            Usually Dodgers but often other things. That was part of its appeal for a lot of us.

          • He called you out several times and asked that you contact him through e-mail. Apparently, from what you say now you did not do that and just left. You have a very select memory in terms of just how disruptive you were.

          • I beg your pardon, Jon never called me out and asked for me to contact him through email. Another lie, Bob?

          • You are a liar. Just as a matter of record because I keep ALL of my emails. I only contacted Jon twice and those were in reference to the site at the time I joined DT. At no time did Jon ever call me out and ask for me to contact him. Apparently you think your memory is pretty good so perhaps you can enlighten me?? If he had called me out and asked for me to email him, I would have done so. If he had wanted to talk to me on email, he would have emailed me.

    • Don’t worry Audit, there are some very narrow minded folks here and there are other problems besides me here.

    • I’ve very likely read every comment on this site since its launch. Not once have I seen Link “harass” anyone. He gets frustrated–like most of us–with Package’s one-trick pony FO bashing to the exclusion of almost all else.

      And sometimes says so, as he has every right to, as either commenter or moderator.

      Package brings the static he gets on himself. He’s not “forced to endure” anything.
      Nor is he forced to stay if his situation is intolerable.

      What Jon wouldn’t have tolerated is the sheer number of Rule #8 violations. Link has been very forgiving, for his own reasons.

      • Yeah, foul tip, there you go. You think you have the right to tell me that I should leave this site and all the attacking is my fault all because you don’t agree with me. Really, jump on me when I have said nothing to you. Yeah, you are a real fair individual. All the while name calling me one-trick poney.

        • I am trying to find anything in what foul tip wrote which suggested you leave. He pointed out that you’ve got free will and can do as you like.

          What have you said on this site in the past six months that did not in some way suggest that the FO really didn’t want to win or it would have gotten player x, y or z, and thus it has some other motive for doing what it does?

          It does get tiresome, and it brings out the worst in WBBsAs. I don’t enjoy baiting you, but I do occasionally try to persuade you that no front office would remain in its job very long if it wasn’t trying to win. The Dodgers’ FO just has a different idea about how to get there than you do. Rather than living with that reality you grouse about it incessantly, and it annoys your fellow commenters.

          Stay, leave, do whatever. But if you stay, please keep the whining about the front office and its moves to a minimum. We’ve heard it for months already.

          • Link, I cannot believe you just commented on me. I did not post anything earlier but was talked about by you and others. If I had give you reason to attack me I could understand it. Then you bring up WBBsAS who doesn’t have the courtesy of answering in English and make excuses for his behavior. Have I mentioned the FO today? NO!!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!

          • I didn’t “comment on you.” I addressed Audit’s criticism of me and others, and I responded to your reply to foul tip. I made no excuse for WBBsAs; I said he reacted to your comments.

            I am not attacking you. I am once again suggesting reasons why people get frustrated with you.

          • “It does get tiresome, and it brings out the worst in WbbsAs”. If that is not making excuses for him nothing will. I have tried to be a part of this blog but when you are talked about and ridiculed, and lied about, it is over the top. I have been honest and above board even if most do not agree but I understand the shallow level here.

          • If someone said about me that something “brought out the worst in me,” I don’t think I’d feel complimented or excused for my behavior.

            Your behavior has been noticed and discussed openly, not behind your back. Lied about? Bob may have mis-remembered a departure from DT by you; I have no memory of that happening one way or another.

            It’s now shallow of us not to agree with your opinions of the front office? You’re really sailing close to the edge, package.

          • This blog attacked me today for absolutely no reason. I did not even comment when the subject of me started and it was not for a good reason. Everything is an excuse for others behavior but in my case because others disagree with me, then I am the problem, EVEN WHEN I DON’T comment. That is shallow. If you feel that this is not the truth you have that right. No one said anything about the FO today.

          • Yes, and that brought out the wrath. Foul Tip decided to make it the mission to resort to name calling and saying if I did not like it, I could more or less, find a new blog through no input from me.I do not think it is Foul Tip’s place to suggest I do anything. Of course I tried to defend myself but I, in no way started it.

          • En verdad, es una muestra de respeto, sugiriendo que tengas la capacidad de aprender.

        • Merely saying–like Audit has–that you could find folks who think more like you at these other sites and might like it better there. You might even like the different takes here vs. them but decide to stay here too…

          You’d be far happier here if your pony had some stablemates. Why not get him some and see if it doesn’t go better?

          You aren’t “attacked” just because folks disagree. It’s the repetitive overkill of the same stuff that people react badly to.

          • I’m not urging you to leave but do wonder why you stay. Doesn’t seem like you enjoy how things usually go for you here. But it’s your call.

          • There are those who I truly like to hear their perspectives. I also feel that even though they may not agree, they don’t hate me. Unfortunately, many want to make it personal and they say many untruths and refuse to just understand that I don’t agree with them and let it go. I am singled out for not going along. I am not the monster I am made out to be by certain people and you know who they are. I guess they want me gone so everyone will agree with one another.

          • El Señor Paquete would probably be happier elsewhere. Well, maybe not happier but less self-aggravating.

  9. AJ’s pitch-blocking skills appear to have deteriorated even more over the off-season.

  10. By the way thank you to all the people on this site who patiently explained how to post links to me.

  11. While ST stats are meaningless, very nice to see Maeda and DeLeon looking good out there. Would guess that Snake fans less excited about Shelby Miller’s debut, who cost them the number 1 guy in the 2015 draft and Inciarte.

  12. Well, the FO really stunk up the team with the QO of Brett Anderson. 15.9 million bucks for a broken pitcher. Now what? This rotation is in trouble. Oh well, it is not like they never make a mistake. Hope that farm makes it happen.

    • De nuevo, Señor Paquete, no tenés la menor idea de que hablás, y seguís mostrándonos tu ignorancia. ¿No viste lo que hicieron Maeda y De León?

      • The FO would not have been upset had Anderson declined the qualifying offer, as they would have gotten a high draft pick. He’s not bad, but he’s fungible.

        • Bottom line is that the team got McCarthy and Anderson and both have proved worthless and broken. Shades of Schmidt.

          • Win some, lose some. Brett did well for the club in 2015. McCarthy can still pan out. Both were seen as bridges and depth is there to mitigate. Did you see Maeda and DeLeon yesterday?

          • Yes, I did see both yesterday. They looked very good and I am hopeful for the future with them. Maeda was most impressive as even though he did not have a lot of velocity, all pitches seemed to have movement. I think Deleon will have to step up now with all the injuries. What say you?

          • Link, its OK, you know what they say, “What you don’t know won’t hurt you. It may be a blessing.

          • Yeah, no radar gun, but they both seemed as advertised at least in the first outing against lesser opposition.

          • I agree Bob. I thought it was questionable to sign both Anderson and McCarthy for the 2015 season though especially with the talk about Ryu’s arm not being of reliable health from day one.

            At first I didn’t like giving Anderson a QO but thinking more about it, FAZ might have wound up trying to sign him for 2 years anyway for $22M. By offering him the QO, they might have either got a draft pick or got him for the preferred one year.

            In that case the outcomes were win,win, lose, lose. I think the QO was offered because they couldn’t resist maybe getting a draft pick.

          • QO as well was just a couple million over his 2015 salary, but it didn’t work out.

          • And if Greinke had gone 12-10 last season would you have said he was a waste too?

            Package, I’m going to change your name to Eeyore.

          • Looks like Joc has another 2 strikeouts so far today. He is a true No impact player!!

          • Right! After a spring performance like that, the obvious solution is to just cut him and stick Giancarlo in the OF!

          • So, the Dodgers should simply leave Giancarlo with their Miami farm club until he gets more experience?

        • Nice to see Seager in the right spot. Not sure how much shifting they do in the minors.

        • Nor in Japan. “It was my first time experiencing that, seeing that happen in front of me, so I was a little bit surprised at first,” Maeda said

    • Great analyst and writer, but seemed to attract frat house commenters for some reason.

      • Mike is a fine analyst, but I’m less impressed with his writing. And indeed, but for a few, his commenters indulge their juvenilia.

      • Apt description for almost all DoDi commenters, from what limited amount of comments I’ve seen there.

  13. “SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — There’s a theory floating around in the industry that Zack Greinke
    was never realistically going to remain with the Dodgers. That a deeply analytical front office with little stomach for the gargantuan acquisition cost for premier pitching — be it in dollars or in prospects — was never going to give him that sixth year or that last dollar. That Greinke himself was a little leery of the way the Dodgers tried to get creative, rather than aggressive, in patching up their rotation behind him and Clayton Kershaw midway through what was, for Greinke, a historic 2015 season.

    “Maybe it’s accurate, maybe it’s not.”


    Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if FAZ breathed a sigh of relief when ZG didn’t take their offer, tho they had to have been unhappy he went to AZ (but happier it wasn’t SF). I think their approach of 80% of the same results at 50% or way less player cost is going to hold at least until they get out from under paying millions in luxury tax and getting exactly nothing for those millions. If he’d taken their offer they’d have remained in high luxury tax neighborhood for a good while, probably.

    • Lots of speculation. They’ve always said, though, that the long term goal was to create a sustainable stream of top talent from what is now baseball’s No. 1 farm system.

  14. SVS with the dinger yesterday. His resurgence from last year’s down would be a great boost to the offense. He is in his prime and hope that he can stay away from the injury bug that snagged him last year

  15. In Padres-Royals game, Kemp just looked awful on consecutive plays in RF to give Royals 1-0 lead. Both rightly scored doubles, but he looked helpless on them.

    • They will all get their work, but my take would be that Lee is the lesser known one on the depth chart so he is likely to get a lot more scrutiny. Ballslinger and Frias have already shown some ability already to pitch in the Bigs.

      • I think Ballslinger is more suitable to starting than Frías, who looks like a reliever to me.

        • That’s my understanding as well. In any event they may want to have Frias stretched out and starting the the minors as inevitably another starter is likely to go down with an injury of some sort

  16. Package, I think you will enjoy the site http://ladodgerreport.com/ . The writer is most definitely not a FAZ fan. There are one or sometimes two new posts a day and lots of comments after the posts. It uses the WordPress software, not the lame Discus you’re handicapped with here. So far, posters get along good and if someone started abusing someone else, there would be lots of support against the abuser. Blog owner is there every day.

  17. Trayce Thompson took an awful route on Sands’s deep fly ball double (which, in fairness, he probably would not have caught anyway).