Game 158, 2015

Dodgers at Giants, 7:15PM PT, TV: SPNLA, CSN-BA

The Dodgers (88-69) have clinched the division title, but if they want home field advantage in the NLDS they need to continue winning and hope the Mets lose while they do so. They trail the Mets (89-68) by one game in the overall standings. To that end they send Mike Bolsinger to the hill tonight. Bolsinger has not shown himself to be the pitcher he was in the first half of the season; since his September callup he’s got an 8.66 ERA in four starts. In his last one on September 25 he gave up seven hits and seven runs, four earned, in just four innings. He may be pitching for a long relief spot on the NLDS playoff roster.

Bolsinger’s opponent will be Mike Leake, who was acquired by the Giants from the Reds at this year’s trade deadline. He too has been a disappointment to his team; he’s gone 1-5 with a 4.86 ERA since his arrival.

Lineup when available.

Grandal at first base, huh?

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  1. Lineup (Not that anyone’s here to read it…)
    Crawford, LF
    Kendrick, 2B
    Gonzalez, 1B
    Ethier, RF
    Seager, SS
    Utley, 3B
    Grandal, C
    Hernandez, CF

    Oh, I forgot to ask WBBsAs if it was OK to post it…

  2. Longtime Giant Relief pitcher Jeremy Affeldt is hanging them up for good Sunday. It’s a safe bet he won’t be spending a lot of time on the beach in his retirement…

  3. Hi guys. It has been awhile since I have checked in. Feels good to have won the Division.

    Joc has a new batting stance. Now stands with legs bent. He made solid contact in all three at bats. Something to watch and hope the best for.

    • Missed the game so didn’t see him last night, but good to hear about Joc (as I recall, he was always your main man!)

    • Because the idea was to get him some work, even though the game and situation were pretty meaningless.

  4. I don’t care much about this game, but it wouldn’t bother me if it persuaded the Gnats to give Leake a five-year, $100-million contract.

  5. Bolsinger is making it easier for the Dodgers to decide which pitchers not to include on the NLDS roster.

      • A strong outing tonight could have given him a slot as the long reliever, something you don’t want to need in a short series. But tonight’s appearance, I think, removes him completely. You are right about him not being the same pitcher since his return that he was previously.

  6. Well friends, I think I will bow out of here for tonight. Combination of working long days and being sick this week – along with some late nights tracking the Dodgers, has left me needing to catch up on some sleep tonight. See you all tomorrow.

    • Ha! I’m excited that this game means nothing to the Dodgers! I feel bad for Bolsinger that he may get boxed around a bit but other than that the Beat LA chant will have no sting tonight.

      • Bolsinger did such a good job earlier in the year and has not done well since returning. It is a mystery but that doesn’t help the Dodgers.

  7. Mets ahead of the Phillies, 5-2, after 4 1/2. Because the Mets own the tiebreaker over us, we’d have to make up two games in five days to get the homefield advantage in the NLDS.

        • Have not see Grandal at 1b much but I have seen him as well as Barnes in the lineup many times. Barnes less of course but Donnie always finds a way to change the lineup with regularity. It is mix em, match em.

          • Define “many times.” Barnes has played nine games total and started six. Grandal has played four games at first, only one of which he started.

          • I am not refering to number of times at a given position. I am speaking of number of times in the lineup.

          • Is there some reason you wish to stir discontent this evening? Dre’s name has not been brought up and you brought up Grandal and Barnes. Now you bring up Dre and hitting against lefties. What is up with you?

          • Look, I would have liked to have seen Dre have more of an opportunity to hit lefties. You, Donnie and others don’t see it that way so Dre does not hit against them. I said that Dre should be a starter early in the season but most did not want him to play at all including you. Turns out Dre has done a good job in my opinion.

          • Dre has done a good job, precisely because he has played so little against lefties. But by your standard, he has played a lot against lefties.

          • I do not think that Dre has played a lot against lefties and I have never said or suggested anything of the kind.

          • You apply different standards to Barnes and Dre, then. Dre has played a lot more v. lefties than Barnes has played at all. Barnes has a total of 32 plate appearances to this point. Dre has 44 plate appearances v. LHPs (and is hitting .214 against them).

          • I was just saying, Dre is hitting only .214 against lefties and cannot play but Joc is hitting .211 and he plays more than anyone except AGon. Strange.

          • You fail to note the details above, aside from the fact that Joc is an elite defender.

            I’m very pleased with what Dre has done this year, but one major reason he’s done so well is that he’s being platooned.

          • Dre has hit lefties to the tune of OPS+37 this year and about the same last year and 56 over 1,366 PA in his career. SVS, for all his troubles has hit them at 126. It would be managerial malpractice to have started Dre in front of SVS on any consistent basis.

          • I do not think Dre playing as a regular starter is “Managerial Malpractice”. Many players hit pitchers differently but are regulars. Look at Joc, he can’t hit at all but he is in more than any other player on the team.

          • And you should not write things that you would not say to a person’s face. I say that only because I don’t think you are that dumb.

          • WBB, you make your own assertions with no supporting evidence and I guess you think it is OK if it is you. Practice what you preach.

          • You offer opinions. I don’t have to give you figures on every comment or opinion that I have and you don’t do it either. If you don’t like what I write, don’t comment.

          • Then ignore it!!! Why cause trouble? I know your value but there are times your negatives exceed it.

    • So – my prediction was not even close. Guerrero must realize that if he can’t even get a start in the game after they clinch, he is in rough shape.

  8. It’s raining lightly in the East Bay, but the sky is brightening slightly to the west.

    I’m curious to hear the reactions as to whatever tonight’s lineup may be.

    • Don’t know the batting order but here’s my guess as to tonight’s starting 9:
      Barnes – Catcher
      SVS – 1st
      Utley – 2nd
      Rollins – SS
      Guerrero – 3B
      Heisey – RF
      Hernandez – CF
      Schebler – LF
      Bolsinger – P

      • I could see Joc starting. Practice with returning injured players is that you bench them after the first game,

        • Good point. In retrospect, I would at least move Heisey to CF and Kiké to RF to save on some running. However, I think you will be right in that Hernandez probably will not start tonight.

        • Getting everybody healthy, and keeping bench players sharp, is more important than any minimal home field advantage.

    • Emphasis on the platooning (and Donnie’s handling of the clubhouse to facilitate such). In seting up the playoff roster, I can see the FO squeezing on the pitching in order to have as many position players as possible so that they might better exploit matchups. Really think that Schebler has a chance, given all the Met righthanders, if only as a PH.

        • I was over at Dodger Insider posting about the playoff roster. I like Schebler a lot and torn between SVS (who has played some at first) and Ruggs (will he slow down on the production we have seen from him this month?). But there is no way the Dodgers have 6.5 outfielders (CC, Joc, Ethier, Kiké – the .5 since he could really also be on as an infielder – and the 3 above).

          • Because then you lose out on an extra pitcher in the pen or an additional infielder. Just would seem strange to have 6 infielders (AGon, Kendrick, Utley, Seager, Rollins and Turner) for 4 spots – and 6 outfielders for 3 spots. (Plus Kiké wherever.)

          • What’s the problem? AGon, Kendrick, Utley, Seager, Rollins and Turner, Kike, Pederson, Ethier, Crawford, Schleber, Ruggiano, Grandal, Ellis, and eleven pitchers.
            Just noticed I left SVS out of that list. Only way he gets left off is if he’s injured. And there is time and opportunity for injury to strike again…

          • But platooning is what has driven the offensive surge in the past month. So, they may think about it.