Game 146, 2015

Pirates at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Zack Greinke goes for win number 18 against only three losses this season. He’s 12-1 with a 1.53 ERA over his last fourteen starts. He’ll face the Pirates’ Jeff Locke, who’s 8-10 with a 4.43 ERA but coming off an excellent start against the Brewers.

In case you missed it, the Dodgers designated Mat Latos for assignment.

Then there’s this:

Lineup when available.

In addition, they’ve activated Howie Kendrick from the DL, but since he hasn’t played any rehab games they’re going to go slowly with him.

54 thoughts on “Game 146, 2015

    • Which is lesser? Ned’s “baseball evaluation skills” or Plaschke’s “writing skills?” They deserves other and, arguably, the Anaheimers deserve both.

      • Stopped reading this guy years ago (hard to stomach). What’s his take on the new FO and it’s moves?

    • I think that should be “Plaschke on Colletti, 2015.” As I recall, he wasn’t much of a fan of the front office while Colletti was calling the shots there. If I’m wrong, somebody tell me.

  1. Greinke’s era rises from 1.60 to 1.65 with that runner being allowed to score in the 8th.

  2. Hi all. Just got back to the hotel after my nephew’s wedding. Very nice score! (AGon hit the double as I checked in.) Go Dodgers! Hopefully I can stay awake for the you-know-what!

  3. Could have been 7 or 8 to 1. Ellis is the only Dodger who could have been thrown out on that last play – deflected off the pitcher’s back foot right to the shortstop.

  4. One more for Greinke or is he done? Hope he comes back out since he has retired 7 in a row including his only 2 strikeouts of the game.

  5. Hopefully that is the only run Greinke gives up tonight. Looks like he will only go 6 or 7 tonight because of pitch count.

  6. Great at bat by Ruggiano. After 2 wicked line drives foul, he lines one into the outfield to score Joc.

  7. Vin Scully got angry at the ending of his own story about an old Pirate player: “He was a gravedigger in a cemetery. Of course in a cemetery. Where else would he dig graves. Nice going Scull.”

  8. Nice start. Great getting the early lead. Just wish they could have cashed in Utley from third.