Game 121, 2015

Dodgers at Astros, 5:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, MLBN

Brett Anderson (7-7, 3.48 ERA) goes for the Dodgers and Mike Fiers (5-9, 3.87 ERA) goes for the Astros.

Anderson probably needs to be watched carefully by the Dodgers, since he’s pitched more innings (134 2/3) this season than in any year since 2009. So far he’s done very well; two-thirds of his starts have been quality ones.

Fiers came over from the Brewers with Carlos Gomez at the trade deadline. This will be his fourth start for the Astros, his second at home in Minute Maid Park.

Chase Utley will likely start at second base for the Dodgers. Yasiel Puig is day-to-day, but he might be the DH in this interleague game (it still seems odd that the Astros are now in the American League and not a team the Dodgers play regularly).

Lineup when available.

119 thoughts on “Game 121, 2015

  1. If we only had Hanley (per MLBTR): Cherington says he misjudged how Hanley Ramirez would transition from the infield to the outfield. “We didn’t know what he would be defensively,” Cherington says. “We made a bet based on the history of what players look like going from middle infield to outfield. … It hasn’t gone well.” Ramirez has rated as well below average in left field, and his defensive struggles this season have coincided with a decline on offense, arguably making Ramirez one of MLB’s worst position players while still in the first year of his contract.

  2. The only real positive from last night’s game was that it ended early enough that it didn’t disrupt my sleep.

  3. I’m off to Colorado tomorrow for a week w my husband’s best friends. I’ll be checking in with everyone, but I’m counting on you guys to keep us in the race.

  4. Astros go from getting 1 hit to throwing a no hit game. Therefore, the Dodgers will throw a perfect game tomorrow.

  5. So clearly we should have traded for Marlon Bryd rather than Chase Utley. #hottake

      • Thanks. I’m so frustrated right now I’m just spewing anything that comes into my head. Glad to have this forum to share in the craziness of being a Dodger fan.

  6. Another silver lining: the last two times the Dodgers have won the World Series, they have been no hit during the season.

    • That’s why you’re president of the Optimists Club, Dave. But they are not instilling any confidence in their ability to advance in the postseason . . . IF they even make it that far.

      • Thanks Bob. I am feeling nervous about that as well but still trust that they will pull through in the end. Just so frustrating trying to guess when they will turn it around.

          • I don’t know Package. Seems like regardless of who they run out there or how often they keep batting orders or not, this team has solid batters (Gonzo, Turner, Hernandez, Either, Grandal, etc) just not hit.
            The bullpen offers very little indication they are trustworthy.

          • I would just like to see a more consistent lineup. All this changing is not good for morale in my opinion.

          • The best thing for their (and our) morale is winning. You can increase your chances of doing so by seeking match ups that put players in a better position to perform, including using platooning and the deeper bench we have relative to other teams.

          • Sigh. They go on a nice little run but then turn right around and lose 3 out of 4 or 4 out of 6.

          • Yep. “Reverting to the mean” — is that the term?
            Sure makes US mean . . . or at least frustrated.

          • If you are waiting for them to return to scoring 5.4 runs per game over a period of a month and a half,you are an optimist. If you hold that as a standard to which they need to return, you are a masochist.

  7. If Lasorda were managing this team, based on how it has performed in its last three games, he would have knocked over the table with the post-game spread. Mattingly will probably rearrange the clothing in his locker.

  8. Gotta give Dodger bats credit for sharing their impotence: first the worst team in the AL West, now the best.

  9. Pederson’s batting average by the month:
    April — .298
    May — .236
    June — .222
    July — .169
    August — .132 (before tonight).
    I am worried that this young man’s self-confidence is being dismantled brick by brick.

    • With OBP of .424, he has managed to put up an OPS+ of 111 in August compared to 36 (!) in July.

      • The OBP is good. But he hasn’t drawn many walks with the bases loaded. I say sarcastically.

        • He has a .740 OPS in August, so he is performing at about 10% better than the average hitter in the NL and is our #8 hitter at this point. He plays outstanding defense. If he was in the same rut as July, I would agree, but he is contributing to the team and there is really no one who can replace him except for Quique against tough left handers.

    • Shouldn’t the team have someone who can help the hitters . . . like a hitting coach?
      Sarcasm aside, I agree, Scoop — they should treat him like the potential he is.

      • McGwire is the batting boach — a guy who swung from the heels. Mattingly had a wonderful swing and, like Pederson, batted left. But whatever M and M have told him, it isn’t working or Pederson isn’t listening.

  10. I love summer. Hanging out in the backyard, fire going in the fire pit, and the Dodger game on the radio. I know the Dodgers are losing but as for the bigger picture, it’s very nice thank you for asking.

      • Hardy har har. It’s a bit longer than that. Fortunately – because winter is long.

    • Nicely said. You have the right perspective…..So, is there is a Dodgers station that you can pick up in Winnipeg, or are you visiting the Lower 48?

  11. So Marlon Byrd hit a 2 run homerun in his first at bat with SF because of course he would.

    • The different approaches to preparation would seem to carry over to the mound when they are pitching. Batters pretty much know what is coming (and good luck with that!) from Clayton. Zach is more a mystery as to what he might toss up there.

  12. I had great seats at the Dodgers-A’s game of Wednesday in Oakland, a few rows behind the A’s dugout. I was about 100 feet from home plate. The Dodgers seemed flat. Pederson holds the bat at the bottom with two strikes. He doesn’t choke up. I also hadn’t realized how erect he stands at home plate. His is a big strike zone.

  13. I find it interesting that although we got Utley to play second he is the DH today with Hernandez at second….Does anyone know how long Puig is expected to be out?

  14. WBBsAs: My apologies regarding the Wednesday afternoon game at the Oakland Coliseum and my hopes of meeting you. The seat numbers that I gave you were wrong because the guy who got the tickets gave me the wrong section. Most of us were in 120, not 129, and his sons were in 121. My e-mail to you about where I was sitting was no better than the Dodgers bullpen that day.

      • Well, I know that you weren’t that obnoxious, loud-mouthed A’s fan sitting near me…..Sorry that you and I didn’t connect.

  15. Some disappointing news from me, they have changed the internet filter at work and since this is a ‘chat’ site, it is now blocked 🙁
    I’ll still comment when I am at home where I can, but rest assured I’ll be still following the games at work, agonising over every twist and turn of this season.
    So even though you may not be able to hear from me, I will be ‘there’

      • Thanks everyone, I’ll try to catch games on my weekend (your Friday and Saturday). I’ll try and think of a way to get creative when I am at work.
        Off to my sons soccer now

    • We will miss your insights. Hopefully, you will double up from home. . . . I am a graduate of UC-Berkeley. The men’s basketball team just completed a four-game tour and went 3-1. But I don’t know how strong the opposition was. Do you know what the Australian press has reported about those games? Cal had a very strong recruiting class and is expected to be good.

    • Sorry to hear that you won’t be able to comment as much. Hopefully some of the games will be while you are at home.

    • Hmph. I am insulted. This is much more than a “chat” site.

      Seriously, John, I’m sorry to hear it. Pop in when you can and rejoice or agonize.

  16. Rollins ss
    Utley DH
    Turner 3b
    AGon 1b
    Ethier rf
    Grandal c
    Crawford lf
    Hernandez 2b
    Pederson cf

    Lineup courtesy of Rotowire

      • When playing the NL teams the Dodgers could put Utley at 2nd and take out Pederson and play Hernandez in CF. Whatcha think?

        • Why? There’s no inherent reason why trotting out the same lineup day after day is any better than platooning. Remember that Casey Stengel ran players in and out of all those Yankees teams he managed starting in 1947.

          • Most of the other teams do not change the lineup anywhere near as much as the Dodgers. I don’t see all this platooning helping anything.

          • Andre Ethier is hitting .299 against right-handed pitchers and .200 against lefties. All his home runs are against righties.

            Similarly, Carl Crawford (in a much smaller sample) hits .231 against lefties, .293 against righties.

            Turner would be a candidate for platooning too: he’s hitting .221 against lefties and .343 (!) against righties.

            It only makes sense to play guys who hit right-handed pitchers and sit the guys who don’t and vice versa. Otherwise you watch the weaker guys bounce into double plays or pop up weakly or strike out.

          • and on the other side of the plate, SVS is OPS+136 against lefties and 87 against righties; Quique 236 against lefties and 76 against righties. Donnie would be a fool if he didn’t platoon.

          • Based on your thought. Pederson should never play. I also don’t think that Ethier should be judged for 35 abs against left handed pitchers.

          • Joc needs to be replaced not platooned until they figure out why he is not hitting and striking out so much.

          • I like the players too. I just don’t think poor performance should be rewarded with equal playing time. Joc is hitting poorly and should not be playing. I know his defense is good but not that good.

          • He is not contributing enough to play everyday. Using your thought, shouldn’t he not play at least half the time. Platoon right?

          • He comes in to PH and for defense. GS is the number you should be looking at and for July-August,

          • Looks like 110 started but no matter that is way way too many for his performance.

          • How about we judge him on his 1,359 PAs against lefties and his .234 BA and his OPS+ of 56?