Game 80, 2015

Dodgers at Diamondbacks, 6:40PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FS-A

The Dodgers send Brett Anderson (4-4, 3.13 ERA) out for his third start against the D-Backs this season. On May 3 he pitched five scoreless innings against them, while June 10 he was tagged for four earned runs in five innings.

The D-Backs send Robbie Ray (2-3, 1.98 ERA) out for his second turn against the Dodgers. On June 9 he went 6 2/3 innings against them, gave up two runs on four hits and lost the game.

Molly Knight’s new book chronicling the Dodgers’ 2014 season has caused a furor about Yasiel Puig. According to Knight he alienated some of his teammates last season. Knight will point out that Puig takes up only one chapter in the book, but Puig is so polarizing that when advance copies made it to some sports reporters they immediately began pulling out juicy anecdotes about him.

Lineup when available.

Huh. Lefty starter for the other team plus last game of the road trip means heavily right-handed lineup.

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  1. This international signings reminds me of buying a new cell phone. I better enjoy the upgrade now and have chosen well, because I know I am not getting anything new for another couple of years.

  2. As expected today, the Dodgers spent a lot of money on International players. No point in lauding or criticizing now, it’ll be years before these players produce. What I am curious about is that there were several good sounding shortstops, other than Lucious Foxx, Jr., who went to other clubs for around $2MM. Wonder why they didn’t take them, God knows they have the money. And don’t say, Kyle Seager, you know he’ll be on third in a few years…

  3. It’s irrational but, whenever Kenley gives up a run, I feel disappointed in him.

    • Doubt you’ll be disappointed very often.

      Same kind of thing lies behind a lot of “what’s wrong with Kershaw” questions when he’s less than perfect after delivering something very close to it the last couple years.

      We just get spoiled and over-expect. These guys are human, even if they perform at superhuman levels a lot of the time.

    • They were showing a SVS look-a-like in the stands as well last night.

      • Maybe same dude. How many guys who kinda resemble Sasquatch’s adopted red-headed son could there be?

        Actually, who said anything about adoption? ;-])

      • First time thru missed that you were referring there to SVS Oh, well, maybe SVS is distantly related to Sasquatch too. Maybe not too much smaller…nah, beard & hair probably too neat. ;-])

  4. Night all. Enjoy your day off from Dodger baseball tomorrow. Chat again on Friday!

  5. Here’s hoping Hernandez can provide some Canada Day fireworks for me!

  6. Ninth inning. Hernandez swings for a cycle and Jansen to come in to hopefully close out the win.

  7. SVS’ four at bats have consumed 24 pitches, and one of them was one-pitch AB.

  8. Should we try to get one more inning from Anderson? If not, who pitches the 8th?

  9. Getting some Ks, but these are not the Snakes we have known. They are only 6th in the NL in striking out.

  10. So, signing day tomorrow on the international market. Sounds like the Dodgers could have contracts going for 2 or 3 Cuban players by the end of the day. Anyone you guys hope in particular become Dodgers?

  11. I just watched the replay of Casilla’s walk-off in Miami. A thing of beauty.

  12. Anderson has some nice flow going here. Love having the bases empty with Goldie at bat.

  13. This is not a complaint: I wonder if Ellis has ever swung at a 2-0 pitch.

    • Don’t have that number, but over his career Ellis has gotten an 2-0 count in 242 PA. In those cases he has been walked 99 times and has a slash line of .229/.550/.400. So he seems to have a good idea of what he is doing.

      • How many times has he gotten a 3-0 count? (Or did you mean to type 3-0 instead of 2-0?)

        • Those numbers are what happens after he gets to an 2-0 count. 3-0 count in 93 PA has ended up with 69 BB and line of .458/.860/.875. His BA if he puts the ball in play on the 3rd pitch after reaching 2-0 is .222.

  14. I think this is the first season I’ve ever heard people talk about hitters “barreling one up,” meaning hit the ball squarely. Have I just been deaf before, or has anyone else heard it too?

  15. First 3 got on, but nothing across — let’s hope Anderson has less dramatic innings from now on!

  16. Apparently for the first time since at least 1961 a team has started 3 games in a row with at least 5 perfect innings. Houston has some pitching!

  17. AZ is making the blunders LA recently did — not the same, but errors nonetheless.

    • I was watching the no-hit bid game. How did AJ Ellis make a put out at 2nd base?
      And did SVS get banged up?

      • “Put out at 2nd base, Van Slyke to Ellis.” Huh? What’s the catcher doing all the way out there? No video yet, either.

        • Ah. Gameday typed it wrong. The PO was at first, with Ellis running up the line while SVS chased the ball into short right field. SVS threw back to Ellis and got the batter/runner. Gameday has video of it now.

          • That makes more sense. Funny to think of a catcher running up the middle of the diamond to back up 2nd base.

  18. Always interesting to see the home team crowd cheering on an interesting game for the away team, as is happening in Tampa.

  19. The Busted Poseur left the Gnatgame after taking a foul ball off the mask. Their emergency catcher was Casey (GIDP) McGehee, whom they DFA’d yesterday.

  20. I hope Kike has a breakout game so Joc can be moved down in the lineup.

    • Thanks. Should have known the team video site would have it, but didn’t check there.

      • If Alex Guerrero isn’t a better outfielder, and hitter, than Carl Crawford, then I’ll give up baseball.

        • As things stand we’re not likely to see enough of him to find out.

          Also, the team seems pleased enough with Dre that DM already has said CC won’t just automatically get the starting LF job back.

          • Well, we do have a pretty good idea of what he can do at bat with 151 PAs (SVS-118, Puig-136).

          • Do you have a breakdown of PH appearances vs regular lineup ABs for him? That’s probably what gives him the slight AB lead.

            I think the defense-first FO is so afraid of him afield that it’s happy to push the official position that being a PH is “ideal” for him.

            If they did play him more and he made even one really bad error, that’d probably be the end of him as a Dodger position player.

          • Sure that I can dig that up. I, for one, was surprised at just how many PAs he has so far. It’s not so much how many more than SVS or Puig (who were both injured).

          • Don’t think that it is just the number of errors, but how he looks in general in the field. Not good in the outfield. More or less OK at 3rd, but then he is vying with Turner for playing time as a righthanded bat.

          • He absolutely should not play ahead of Turner. Don’t think he actually has many errors; agreed the issue is that he doesn’t look good. I was thinking of maybe making a highly-visible game-costing boot that likely would be the last we’d see of him.

          • I hate to say this, really I do, but I’m beginning to wonder if Puig is the real deal. He’s not having a good year and is starting to look like he is injury-prone. We’ll wait and see, but to paraphrase Ira Gershwin, “A hitter is a sometime thing”….

          • Puig’s numbers so far this year are almost identical to last season based on slash numbers (though we all yearn for the power displayed in 2013!). His style of play certainly puts him in harm’s way, As well, I would guess that he has little patience for recovery and rehab.

          • If there is money to be made in renegotiating, I am sure that Boras would be all for it.