Game 137, 2014

Dodgers at Padres, 1:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Hyun-Jin Ryu brings his 13-6 record and his 3.28 ERA to the mound after two weeks on the DL with strained backside muscles. Before he got hurt Ryu had 39 strikeouts in his last 38 2/3 innings overall while walking just six. I don’t think anyone expects that level of excellence in his first appearance back.

Facing Ryu will be Eric Stults, who’s 6-14 with a 4.63 ERA but has a 3-1 record and a 2.43 ERA in five starts in August.

Juan Uribe will come off the DL today or tomorrow. Chris Perez will also come off on Monday. As to callups from the minors Mattingly is being coy, other than agreeing that Joc Pederson deserves to come up when rosters expand September 1.

Lineup when available.

Yep. The first pass had Matt and Yasiel both playing CF with a big hole in RF.

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  1. What a great surprise! I took a page from RBI’s theory of coping and literally walked away from the game, to a movie theater. Got there and saw LA had scored their 2nd, then checked in at the end and heard the bottom of the 9th. I look forward to reading the recap. And I might just go see a movie during every Dodger game in Sept — and hopefully Oct!

    • It was much better watching with one eye today, letting whatever was going to happen, happen.

      • I almost walked away from following the game on my computer — no free radio or TV of the Dodgers on the Monterey Peninsula — but I hung around, doing some work and checking in on the game fairly regularly.

      • By the time I got going, the only one available was “Tammy.” It was mildly amusing, nowhere near as good as Melissa McCarthy’s previous two (“Identity Thief” and “The Heat”).

        It’s a second-run theater, the only one we have in town. It’s only a mile away, so I walk/read there often.

        I was tempted to follow the game during the movie, but I didn’t want to get upset!

        However, back in July when Kersh’s scoreless inning streak was broken but he was pitching the 9th vs. the Pads in a 2-1 game, I followed the pitches on Gameday while standing up in the back of The Old Globe in San Diego’s Balboa Park . . . the beginning of the second part of “Othello” was going on, but I was splitting my attention. I knew what Iago was going to do . . . I wasn’t sure what would happen with the Blue. Turns out it was a much happier ending for the Dodgers than Desdemona.

        Yes, I’m Bob . . . and I’m a Dodger-holic.

        • Do you live in Vegas or San Diego or somewhere else?…Great anecdote about watching Othello.

          • Vegas — but my parents live in Bonita, which is just south of San Diego. I visit them several times a year and enjoy the great theatre in SD. I’ve been lucky to also work out visits when the Dodgers play there . . . and I’ve also enjoyed going to Petco and rooting for the Pads, when a victory for them wouldn’t hurt LA. (I think Petco is gorgeous and I LOVE its easy access from public transportation — the worst thing about attending a game at Dodger Stadium is getting there!)

            I have a brother who lives in Scottsdale, so I’ve seen the Dodgers play the D-Backs . . . and I may work out a future visit to my brother who lives in Arlington when the Blue play the Nationals.

            BTW, after the “Othello”/Kersh game, I went up to LA and saw Ryu beat the Pads, 2-1 — that was the last game before the ASB.

          • Besides Ebbets Field (once in 1955 before my mother, father, sister and I moved to L.A.), the L.A. Coliseum (dozens of times), and Dodger Stadium (hundreds of times), I’ve seen the Dodgers play at the Polo Grounds (a doubleheader vs. the Mets in 1963 in which I had to stand on my seat the whole time to see about 2/3 of the field), Shea Stadium, Candlestick Park and AT&T, Oakland Coliseum, Wrigley Field and Cinergy Field in Cincinnati.

            With the exception of the last decade or so in San Francisco, it’s been fun to see the Dodgers on the road. When we were living in Ohio, the Dodgers’ interleague schedule did not include the AL Central.

            On a visit to San Diego many years ago, my wife and I were in Balboa Park and were delighted to learn that a Chekhov play was being performed that day. We attended and it was wonderful. It’s been too many years since we visited that great city.

            I have an old friend/former roommate who lives in Vegas and I visit him once or twice a year. Perhaps we could get together for a cup of coffee.

          • Thanks for sharing, Scoop.
            I don’t drink the stuff myself, but I can definitely “do coffee.” 🙂 (Anyone who knows about the kid from Tompkinsville and is a regular on this and Jon’s old site AND who is a Dodger fan is worth meeting.)

  2. We needed that, especially with the Giants pounding the Brewers again and sweeping that series.

  3. I hope we don’t need Jansen today, but I wonder if DM will use him to get him some work.

  4. I consider it inconceivable and inexcusable that the Dodgers will apparently go through basically this entire season with two catchers who are hitting below .200. Ellis is now at .191 and Butera at .192. Yes, Ellis is a very good receiver. But we are threatening the L.A. club record for lowest batting average for the regular catcher, which is .193, set by Yeager in 1978 He, however, was backed by Ferguson at .237, Grote at .271 and Oates at .307. Behind Ellis and Butera this year have been Federowicz at .131 and Olvo at .217. I lay this at Colletti’s feet.

  5. The Giants are starting to put away the suddenly hapless Brewers again, 4-1 in the 4th behind Bumgarner.

    • With such a tight race in their division, Brewers fans must feel like Dodgers fans, only more so.

    • One good point is that we won’t have to face Strasburg and we do get a start from Kershaw.

    • I wasn’t feeling good, based on the Dodgers’ recent (and frequent) hitting woes . . . then I realized this is an even-numbered year — and what that has meant since 2010.

    • But the Dodgers haven’t scored against the bullpen, either.
      They are pulling their patented trick of making whoever pitches against them look like rivals to Clayton for the CYA.

      • I was being sarcastic, a violation of Rule 7, but I occasionally feel (more recently lately) that there are some players on this roster with whom we might be better off without from time to time. Often that person is whoever comes up with the bases loaded. (I know that I am not making a heckuva lot of sense.)

  6. Nothing new: wasted opportunities.
    How about playing a whole slate of call-ups? In theory, they won’t be pressing, like these All Stars must be . . .

  7. Gameday thinks Ryu has hit 95. If so, that’s the highest he’s been clocked, far as I know.

    So there’s that…gotta start good things somewhere….

  8. Vin said if only the Padres had a truly good clean-up hitter, they’d be something.
    Of course, we can say the same thing about the Dodgers this year.

  9. SVS cashes in a run, thankfully, but more apparently questionable baserunning ends the inning. We must lead the league in runners thrown out on the bases. Kemp is a frequent culprit.

  10. SVS! — whew! Thought they would do what they have done soooo many times this year, waste an opportunity.

    Just listening, so not sure if it was dumb of Matt to try to advance or not, but I generally like being aggressive (tho not always Puigian aggression) . . . they must be conscious that they’re not scoring.

  11. Mattingly is as good a manager as Colletti is a general manager. The Dodgers deserve, and can afford, better at both positions.