Game 135, 2014

Dodgers at Padres, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA, FSSD

Dan Haren (11-10, 4.44 ERA) vs. Andrew Cashner (2-6, 2.43 ERA). Haren’s won three of his last four starts. Cashner is making his second start after a two-month hiatus due to shoulder soreness.

Via Twitter: The Dodgers sent RHP Victor Arano to @Phillies as second of two players to be named (Jesmuel Valentin) in trade for RHP Roberto Hernandez.

Lineup when available.

55 thoughts on “Game 135, 2014

  1. One last bizarre note: As a Dodger, Correia is batting .500 and has a 6.75 ERA. Good night.

  2. Correia goes 0-2 on Grandal, who is barely hitting .200, and fails to put him away. Very frustrating game, but can’t say we haven’t seen this before in 2014. Well, Greinke and Ryu round out the series this weekend.

    • Still gonna need some offensive support.
      Would’ve been great to have those guys coming up with a win already in the pocket.
      Oh well.

        • Totally agree — that’s what worries me about potential playoff games — pitching could/should be good-to-great, but it means diddly if you don’t score (quick flash to the first two LCS games last year).

  3. What a waste of some good pitching . . . and, as we’ve said soo often this year, waste of opportunities.

  4. Very tidy inning by League. We have gotten great pitching tonight, both from Haren and the parade of relievers. Now let’s put up a number on the scoreboard.

  5. Here’s hoping, but League’s WHIP in his last 12 appearances is 2.75 and his ERA 5.63.

  6. For those who are watching or listening or both, any indication if Jansen is injured?

  7. Our four lefty batters in the starting lineup — Gordon, Gonzalez, Crawford and Ethier — are now a combined 1-for-19.

      • Slipped as he rounded first, took a pretty big spill, hopped back to first, and was tagged and called out mid-hop after a review, but stayed in the game. Also, the pitcher landed on his foot in a play at second. So all in all, a painful game for HanRam, helped, however, by the home run.

  8. Gordon doesn’t deliver very often when he has those rare opportunities to drive in runs.

    • I was wrong. Gordon entered the game hitting .327 with RISP, but 0-for-7 with the bases loaded.

  9. Haren with a very good AB. even if he did K. He’s another Dodger pitcher who’s not a black hole at the plate.

  10. Turner keeping his hot streak going–BA now .323, easily highest on the team.

    Saw him referred to elsewhere as “Justin Turner Overdrive.”

    Edit: make that BA .326 after going 2/2.

  11. Let’s hope Cashner tires himself out on the basepath — but doesn’t score.

  12. If there’s anyone other than A-gon running in place of Ellis, would they have been sent? Seems a shame a 2-out double doesn’t score the runner from 1st.
    Still, grateful the score is tied!

  13. Hoping Dan Haren can be added to the list of Uribear Redeemed Player of the Year candidates with another good start. (Tho the winner has to be Dee. Still, Haren’s fall and redemption would take place in the same year.)