Game 108, 2014

Braves at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Zack Greinke brings his sparkling home record of 6-1 with a 2.73 ERA to bear against the Braves. The last time he faced them he threw seven scoreless innings against them in June of 2013. He’ll be opposed by 23-year-old lefty Alex Wood, who’s 7-8 with a 3.44 ERA in his first full major league season.

The Dodgers optioned newly-acquired Darwin Barney to Albuquerque and sent Great Lakes pitcher Jonathan Martinez to the Cubs as the PTBNL.

Los Angeles is in uncharted territory. Tonight will be the first time it’s tried to extend a four-game winning streak to five all season.

Lineup when available.

62 thoughts on “Game 108, 2014

  1. Just saw a clip of Grienke’s strikeouts, at the start he seemed to have a leg injury, has anyone heard anything?

  2. Looks like the total of our trade deadline will be … Barney. And he is likely to be non-tendered this fall.

  3. My wishlist is Lee from Philadelphia, Lackey from Boston, and Suzuki from Minnesota.

  4. Looking postgame at Gameday, it says the HR off Kenley was off his slider, which stories lately say he’s trying to use more and finding success doing so.

    But anyone’s #2 pitch–especially a work in progress–is more vulnerable. He’s given up a few off the cutter too. But not lately. And not this one.

  5. If Kemp excels in right field and Pederson is the best center fielder, would the Dodgers dare to put Puig in left field?

    • I am guessing that Joc is trade bait in that scenario. Actually, everyone is trade bait except for Puig, Clayton, Zach and Kenley, I would think.

      • It won’t be for Lester, as SI is reporting that they got Cespedes from the A’s for him. Very expensive couple of months. Glad we didn’t bite, but not looking forward to meeting the A’s in the WS.

        • I just hope the Dodgers are the NL rep . . . and they win the final game!

    • Seems I remember reading Pederson is an adequate center fielder, not a great one. I’d guess Puig or Pederson in center is a toss-up. But who knows with Mattingly????

        • Across the board 55 would be an overall 55, and that’s only an average major leaguer…

          • Baseball scout rating system, 40 is barely acceptable, 80 is the top rating. I’m paraphrasing the meanings, of course. Each of the players is rated 40 to 80 in Defense, Speed, Power, Hitting, and Throwing Arm Strength. Google “Baseball Scout Rating System” for a better explanation. Agon would have ’40’ speed, ’70’ power, ’60’ defense, maybe ’65’ hitting, and probably ’55’ to ’60’ throwing arm. Opinions only, of course….

    • How many times has he been 3 up, 3 down?
      I’m thinking not much more than 50%, if that.

      • For the season 19 times out of 47 appearances. However, since June 22, 9 times out of 13 appearances.

        • Thanks, Bob — can always count on you for the #s (so to speak).

          I’m heading to the Beltway in two weeks to visit my brother and his family — too bad the Dodgers aren’t.

          • Ah, yes. Summer in the DC environs. We had a 3/4-acre lot on a slope. Mowing it was hard enough without the July and August heat, humidity and gnats. And I was a teenager then; now it would be even worse!

          • I had an internship in DC 37 years ago . . . back when it was safe to be an intern in DC.
            I arrived Labor Day and wondered what I was going to do with all the winter clothing I brought . . . I think I needed it by the end of the week.

          • Wasted my youth in Hawai’i and Southern California saving the bad weather for my old age.

  6. In spite of the blown save and apparent wasted opportunities, a win is a win . . . and with Kemp on fire and a walk-off win and growing team confidence, these five wins in a row could be the start of something big(ger)!

    • A win is a win would be even better if Grienke were to have received the win he earned and Howell had received a save instead of Grienke’s win.

      • Totally agree.
        But worse would’ve been if LA scored in the bottom of the 9th and Kenley would’ve gotten the W after blowing the save.

  7. C’mon, Matt — solidify your position on this team . . . show your Bison-ness again!

  8. Uribe is something else, defensively. I can never quite believe how fast he is out there.

    • Just checked in and disappointed to see that — but glad it’s only tied.
      Then dismayed to see Jansen blew the save — I think he had Haren-itis before Dan did — seems like he’s given up a lot of HRs, especially for a closer.
      Poor Zack . . .
      Go, Blue!

  9. Are Guerrero and Arruebuana prospects and. If so where are they ranked? Why are they not mentioned in trade scenarios?

    • They are prospects. They’re also expensive players with relatively big contracts, which probably makes them hard to trade. Per B-Ref, Arruebarrena is signed for 5 years/$25M while Guerrero is signed for 4 years/$28M.

  10. What a great feeling it is to win the first game of a series . . . and your next two pitchers have won 3 Cy Young Awards between them!

    Go Zack! Go Kersh!

    Go, Blue!