Vinnie’s returning next year

Between the top and bottom of the 2nd inning tonight the Dodgers put this video on Dodgervision in centerfield:

Even had the Dodgers lost, this would have taken the edge off. Winning their fourth game in a row for the first time all season made it even better.

14 thoughts on “Vinnie’s returning next year

  1. Has anyone been able to identify the players in the “press conference” who jump up and start dancing? I’m thinking one might be Dee.

    I just saved that video and “had” to review the clips from Clayton’s no-no . . . some great memories from this year . . . and I hope The Carpenters are right and we’ve only just begun!

  2. I think that Vin wants to stay aroud just so he can continue to drool over Puig. Hard to blame him. Last night he was taking about how Yasiel always makes the headlines, whether he has 3 triples and a double, or has a check swng during the HR derby, or K-ing 3 times in the ASG. He seems particularly thrilled with Puig in CF, talking about Mays, Snider and Mantle and comparing Puig’s fielding style to Willie.

  3. LATd myself, so try, try again….

    Commented here yesterday how well Scott Elbert was rehabbing and dominating over his last several outings at ABQ, expecting the team to activate and call him up.

    So what did they do? DFA. They must have seen something really bad that didn’t show up in those numbers.

    He had a 4.25 or so ERA over his rehab at all levels, getting better the more he pitched, especially at AAA. Surely they didn’t look at just ERA.

    As a former star lefty reliever, he should be in demand. Hard to see how he wouldn’t be better than Maholm.

    Hope this isn’t a screwup. Maybe they’re hoping he clears waivers–not likely–and then they can keep him at ABQ a while, tho it’s hard to see why.

    • Hard to see how they could have dealt with this differently. I can see him clearing waivers and getting back into the organization (unless those bloody giants….)

      • I do. DFA Perez, replace with Elbert, who has had a good bit of success. If he can’t hack it, then DFA him and try someone else. Perez unlikely to be much loss, probably should have been gone already.

        Even a reasonable facsimile of Elbert is much better than Perez has been in LA. Plus, you get another LHP in the pen. They probably will keep another DFA possibility, Maholm, since he gives them LH reliever/spot starter flexibility.

        Did they have to decide on Elbert right now?

        • I am gonna guess that Paco is a more likey replacement for Perez if they decide to let him go.

          • Could be. But why do you think club couldn’t have done differently with Elbert? Timing of his 60-days or ??

          • I understood that they wanted to have flexibility and didn’t feel that he was ready to replace anyone on the 25-man with him. When they could afford to be, I think that the Dodgers were generous wih Scott and that he will be back.

  4. Thanks, Link — and “amen” to what you wrote.
    I was lucky to be there last year for Vin’s bobblehead night. It was nice to get the bobblehead (I since gave it to a close friend I converted to the Dodgers), but I wanted to be there for the tribute to him . . . so I can imagine how great it was for everyone to stand and honor Vin. (If I remember right, Zack and LA lost to the Reds that night — the offense took the night off.)