Game 74, 2014

Rockies at Dodgers, 7:10PM PT, TV: SPNLA

Colorado sends lefty Jorge De La Rosa and his 6-5, 4.12 ERA to the mound to face the Dodgers’ Clayton Kershaw, who is 6-2 with a 2.93 ERA.

Can the Dodgers finally be getting onto some kind of a roll? They’ve won 8 of their last 12 and 4 of 5 on this homestand.

This should affect the lineup: “Kemp is hitting .419 with three homers and 10 RBIs against De La Rosa. Adrian Gonzalez is right behind him against the Rockies left-hander at .361, also with three homers and 10 RBIs.” Maybe facing this guy will help Adrian break out of his slump.

Shortly after the game last night Hanley Ramirez tweeted the following:

Lineup when available.

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  1. Picked this up somewhere in all the no-no coverage. You usually hear the cliche about deuces wild, twos, etc. from announcers. But the number 4 seems to fit this masterpiece better…

    In June, Kershaw has made four starts, he has four wins, has allowed four runs and has 40 strikeouts with just one walk.The Dodgers have lopped off 5Β½ games in 10 days, and now trail the Giants by four games in the National League West.

    Also, saw this somewhere, an instant classic to be added to the incomparable Vin Scully lore:

    Following the game, as he shared an elevator with Ellen Kershaw, he piped up: “So, Ellen, what’s new?”

  2. Matty is hitting OPS 1.259 over the past 13 games, with a K rate of 15% (this includes the two-day platinum sombrero in Cincy) with 8 in 53 PA.

  3. Now that’s what I call interesting… πŸ™‚

    I’ve never seen a better pitched game.

    • Hey… where did you go other than Chavez Ravine?

      “Big Bang Theory?”……. “Skin e max?”….. “Wheel of Fortune?” πŸ™‚

      • Where we always go. You gotta remember the games start at 4:10PM my time, so

        5:00 local news
        5:30 CBS national news
        6:00 NBC national news
        6:30 PBS Newshour
        7:30 the ball game wrapup or last inning or two if it’s still going on

  4. First no no I ever saw was in my first game at Dodger Stadium (Sandy’s perfecto)

    • That is remarkable. I have been to hundreds and hundreds of games at more than two dozen ML stadiums starting in 1955 at Ebbets Field, and I have never seen one. Did see Curt Schilling go 8 2/3 innings of no-hit ball at Oakland a few years ago.

      • Ha! Got to pick your spots. In the 62-65 period when he got his 4 non-nos he started 135 games.

  5. I noticed how AJ carefully tossed his mask aside before joining in the celebration.

  6. I am reminded of the first no-hitter I ever saw. It was on TV. The Game of the Week, 1956, Broadcasters were probably Dizzy Dean and Buddy Blattner. Erskine over the Giants. I was 8. My parents had a little black-and-white TV. We were living in East L.A.

    • Games score of 102 is close to Wood’s record of 105 (one hitter with 20 Ks)

    • Plus a game with RBIs from Puig, A-gon AND Kemp.
      AND a winning homestand!

    • I loved how Clay went right over to him as if to say “No big deal.” I hope Hanley isn’t too hard on himself.

    • Kershaw immediately motioned to Ramirez to shake it off.

      “And he came up to me and said that’s part of the game,” said
      Ramirez. “He said, ‘Great play, you made a great effort. Don’t worry
      about it.’ That’s the kind of person he is. He’s got a great heart and
      he knows we give everything we have every day on the field. He knew
      right away I was mad, and he told me, so that definitely made me feel

    • Ryu already lost a perfecto after 7, and Zack’s certainly capable of a no-no.

      But who would replace Haren in the rotation and have a shot? ;-])

      • At first I was, just trying to get the thought out . . . and I gave Kersh an extra K, but corrected.

  7. Who would’ve thought there would be a story eclipsing the Dodgers getting 8 runs in a game!

  8. Not saying anything….. Not saying anything……. πŸ™‚

  9. This is the Dodger team that we hoped for: pitching, hitting, defense and speed. Let’s keep this run going and continue to strike while the iron is hot. As I live on the Monterey Peninsula, the Giants are the “home” team here. Their announcers, whom I like, are a bit stupefied by what has befallen them.

    • I was trying to avoid thinking the same, to avoid jinxing it . . . but I agree!

  10. Starting this rally was Puig’s 2-out, 3-2 walk. From what I saw on Gameday, that was at least the 3rd successful result for LA on a 3-2 count . . . for me, showing patience. (As I write this, Vinny says no one else goes to 3-2 than the CO pitcher. But still, the Dodgers have to accept the gift given them.)

  11. Two runs scored with two outs . . . earlier in the year, it was the opposition doing that!

  12. de la Rosa brings to the game a lot of pitches (and a lot of time between pitches).

  13. Good to see that Ramirez didn’t have to miss any games because when I saw the video, I feared the worst

  14. Notable over the past 12 games has been a 0.4 RA/G improvement by the pitching to were we are now at 3.84 for the season (3.0 over the period). Offense over the period is 4.41 and season at 4.25 R/G. So a differential of 1.4 that can bring a lot of wins if maintained.

  15. Re your question, Link: I sure hope so . . . especially since SF lost again! My “waffle” for this year is to be no worse than 3 GB at the ASG (seemed unreachable 10 days ago!).

    Re Hanley’s hashtags: love your attitude!

  16. Giants lost again. We are now 4 1/2 back. Note to self: See what happens when you let go of expectations?

        • That worked LAST year . . . hopefully dropping the expectations is what will have done it this year. (And MAYBE Donnie’s chewing them out will prove to have had an effect!)