2023 Hot Stove League #2

Other than the Phillies resigning Aaron Nola and asserting that Bryce Harper will remain at first base, thus blocking Rhys Hoskins’ return to his long-held position, not much has happened so far in this off-season. The Dodgers and White Sox are rumored to have discussed a trade for the Sox RHP Dylan Cease (7-9, 4.58 ERA in 2023, 43-35, 3.83 ERA lifetime), but no Dodger prospects’ names have been made public yet.

35 thoughts on “2023 Hot Stove League #2

  1. Is everybody salivating? I bought a bottle of Argentine semillón and a few empanadas for dinner tonight.

  2. I wonder how much the Dodgers would have paid if Ohtani was able to pitch this year as well (ie no surgery)?

    • Prolly the same. Doubt that there was a rival team willing to put up anything near such a payday.

  3. They are saying alot of the money is deferred. Will be very interesting to see the details.

    • Yeah, so FO has some room to maneuver. On a purely financial basis read where while he might be worth $30 million a year on the field, he brings in another $50 million off the field, though only part of that will accrue to the organization.

  4. Now we know what the Dodgers mean when they say a certain player is their top priority . They mean TOP PRIORITY!

  5. 700 million over 10 years. That takes a bit of a bite out of the 8 billion over 25 years the Dodgers got for their tv contract.

    But they got the unicorn.

  6. Mookie will be the Dodgers’ full-time second baseman in the upcoming season. So sayeth Dave Roberts in an interview with Alanna Rizzo on MLB Network.

    “He’s a Gold Glover out in right field, but when you’re talking about putting together a roster, someone who can be so offensive at second base, you can get more games out of him if he is playing second base…. It just makes our club better,” he added.

  7. Looks like Dodgers are going to resign Joe Kelly to a one year deal. No details on the dollar amount yet.

  8. I like that Ohtani will be solely a DH in 2024 so we can see what he can do with a bat without having to deal with pitching.

  9. Just saw where the D’Backs have a package of all their home games for $299.00, $3.69 a game. It’s like going back to the 1970’s.

    • I wonder where the seats will be. That’s an awesome price. Some walk around a lot anyway and don’t use their seats especially if there is a spot to stand and drink a beer behind the outfield.

  10. Saw MLB listed Vargas as a trade prospect today. Sadly, it may very well be the case. If we can package him with pitching for Burnes and Adames, then Lux slides to second and Vargas is without a spot.

  11. Will Ohtani’s future include hitting 60 home runs and playing right field instead of pitching again? Will he do that as a Dodger?

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