Game 62, 2023

Dodgers at Reds, 4:10 PM PDT, TV: Bally Sports Ohio, SPNLA

The Dodgers ask RHP Noah Syndergaard (1-4, 6.54 ERA) to right his ship and do it now. The Reds counter with LHP Brandon Williamson (0-0, 4.29 ERA), who’ll make the fifth start of his career today.

Today in Dodgers’ history:

  • 1954 Dodger catcher Roy Campanella steals home in the top of the 12th inning in a 7-5 victory over St. Louis at Sportsman’s Park. Campy had added an insurance run with an eighth inning round-tripper, but the Redbirds scored three times in the bottom of the ninth to tie the score.
  • 1957 Howard University awards honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws to the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and recently retired Dodgers infielder Jackie Robinson. In the coming years, the former baseball great and the Baptist minister will often appear together at Civil Rights rallies, fundraising events, and demonstrations.

    Jackie Robinson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

  • 1982 Joining Lou Gehrig, Everett Scott, Billy Williams, and Joe Sewell, Dodger infielder Steve Garvey becomes only the fifth player in major league history to play in 1,000 consecutive games. The first baseman, establishing a National League record, will appear in 1207 consecutive games, before the streak ends next season when he breaks his thumb in a collision at home plate, playing for the Padres.

Lineups when available.

114 thoughts on “Game 62, 2023

  1. Mookie hits another leadoff HR. #42, maybe? Yep.

    9) Mookie Betts: 41

    Betts is sure to continue to move up this list as one of three active players in the top 10. He’s really picked up the pace in terms of leadoff homers in recent seasons — he had seven homers to open a game in both 2021 and ’22, and with five leadoff homers thus far in 2023, he has passed both Ichiro Suzuki and Charlie Blackmon for sole possession of ninth all-time.

  2. Dodgers like the convenience store for other teams lately. They are 7-11 in their last 18 games.

  3. Wow, Back-back walkoff losses in games we led by 3 runs and 4 runs, respectively.

  4. Win or lose – the pen has stepped up tonight. Not their fault they have had to pitch at least 2/3 of the game, but they have delivered.

  5. Neck tightness for Rojas. Did something particular happen to him tonight?

  6. The Dodgers got one hit after the 4th inning yesterday. They have had none since the 3rd inning tonight.

  7. Can we keep Nick up for awhile? He seems like a fun new arm for the pen!

    • I knew Ron in high school, where his nickname was “Scooter” because he was a halfback in handegg.

        • I first saw him in eighth grade, when he hit a screaming liner over our LF’s head for an inside-the-parker – off our star pitcher, who later made the majors. The next time up we moved our LF back 50 feet, and he did it again.

  8. How long does Roberts have to keep his hand on a hot plate before he realizes that it is getting burnt? Please don’t tell me that he has no other choices. For starters (pun intended), Syndergaard’s turn should have been skipped. The job of a manager is to manage.

    • He doesn’t make those decisions unilaterally. Urías is due back Sunday,, by the way.

      • Let me reiterate: His turn could have been skipped. If that is on Friedman as well, he can share the blame. This is beyond stupid.

        • Can’t overwork the young starters Miller and Grove. For what it’s worth, Syndergaard was not terrible with the Angles last year, so deemed worth the risk.

        • Skipping his turn makes sense to you because you have already given up on him and actually don’t want him ever starting again for the Dodgers. Gather that the FO wanted to see at least once more start before pulling the plug.

  9. So, will the Dodgers restructure Thor’s contract to make him their batting practice pitcher?

  10. Alston and Lasorda would have tried a sac bunt there with Taylor batting.

  11. Dodgers have allowed 1.25 stolen bases per game, most in MLB. Only one other team is above 1.00, the White Sox at 1.02. Last season the Dodgers allowed 0.42 SBs per game. What gives?

      • Get the feeling that it is the clock that is contributing most to the higher SB. Runners know that the pitcher has to throw home so he can’t freeze them and he can’t step off.

  12. I know we need relief help: Hanser Alberto was released by the White Sox on Sunday. Ha!

    • I stepped into the kitchen to grab a glass of wine and, when I returned, he’d already gotten an out.

    • We got our answer rather quickly. With a day off last Monday, Syndergaard could and should have been skipped in the rotation, Doc.